Navy hospital ships could turn the tide in coronavirus battle: Rep. Banks
Navy hospital ships could turn the tide in coronavirus battle: Rep. Banks

100 thoughts on “Navy hospital ships could turn the tide in coronavirus battle: Rep. Banks”

  1. Robert Dimaggio says:

    When can Americans expect a bailout? "Its gonna be a while before we can get those out"
    When can corporations expect their bailout? "We already took care of that"

    Corporate sellouts.

  2. Thomas Haney says:

    Should I be concerned that the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is positioning naval vessels with their armed escorts on both coasts, activating the National Guard to facilitate drive-up testing, and readying the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to do who knows what? Simultaneously the State governments are confining their residents (constituents) to their homes. Given that they have already implemented a 30 wait time to purchase a weapon so that many of these homebound people are defenseless, awaited permission from government officials to regain their freedom.
    Should I be concerned?

  3. The Last Sane American says:

    Trump was told by our nation's intelligence services as far back as January of this year that the United States health care services and industry needed to begin ramping up for the coronavirus. He ignored their repeated requests. He continued to ignore their warnings throughout the month of February while telling the general public we had nothing to worry about. Finally, one week ago and only after the virus had reached the US, spread coast-to-coast, and people were dying did he change his tune. That orange-haired OCD moron needs to be held criminally liable and tossed into the nearest prison for life. His idiocy has cost, and is going to cost, many many American lives that needn't have died.

  4. More Brutal 2020 says:

    Sink that Ship.

  5. Cảnh fishing says:

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  6. The Thinker says:

    I wonder how many have applied for unemployment so far??

  7. Tanya Bryant says:

    Your doing a great job Jim banks. From resident in Dekalb

  8. rkt.smokey3 says:

    They do and amazing job to help with this crises. Thank you so very mush!

  9. wontunow says:

    Maybe we should take care of the United Ststes instead of the "world".

  10. Steve-USMCVET says:

    Go Navy! Thank you Fox!

    (The Fake News knows no shame.)

  11. Kurt Hines says:

    I served on the USNS Mercy in the Gulf War. I love that ship.

  12. randle guill says:

    Please tell your president to stop lying to us.
    I fear for my life.
    Because of the incompetence and dishonesty of Donald J.Trump…

  13. Chatla Suresh says:

    Bring them down.

  14. Eugène truc says:

    And how does President Trump plan to stop the Covid-19 virus in a country where 40% of the population does not have the means to cure themselves and knowing that a day in resuscitation costs more than $3,000? When your culture is stupid, you get stupid results.

  15. Collusion Hoax says:

    I thought the use of cruise ships is an excellent idea! The ships are setup perfectly for this problem. Besides they are mostly idle anyways!

  16. Sam Hartford says:

    Apparently, neither ship has a medical crew and the other is undergoing maintenance works, but let's hope the military can work it out.

  17. Scott Smith says:

    Sounds great! Let's have a "fleet" of a dozen ships like MERCY and COMFORT and deploy them around the world. This guy has no clue when it comes to the cost of operating one of these things. We can't afford it. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

  18. Parel Wellman Hutahaean says:

    It is funny to know that the virus started in Fort Detrick Military Lab, new pneumonia cases was covered up, Fort Detrick Military Lab closed, the US Army carried the virus, it was transmitted to Wuhan citizens when World Army Game happened, China seriously took measure of the virus, it become pandemic, yet the creator country can't control it themselves. What goes around comes around. But Donald Duck easily blame China so that he can bomb that country like they did to Afganishtan, Iraq and Syria.

  19. Steve Logue says:

    Funny, all the trump supporters are land locked, aren’t these ships in refit?
    Not going to help the opportunity missed in early testing, still shortage of basic needs, more then a week after trump said anyone can get a test.
    USA will see worse numbers then Italy because of trumps incompetence.

  20. J.L. Klamer says:

    Telling people that we have a very effective medicine which is approved and available for use. It is not true, it is cruel to do so. The medicine isn’t that much available, it is NOT approved yet, it is questionable effective, it isn’t tested for this treatment. AND that is not to be negative, but only to be clear and realistic. There is work to be done before we reach the situation pres.T is talking about like it is already the current situation. It creates a new division, and it is dishonest, and untrustworthy.

  21. Doc Gonzales says:

    Another Trump lie, these ships are nowhere ready, he said they'll be off the coast on NYC on Friday. Where is the footage of these ships fully kitted out? They are empty at the moment. Stop lying Fox, stop lying Trump.

