Neguin Interview por ON THE GROUND – IBE 2011

before Nagini all the way from Brazil represents from all-stars IB 2011 Erica came with the same basically I could say I start with Kapoeta you know because up when I started I was like five years old so when I saw the first time b-boying I saw by internet you know I was looking for something about hip-hop culture maybe 2001 when I saw two matically before I learned but seems from there in that time I was in my mind like okay it’s American cut but I wanna mix capoeira to know because I already know so that’s why I say my background stuff later but I mean like everything what I do everything what I learned you know nowadays aware 2011 you know I used to like a lot of background discover a lot of guys there’s more today there’s more can they ask me you know you’re Nikki wanna smoke do you smoke – no bro I respect you you know in my culture he’s totally different you know my family special my son I lost my brother because after n0 brother I had experience and if you die that’s it so and he always like all you never have to do that because a lot good for you I’m doing that because I choose for a bad man you know and I can leave this but you have a all your life to do something Road you know I never get involved with drugs so my vanilla was like stroke from my friend about my brother-in-law so my culture my family everything is different so that’s why I prefer to do something to make them happy make them proud well you pursues we have a lot of guys who represent a pump coaching later ways you know have like a rap and have like a feed and all like Vegas in English community b-boys so many people’s you know it’s hard for us because we don’t have that much sponsorship to be traveling you know to be like it’s like for example Europe is easy you propane you go to France and then we go to Holland in Holland we can go to jail for us we are so far away so even if Brazil I want to go to Argentina or Colombia whatever South America is really far away not because this is too big but yeah we have a lot of a lot of good potential over there the notion is growing at these symbols is really about people yeah my advice for them you know if you have something like you trust you know as I trusted myself just you know if I found a say I like to do that I wanna vote for because I believe in my dreams and my doom has to be here you know back in the day I was like okay I wanna dance I wanna be professional wanna know other people wanna speaking English I’m still learning English you know so that’s my dream and Eliza like you and also that’s why that’s my advice if you have something for your heart go for it saludos a todos today SYE Starkey fala portugues Agora I think policy novellas in Canada today si is Bhuvana jeans like all stars 2011 IBE thank you brother for support to give you this review for

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