Mountains at Dawn. Easy step-by-step watercolor tutorial.
Mountains at Dawn. Easy step-by-step watercolor tutorial.

Hello This is a watercolor tutorial by Ekaterina Smirnova we are painting mountains at dawn I will be following my little sketch. I chose a watercolor paper (rough, 156 lb) French ultramarine, Permanent rose Raw Sienna and Payne’s Grey are my watercolors I will use a two sizes of brushes, both of them are bristle brushes and I will pick my first, wider and larger, brush and using this brush, I will apply generously water on the paper Making sure that it is moist throughout Once I’m done, I’ll mix rose and Raw Sienna in order to make a gradation to create the atmosphere of the early morning Like to test my colors on an additional piece of paper before starting to paint So while the paper is moist I’m going to create a gradation of this orange mix Starting from the bottom, I’m moving my brush up By the time that my brush reaches the top the color has almost disappeared Once I’m satisfied with this fine gradation. I’m going to clean my brush very well and work on the top part –the sky– using French Ultramarine if you don’t have a French Ultramarine use any ultramarine or Cerulean Blue I made a very light mix diluted with water and I will test the colors again and while the paper is still moist From the top moving down I will apply my Ultramarine color Using a kitchen paper towel. I’m removing the excess of moisture from the base of my brush This helps me to remove the border in between the blue color and the orange color This is a little trick, but it is very effective Once you’re done use a hairdryer or naturally dry your paper throughout It’s time to start working on the mountains They will take place in the center of the painting I’m going to measure the space under the blue just where the orange starts and Using a light mixture of blue and water will start to shape the mountains First I’ll make an outline of the mountains then I will collect water on the brush and smooth out the border of the mountain in order to spread the color all around I need to make sure that there is no visible border on the bottom Once I’m done. I will collect a darker blue color and add it to the very tips of the mountains using this technique I’m creating an effect that the lower parts of the mountain are submerged in the morning fog once again, I’m removing the excess of the water from my pointy small brush and smoothing out the lower part to create a gradation Once I’m done, I’m using a hairdryer again to speed up my process I need to make sure that the paper is fully dry The second layer of the mountains are going to be painted using the same technique first I’ll create the outline then smooth out the low part and add the brighter blue color and use a hairdryer to dry out Each next layer of the mountains needs to be created the same way On this layer of the mountains I will mix in a little bit of Payne’s gray to make the blue color a little bit more darker, because these mountains are closer to us, so On the very top parts of the mountains, I’m adding this intense color Smoothing out the bottom part and using a hairdryer to dry the paper Once the paper is dry we are moving on on the final further layer of the mountains and this time as a base I’m using a mixture of the blue and Payne’s gray and ending in a more intense color a much darker color for the very tips of the mountains I’m using a tip of my brush in order to make some of the shapes of the trees visible Once again, I’m drying this layer. I’m using the same mixture of blue and Payne’s Grey to create another closer layer of the mountains this time trees are much larger After I am done, I’m going to dry it once again For the very final layer of the mountains I’m taking very intense color of Payne’s Gray This is of the darkest and almost silhouetted layer I would also like to paint a group of morning birds First, I’ll try the shapes on an additional paper and once I’m ready, I’ll move on to my painting This artwork is done. I hope you enjoyed painting it and I would like to also recommend to you to watch another tutorial called “Blue Ridge Mountains” on the similar subject

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  1. Irene Hildebrandt says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your talent!

  2. britt h says:

    cant wait to try this out as my daily beginner workout

  3. CistudeSuisse says:

    Clear and nice video ! Thank you very much, I'm going to try ^^

  4. Bullet Journal z Agą says:

    I've just discovered you channel today and I LOVE it! I'm so gonna try to paint all those beautiful landscapes first thing in the morning <3 Awesome tutorials!!!

  5. fashion illustration ZimmiZimmi says:

    Very good! I like ! 😍

  6. dcfan333 says:

    Wonderful!… but how do you keep your paper from buckling? I dont see that you've taped the paper down… Just found your station… will be subscribing! Thank you in advance!

  7. Ciará Castex says:


  8. Sally Cain says:

    Loved this!!

  9. Somnia says:

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I tried this technique recently and had a lot of fun with it. Such a good way of getting better at wet into wet technique 🙂
    My favourite part was to dab in some pigment after a layer has been applied <3

  10. Jekaterina Zavjalova says:

    Брагодарю за урок! А почему у вас бумага от воды не заворачивается?

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  12. Мила Мышкина says:

    Спасибо за урок

  13. Chrome Woong says:

    I enjoyed it!!

  14. ADK photography hub says:

    Your tutorials are super easy and looks like professional…..I love your videos …. subscribed to you…👍

  15. Chandni Ajmera says:

    Very helpful! Thank you 🙂

  16. Donna Dachs says:

    I want to send you a big thanks! I get so frustrated with watercolor painting. I get so impatient. I overpaint and throw the paintings away. I don't take the time to dry and wait from one step to the other. Your tutorials give me hope. And you have a nice, calm voice to add to the tutorial. I love your paintings, and I think you're a fabulous teacher! I want to follow you and learn more. Again, thanks! From Maine, USA.

  17. Mother Blue says:

    Wow! This is a great real time step by step tutorial! Great video! I appreciate these kind of videos! Thanks so much!

  18. Sylvie Lope says:


  19. Mo jasmine says:

    hello thank you. Please which brush are you using a sable one or a acrylique ?

  20. teenamarie23art says:

    Great job

  21. Marco Aguilera says:

    Yay! That was so good… Amazingly simple… I'm new to watercolor.. your channel is my favorite. You give very simple and clear instructions.. Thank you so very and extremely much! 😀

  22. Bartosz Gostkowski says:

    I have bought watercoulor paper (240 gsm) but it always warps, even when I use tape to hold it down! sugestions?

  23. Alanis says:

    Mine became greenish:(

  24. StartArtSmart says:

    You have some of the best tutorials. On how to paint with watercolors… This piece took me about an hour. Though it's all good practice. — Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  25. Miho Chan says:

    I super love your art work really. Am so bad at painting but your paintings give me strength and i tried a bit 😁😁😁 thank you so much and hope to see more from you. Bless you! (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  26. Sanjitha Bandi says:

    OMG this really helped me THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  27. Andrea McNeill says:

    Loving your videos! Thank you. I am going to be painting icebergs and that was how I found you.

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