  22. mikean1123 says:

    Trump said that the White ships with the red cross's, would be in port in a few days.
    Where are they ? Trump runs this country like he runs a casino.

  23. Truth 888 says:

    With the coordination between the navy and the air force (using helicopter), this ship can serve people in rural area and other remote area that far from coast.

  24. David Adrian says:

    Pray for our country 🙏🇺🇸

  25. Herman Moore says:

    This will be a good time for the Pentagon and Congress to finance the building of at least two or more new Hospital ships as the two existing ships are very old. I mean the Government is spending so much money at moment so building more is a great idea.

  26. Bob Wertich says:

    We have the resources or access to them "within our on boarders" to keep a civilized society runny as long as we need everybody just needs to chill.

  27. mjh zen says:

    The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization to America today.

  28. Yours Truly says:

    He was so quick to send our troops to the southern border to apprehend unarmed asylum seekers, but now that we really need them, all we're getting from this president are lies, and more lies.

  29. RJ says:

    Read the Crimson Contagion, and see what Donnie Plague did to protect you.

  30. JJ Johnson says:


  31. KTBFF High says:

    Neither of these ships is operational nor do they have ANY medical staff on board.

    TDS: Trump Delusionment Syndrome

    A mental illness wherein the sufferer experiences the delusion that the molester Donald Trump, a second rate con man turned third rate fascist traitor, is actually concerned with the well being of the American people.

  32. Russell Holder says:

    i guess Forbes could be used as TP in a pinch

  33. Grandson Little Billy says:

    Jim you are a credit to the american people. We salute you and raise the american flag high in the sky

  34. Hangfire-13 says:

    Once again proving that so called, "journalist" like Craig Hooper and Today are part of the lying, corrupt, left wing, liberal biased, FAKE NEWS media who are the real enemy of the people!

  35. ginkhoba says:

    Interesting…full diagnose capabilities…2 find and proof who used tainted adrenochrome, nice move. WWG1WGA

  36. william willie says:

    America working on making medical care more expensive and less effective.
    We can pay more and get less ! lol

  37. Ben Throughit says:

    There are two ships one in new York one in california I'm guessing they said f#@! The rest of the USA

  38. Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler says:

    It's the Koran virus… The US Navy has great tools for fight such a disease!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  39. M P says:

    Another perfect reason why the Congress needs to leave the presidential wartime Powers alone. Even with the coronavirus Democrats we have not forgotten the impeachment scam and we will remind you in November.

  40. George C. says:

    Time to know that we are strong as a nation, we will overcome this together, we will prevail, we will win, we are Americans. Everything will be OK, we will have to fight, it is not going to be easy, but we will win!

  41. Gary Gilbert says:

    The ship is supposed to help 3rd world countries for it to be in America means trump is failing and trump turned America into a 3rd world country……that's what trump brings to the table "failure "

  42. Hopper Mantis says:

    TEXAS Better wake up.

  43. Bo Pitbull says:

    Forbes all they want is the outbreaks get worse so maybe they might have a chance to take the White House which is not going to happen.Forbes magazine also wrote an article about Obama and how he really wasn't born in America and had lots of proof of it and I believe it's still up on the website unless it's been taken down but I have a copy of it on a USB port. Forbes article about Obama is called The Way He Thinks, type in Obama after that it should pull up for you unless they pulled it. Forbes is just an elections swinging trash no different than CNN

  44. E Cooper says:

    Some sort of genius this Trump guy having the inspiration to use ready-to-go hospital ships as hospital ships, what next incredible actions of leadership is Mr Jong-un, sorry I mean Trump going to dictate?

  45. Ghaz Man says:

    Cheers to the Navy for focusing on the citizenry of this country, instead of some foreign nation that spends its GDP on weapons.

  46. matineerocks says:

    We are so blessed to have our Military folks. They are always the first to lend a hand. Stay safe everybody and be good to each other. We will get through this and come out stronger. We always have and always will because that's who we are. GO NAVY! : ))))))

  47. otsisippi1 says:

    then use all the cruise ships for quarintine

  48. BRUCE JEANDUC says:

    Navy Reserves…… right….. Those ships are designed to handle patients who require maintenance or sustained care, maybe some Emergency capabilities but is unable to handle something like bio or Chemical warfare. I mean this is what we have Bio Chem Rad type scenario.

