Moody Skies & Lone Coyotes… In Rolls Winter Photography
Moody Skies & Lone Coyotes… In Rolls Winter Photography

Hi guys! It’s cold. I’m down at Fifty Point
today and I wanted to go to another location. It’s very close to here. In fact
I could walk to it from here but when I was approaching in my car I saw
something that made me think twice. It was so cool. This is a coyote.
His fur is all thick getting ready for winter I suppose and yeah, I decided that
since there’s usually a family of coyotes in an area that it would be wise
for me not to proceed along the route that I was going to be hiking. So now I’m
at Fifty Point, which is very close by and it’s beautiful. It’s very cold today. I’m
just… I would love to take a long exposure image today and I’m going to just
do a little bit of exploring and see what I can find. Just yesterday I had to stay inside for
the day because I had a son who was sick and home from school, and all of a sudden
it started snowing! I have been here before
and every time I come out here it makes me feel at peace. We have a changing landscape. It
constantly changes with the weather and the mood and so the pictures that I got
here last time are not going to be the same ones that I’m going to get this
time. This is so cool. I could try and climb down there but I
think what I’d rather do is find a spot to set up my tripod and see if I can
just get the cool rounded shape that the rocks are making here with the lake. That was really cool. That was so
beautiful so I put on the 3-stop neutral density filter and the 7-stop neutral density filter. the 3-stop being a graduated one to bring down the tones of the sky and I spun the polarizer both ways. So I wanted to see
what it would look like with full reflection and with as little reflection
as possible. I think I’m going to like the as little reflection as possible but
sometimes I’m surprised when I get to my computer. There’s a couple of swans now
who have come to visit and the birds are flying overhead. Wow! It’s a breezy,
beautiful, wonderful day and once again I left the house with, you know, an agenda. I need to get this done. I need to get that done. It’s going to be, you know. It’s going to be good but I get out here and it’s so much better. It’s just… nature always tugs at your
senses and just brings you back to a place of just feeling grounded and just…
it’s so – I don’t even know how to explain it. You get infused by it. So this week I
am packing up and traveling off to Calgary and meeting a group of you – a
wonderful group of people and I am going to be leading a workshop through the
Rocky Mountains. We are all so excited and ready to go. Today Banff is receiving
10 to 20 centimetres of snow so it’s hopefully just going to be gorgeous.
I can’t imagine how it won’t be. So if you’re coming along I can’t wait to see
you there and coming up next year I’m hoping to book a couple of more
Rockies trips. I will not be vlogging during the workshop because I want to be
able to give all of my attention to those who are coming along but there is a day that John and I might be exploring the City of Calgary so you
never know. Something might come of that. So I’m full of burrs now and ooh! And don’t forget if you’d like to keep
in touch with me and also keep up to date with upcoming trips and workshops
and, as I mentioned I’m writing a book, and other updates… I will put a link below in the description to my website and to where you can sign up for my email list.
Okay! I’ll see you probably in about two weeks! Bye guys!

31 thoughts on “Moody Skies & Lone Coyotes… In Rolls Winter Photography”

  1. Tiago Oliveira says:

    Have a great workshop out west. Just so you know, coyotes don't bother Sony shooters!

  2. Johnny O's Vlogging Show says:

    Are you sure he's not a fox? Really clear and crisp video footage! Fall looks great in your filming ! One time I was out in nature and encountered a Badger. I was scared because I've heard that they're very mean. You picked great music for the background music. Great video!

  3. Wilson Nature Photography says:

    Hey Rachel, Have a great time during your workshop! Another great video and images! I don't know where you find the time to do it all. On average how long does it take for you to produce a video and keeping track of the footage and images you use for a video? My videos of the birds I photograph are so simple… But, doing the filming and shooting the stills are pretty tough! Birds don't sit still long! Haaa……. As always I enjoyed this nd try to think of ways to learn from you in my own videos and style. I am sure you and John will have a great trip! Greg

  4. hrmike1 says:

    Thank you for all the inspiration you share through your videos. I have been watching your latest videos in a row and they have been really inspiring with very nice pictures and video clips. You get to have it so nice at your work shop so I hope you share the pictures from there.

