NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY  in DENMARK | Behind the scenes

I’m back in Denmark… after some nice trips to Norway… and this is Denmark in the winter. Actually the same forest where I recorded
the video with the fox and the fallow deer, that was a little over there. I got the picture of the fox running over the road. I brought the… the camera and I brought my tripod and some wide-angle stuff, and I brought my little drone. Hopefully to make just… just some nice shots. My plan is just to be here and relax. And, of course I have my coffee. And just see what shows up. Hopefully… I hope I get
some nice patterns with all this white. It’s almost black and white
with a few colours from the trees, and yeah… It’s going to be quite great I think. ♪♪ I just like these patterns, see… I’m just on the little road here and… the thing I really like
about being out photographing when the weather’s like this, it’s cloudy and
there’s this ice fog in the air, and I think in the spring
or in the summer, we have so many colours, and as a photographer, I get a little confused
about all these colours – so much to photograph. It’s like, where do I put my focus,
where to put my concentration but then suddenly everything changes
to black and white. And suddenly I feel like,
in the snow, in this whiteness, it’s like my eyes get more sensitive
to shapes and patterns. And it’s just what I’m about to do today. After photographing in here I decided to fly a little in the forest with the little Mavic Pro and to be honest, I haven’t practiced so much.
So after doing the b-roll I thought, ah, maybe I should try the
follow-me mode for the first time… and yeah, of course, why not do it
in the middle of all the trees so… that’s just not something to be proud of. But I thought it could be great to try it down this little road with the trees on both sides. So I… got it up and started the
follow-me mode or active track, I can’t even remember what it’s named.
And the result is… this.
Some very, very broken propellers. So, now I just have some useless pieces of plastic
that I can put in my photo bag as a good memory and a warning for me next time – I should probably read the manual. I had the remote control and my binoculars
and my camera, and suddenly the… camera strap and the strap from the
binoculars got stuck in the remote control and I just heard a strange noise behind me
and that was the sound of a Phantom that no Mavic, that just went
mental into some trees. I think he just tried to correct for the course,
so it just sounded like 10,000 bees that just went crazy. And I couldn’t do… I didn’t know what to do in such a situation
so I basically just waited and then at the end, I think, he fell down on the ground and
he gave up, and he was just like a smashed bug down there. But I think he’s still fine, now he’s here, and he’ll have a good treat
when we come home. But his wings are definitely broken. It’s getting too dark. I think it’s time to go. Now I definitely, definitely need a cup of coffee
after this little fight with the Mavic Pro, so yeah… The temperature has been around zero all day, but now it’s definitely frost. It’s really good. If you look down there,
these trees have a nice pattern with… with snow resting on the branches and
with the telephoto lens I hope to get… Yeah it is nice. Oh do you hear the birds? [birds chirping in the distance] Come here… I wonder what they’re doing. [birds chirping in the distance] Where are they? [birds chirping in the distance] That’s weird.
I can hear them, but I can’t see them. I think they are flying
in the fog further up. After being here a little while,
when I settle down I start to focus on something, and that’s really, really nice. Sometimes when I’m in this mindset where I just can’t decide, I give myself an exercise and I say,
okay, now you have this area 2 meters on each side and you can only be there with one lens,
that could be my macro lens, and then I have to stay there for 30 minutes. And that’s really interesting,
because in the beginning it’s like… oh, I should have chosen another place I should have taken a better place.
I should have taken another lens. Oh I could go over there instead,
but then after a while… I start to focus and then I see something –
a little straw with some snow or ice crystals on it… and then I start to photograph that and I think
Okay, I can just spend some time with this one. But suddenly I just get
sucked into that universe of beauty and then I start to
experiment and be more creative and actually my brain is focusing on the subject. And I think for me that’s a wonderful exercise,
because it forces me to concentrate on one thing one little thing in the forest
instead of the entire forest. I’m not going to do that today because I just want to go around and enjoy and photograph things that don’t really make sense. It’s just to be outside
and make something beautiful. But I like that technique – it’s really helpful sometimes. ♪♪ For me not all photo trips
have to end up with really, really nice photos and it doesn’t have to be… action-packed with lots of animals
and stuff every time. There’s something special about a day like this,
where it’s just quiet and beautiful and
frost and, yeah… just landscapes. Here we go. Oi oi oi… It’s getting late now and the light is getting weaker very fast. It has started to snow a lot, and it just looks amazing.
Try to have a look in here. It has just been a great day out here with a lot of good pictures of the trees and the shapes and all this snow.
It’s rare in Denmark that we have such a day, so yeah,… I’m just looking forward to get home and to see what I’ve actually got. ♪♪

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  5. zarkas says:

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    After all wildlife photography is even the macro shots.
    Keep going ! ,all the best in your adventure!

  6. Old400 says:

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  7. QNetX says:

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