    Its better than nothing!! But it won't save the day!!!

  49. Love God says:

    a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. or a cheeto

  50. Love God says:

    Hey what about Hilliary's emails! That is where this all started. No, sorry it was Comey, no it was the Mulluer, no wait is was the perfect call, no wait I think this all started with: CULT TRUMP a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

  51. Love God says:

    Time for better brain wash.

  52. Terry Daktyl says:

    There are no hospital ships ready to go for some time. There are only 2 right now.

  53. Love God says:

    I think BRAND LOYAL people should think! OR don't worry, Dirty DON will get er done!

  54. Love God says:

    Maybe check his stock trades !

  55. Master Chief 00117 says:

    Tell you right now. The Navy saved my life at 4 years old. I would never made it to a hospital. I was bleeding that bad. They know their stuff. Everybody from the Corpsman to Surgeons.

    I would rather be on that ship. Then any hospital.

  56. Larry Booth says:

    Right now, the last thing we need to do is bring politics into this conversation.

  57. KAFA * says:

    As the US has lagged behind other advanced nations in testing for the coronavirus, former government officials and public health experts point to a series of policy and procedural decisions that they say hindered the nation's response to the pandemic.

  58. David Keogh says:

    This is bs.five days ago these ships were promised and now we learn they won't be ready for weeks,

  59. Jonathon Frazier says:

    Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  60. Jesus is Lord says:

    Give me a break! God bless em but they don’t have a cure and millions are gonna be infected.

  61. Jesus is Lord says:

    When you read comments that say cheers for the navy, then your reading government propaganda which means they are trying to divert from the truth, which is this is going to get very very bad!!

  62. Kaiser Soze says:

    1) it's a Democrat "hoax"
    2) no big deal, it'll be over by April 
    3) "I take no responsibility!"🎃
    4) China did it, blame them!
    5) Pandemic team unneeded😱
    6) I'll put Pence in charge….hell yea!
    7) Oooops, Americans are dying
    8) Hey, Google's building us a site!
    9) Google : no we aren't!
    10) "Its all under control now"
    11) Trump : "we have plenty of kits!"
    12) Dr. Fauci : no we don't!
    13) Here's $1000, let's forget it all👍

  63. USNAVY*NAMVET says:

    Also the best doctors and nurses in the world….. I know first hand.
    Go NAVY!!!

  64. Lior Holtzman says:

    LMAO!!! One of the two ships is in dock for repairs and will not leave till the end of April. Watch real news for your own sake of life…IDIOT!!!!

  65. Barry Smith says:

    Maybe put those infected on ships , help them recover , meantime the virus cannot spread any further in neighborhoods . it would isolate them from the population.

  66. We The People says:

    The Battle for California, when are you going to start shelling Los Angeles with Disinfectant, the place is a Biological haven

  67. lee santos says:

    Great ships , hopefully it won't take long to prepare them !

  68. The Big Pro Masher Jamaster Flashcube says:

    18900+ cases, 263 deaths Donald. I thought you said this was a Democrat hoax, 15 cases and it would go away? What happened! Reality and truth happened. You should apology to the Democrats and Americans for your failure. Still limited tests, and mask, gowns, ventilators.

  69. Theo wootton says:

    The only country in the world that has a military ship for peace ( USS mercy ) this is the American navy

  70. Theo wootton says:

    Fly navy

  71. Eazy Street says:

    Ya that should make everything ok.

  72. Debra Jensen says:

    The two ships aren't going anywhere. Both are undergoing repairs and maintenance and only one could possibly get a crew together. In a week they are going to hope you forgot about this lie so they can tell you another. There's no masks, not enough tests and Trump just keeps lying. I'm tired of it.

  73. Rich B says:

    There are only 1000 beds on each ship. Sounds like a lot of beds but not in a sustained epidemic like is hitting NY. They will help but will be a small part of what will be needed.

  74. Mathy Don says:

    ⚠️🚫❗️danger ❗️🚫⚠️
    ⚠️ warning ⚠️
    The contents of this video are highly likely to be misleading. Adhering to the advice given in this video or making decisions based on the statements made in this video may be dangerous to your health and the health of the people around you. Please refer to legitimate information sources for information regarding the contagion. Err on the side of caution in your activities.

  75. Alexus Highfield says:

    The haters need to be quite, people needs these ships ..can't they understand the crisis and stop being so critical of the ones that has stepped up for the good of lives. God Bless the Crew and America.