  5. Michael Mountford says:

    Very nice video again Rachel, you sound as though this one was a cold one again, you need a flask of hot tomato soup and a small loaf of sourdough bread , that should warm you up, photos excellent as always, enjoy your time in Calgary with John and your workshop, look forward as always to your next video, take care and safe travels….Mike

  6. Paul Domsten says:

    Hope you have a great time in Banff! I was there as a kid and would love to get back someday. It's such a beautiful place.

  7. Jim Hamilton says:

    Loved the video Rachel. Looking forward to your next productions. Take care

  8. Tim Day says:

    A beautifully chilled vlog, but TWO WEEKS without a video – I have no idea what I’m going to do!!!

  9. Jan Boag says:

    Wish I lived nearby – Here in New Zealand we have similar scenery but you make where you live very inviting Rachel

  10. Des Gardner says:

    Two weeks is a long time! So hurry up and get back!………..only teasing, have a great time with your students and I am sure they will learn a lot from you. We all get the same feeling when the first snow arrives we just have to get out and take a few pictures to welcome winter in…..thank you Rachel take care on your travels….

  11. Q*bert says:

    Coyotes wont hurt you. Don't be afraid of them.

  12. Q*bert says:

    I love how you feel your connection with mother earth. More of us need to embrace this as many Nations today have forgotten and it's caused great harm to our home.

  13. Robert Varner says:

    Another beautiful video. Best of luck on your trip. Stay safe.

  14. Maureen Fenty says:

    Loved this video and the joy you express with everything you do. Loved the coyote. Have a great trip in Calgary, we would all love to be there too.

  15. Jim Cooke says:

    brilliant vlog Rachel, stunning long exposure image and have a great time on your workshop

  16. Dee Bart says:

    Love your videos and photos. Any chance you can do a video showing how you edit your photos? 👍

  17. Dale J says:

    Beautiful shots of the lake and goose. Please tell us where you are when you take these. You mention the place but not what city and/or what state you are taking them in. Thanks. Keep up the great work!! Well, I guess I should read your whole remarks then I would know where you are. LOL!!!!

  18. Zytieck says:

    Happy birthday James's Dad!

  19. Teresa Melcer says:

    I just want to say WOW! Have an amazing time on your workshop! Hopefully see you when you come back !!!!!!

  20. Kenneth Wong says:

    Rachel ,your blue "winter cap" ? is nice, the long exposure photo is so cool and the rose covered with snow added another feel.

  21. Artist1974CH says:

    Awesome Vblog! Your latest photography works are beautiful! That coyote is such a beautiful animal. I hope the creature will be ok, and I hope your son is feeling better! It is so awesome you are having a workshop in Calgary! An excellent choice for photography workshop!! 😊🙏

  22. Pravin ide says:


  23. GilbertTV says:

    excited for your workshop… have fun

  24. Rasesh Patel says:

    Beautiful long exposure images. I love the way you're editing them. I wish I can be a part of the workshop, may be next year. Good luck on your upcoming trip.

  25. Jeffrey S says:

    have a fun trip

  26. Charlene Nagel says:

    Nothing like a little time outside to make you feel connected. We need it more than we realize. Love the long exposure photos! And it was so nice to see you give the coyote it's space. They are beautiful! It would likely leave and not hurt you, but better yet to enjoy the moment and leave it undisturbed. Can't wait for the workshop!

  27. Yulia Sun says:

    Hello Rachel, your videos are so inspiring!

  28. Gary Holman says:

    Lovely LE shots Rachel. Good luck and hope you enjoy the workshops! Good luck with book, merchandize, photos, editing, vlogs , email replys , family, housework, shopping , etc etc. How do you get all the time!!!!!? ha! That's your next book ??

  29. Shivashankarab Bv says:

    Please help me madam please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. Nature Photo Studios says:

    That was a nice well fed coyote.
    Safe travels to Banff. Look forward to hearing about the workshop when you get back.
    Nature certainly recharges your batteries and the more I get out, the better I feel.

    You really should do more post production videos. Every time I see you out on a gloomy overcast day I think she;’s not going to get much, you surprise us with so many great images.

  31. Dave Ryan says:

    Another excellent video Rachel. Amazing images, I always love your long exposure shots and the one with the green of the sea set against the moody sky with the rocks setting off the foreground is superb.

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