My Landscape Photography Lockdown Bag
My Landscape Photography Lockdown Bag

14 thoughts on “My Landscape Photography Lockdown Bag”

  1. Sahrul Idlan says:


  2. Derek Gillan says:

    I really like your fence.

  3. kevin walker says:

    Hope your keeping well Tim, great vlog as always buddy 👍

  4. Tim says:

    amazing video I really liked it

  5. Andrew Heyworth Photography says:

    Nice video as always Tim and you'll have Colly Photography doing one next lol

  6. Ross Brocklesby says:

    I use Gobe filters and I'm really impressed by them. If you prefer square filters look at Cokin as they provide a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands.

  7. Roger Webster says:

    Locked down here in Michigan, too! Thanks for making a great video to watch for few minutes while I take a break from working at home!

  8. John Sparkes says:

    Interesting vlog Tim, thankyou for sharing.

  9. Rachel Lerch says:

    Great video and info! I like the presentation.. very easy to watch and love the input of footage with you on location. Great stuff. The cat wanted a cameo!!

  10. mick cooke says:

    nice one Tim interesting

  11. Michael Mountford says:

    Very interesting Tim, good to see what gear you are using, Not so long ago I bought a Osmo Pocket, but after a few months I found it difficult to handle due to my disability, so I sold it and I've replaced it with the Osmo action Cam which is so much more easier for me to hold and I've got the front screen for vlogging, i've just loaded my first video with this camera, sound seems ok, the weather was poor, anyway like I say interesting video, stay safe….Mike

  12. Slushblast says:

    Great video I'm happy that you've shown us what things you use to photograph your great pictures 👍

  13. Bernard Brunet says:

    Rules are made to be broken Tim! Nice one mate!

  14. Alan D says:

    So glad you didn't get your Cokin out!

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