  76. Aaron Spyda Jackson says:

    By next week and in 2 weeks, it'll be too late…they were supposed to be ready last week

  77. David Carter says:

    Our sailers are the best in the world. But self interest politicians like this guy are “full of it”. These ships will be a big bonus once they can sail carrying the highly skilled crews both assigned and on board, and they carry all the equipment they need to be operational. It is just the same for our hospitals all over our great country, except they are sitting right in the middle of all our communities at risk.

  78. Ng Soon Lee says:

    Ships of massive deaths, perhaps.

  79. erik r says:

    He is one of them. He wants a dozen built to go around the world. If we had 12 of them they should be on our coasts helping Americans. Here.

  80. DEUCE MCDEVITT says:

    Need to watch The Last Ship

  81. Samuel Evans says:

    Recall the ships. We need them for ourselves. Its a waste sending them towards those that do not appreciate our navy.

  82. TrollFarm Sage says:

    Hospital ships will make a great covid-19 free trauma care facility for national guard, military, and police if they need to exterminate opportunist gangs, looters, or rioters.

  83. gwynhvar says:

    Finally some good news hip hip hooray go Navy my dad was a language specialist in Navy and my son was a seal. The navy is some of our best and brightest.

  84. Pete Edwards says:


  85. Brain Guy says:

    How quickly will this help come to Americans? "Well…I hope it'll come very soon".
    Wow! He really narrowed it down, didn't he?

  86. Pete Edwards says:


  87. Shelley Fitch says:

    Great idea!

  88. Justa Witness says:

    The Navy is eager to help with these ships, and especially considering it's American citizens.

  89. Chiến Nguyễn says:

    It is not COVID Virus, it is Xi Jinping Virus. Xi Jinping Virus has been killing a lot of people around the world.

  90. Mathy Don says:

    ⚠️🚫❗️danger ❗️🚫⚠️
    ⚠️ warning ⚠️
    The contents of this video are highly likely to be misleading. Adhering to the advice given in this video or making decisions based on the statements made in this video may be dangerous to your health and the health of the people around you. Please refer to legitimate information sources for information regarding the contagion. Err on the side of caution in your activities.

  91. Evelyn Goh says:

    Experience tops those hopeless doubters.

  92. Baylor Blackwell says:

    A handful of medics cared for an entire church full of injured people while under fire after D-Day….. I think a literal ship of doctors can pull off more than a 'photo op.'

  93. Maria J says:

    Funny, both ships are not ready, one doesn’t even have a crew. Can this administration misinformed more than what they have so far. The daily press conference is a constant praise to the Chaos in Chief and little valuable information is given. Seriously I should not be broadcasted. Even further the drug Interferon Appha 2b is not even being considered to alleviate the virus symptoms and just because it is made in Cuba no one wants to talk about it. China and other countries are buying it, it is not a cure but if it helps those with other serious conditions to survive the virus I welcome it. Again, the ships are not ready and once more we were lied to, stop the happy talk and tell us the truth we appreciate that more than treating us like kids. We do like words of hope but we do not like LIES.

  94. Florida Born says:

    Isn't that the ship they had dock in puerto Rico after the hurricane hit them and never help

  95. Plutocratic Goverment says:

    As the kids stay home for the rest of the year and the parents stay home out of work trying to figure out how to feed the family, while not losing everything they own to bill collectors including the house and kitchen sink. When you are out of work waiting in a soup line, you will be begging for socialism and handouts. How many Americans will now go bankrupt because they couldn't afford private health insurance when they go to the hospital from the coronavirus? Bernie Sanders will look really good but even then it will be too late. But what the hell Trump will push a stimulus bill for big corporations and the hotel Industry and maybe we can bail out the banks and wall street again? and all the rich F**ks like Hannity will praise him for it. the ships were a lie.

  96. Vik Numbers says:

    I notice some nay sayers in the comments. There are always some who are part of the problem and lack the ability/attitude to serve as part of the solution.
    GO NAVY!

  97. Tuxedo Cat says:

    2,000 beds


    These ships will BE INFECTED just LIKE cruise ships.

  99. Jesse Mitchem says:

    Potential Corona Petri dishes

  100. M F says:

    Yesterday at this hour the US had 4800 new cases, same time now there are 13,960 new cases. Looks like tomorrow will have 30,000+ then keep doubling for a while. I won't be surprised April will end with a million cases.

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