I wish I could conquer this virus alone-a
But I cannot save the whole world on my own-a Quarantined workouts might give me good tone-a Oh! My Corona! Stock foods your home garden has not yet grown-a
No double rations – unless you’re a clone-a Don’t lose your head acting like Al Capone-a Oh! My Corona! Don’t touch yo’ friends, keep ‘em out
of your zone-a Stay home if your noses need to be blown-a If you are healthy, then please, do not moan-a Oh! My Corona! Joy can be viral, the studies have shown-a
Cheer up your friends and your family by phone-a Soon we’ll be sending our love via drone-a
Oh! My Corona! Sorry. Look, just try to stay healthy.
Think of other people! Stay happy! Stay home!
Be RESPONSIBLE! Guys… We’ve got to work together on this one –
Have FUN with your kids! Enjoy your husband! Enjoy your wife!
Enjoy your partners! Enjoy your pets! Be good! Eat good food!
Get some exercise. Be creative! You can do this!
We can do this! WE HAVE TO DO THIS! C’mon! Let’s stay healthy!! Oh! I forgot: KEEP DANCING!
Dancing is really good for your immune system!

2 thoughts on ““MyCorona””

  1. mrlionel1965 says:

    Loved it!

  2. Karambu Ringera says:

    Absolutely delightful!! Thank you for creating it! So much fun!

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