Mobile Photography – New LIGHTROOM app & lens overview!
Mobile Photography – New LIGHTROOM app & lens overview!

100 thoughts on “Mobile Photography – New LIGHTROOM app & lens overview!”

  1. Peter McKinnon says:

    Phones..OR..DSLRs/mirrorless? Why?

  2. TheBoaters Tv says:

    Snapseed is the best editing app

  3. B-ROLLs says:

    always very informative

  4. Eino Duazo says:

    I always turn off my night light (the sepia-ish color) screen for your videos. HAHA! I just don't wanna waste the colors of your vids. So sick! 👌

  5. shashant motling says:

    Does Anyone uses snapseed

  6. simon waweu says:

    the music💥

  7. Kamotho Fitness says:

    Dennis /kenya

  8. Next Level Code says:

    Thumbs up for no yellow ghost. 😁

  9. ireact says:

    when you say the word HOUSE you actually say HAUS

  10. Ante Andrijasevic says:

    Anyone knows how to transfer the DNG to my mac ? Or at least export the DNG format to the camera roll ?
    It seems to export them to JPGs everytime.

  11. Aceyork Claro says:


  12. Teniola Aladese says:

    Hey Peter. What iPhone do you use?

  13. AgentPinkify says:

    I wanna get moment senses but damn if I ain't broke af

  14. Jaafar Al Hayki says:

    you spoke a lot man

  15. Ana Linda Rodriguez Vicuña says:

    Can you do slow motion with these lens ?

  16. AnnTee Biotics says:

    Did you just say Kenya… 😂😂😂

  17. Narendra Wicaksana says:

    Great video! But lack of illustration….

  18. Gaming Daily says:


  19. Jay V says:

    So much great information!! appreciate all the videos.

  20. Tauffik Hassan says:

    I think I've found my photography guru right here!..👍🏼😊

  21. Jared Anderson says:

    Excellent video. Well done.

  22. Viral Greening says:

    I feel your icon pains

  23. Pixie & Dixie says:

    Perfect for cycling travel!
    I don't need to take my brick camera! iPhone little lens and presto ! Ready to go!

  24. Elvis Kipkoech says:

    Hi im in kenya

  25. Axomia Lyrical Vid says:

    Mojja hoise i m from India in Assam

  26. Lucas Marin says:

    Where is that hat from??

  27. stephen12188 says:

    How do you change aspect ratio in LR mobile? Cant type anything to put the ratio in 5:4 vertical for instagram. Just has 4:5 ratio.

  28. padma harshini says:

    Is this lens compatible with any good mobile or only compatible with iphones.
    Please reply

  29. Damien B. says:

    Hadn't watched this vid yet! Another great one! Thank you

  30. Google User says:

    but i cant afford a good phone let alone a dslr

  31. Veek Das says:

    You cannot compare dslr to any other phone.. With dslr you can shoot in raw files and edit in any photo editor, but in mobile phone there's no such kind of facilities, if you shoot with phones and edit you will find that 70% of your image is damaged which results noisy image..

  32. Brandon Lee Sanders says:

    Legend has it that light is still in his hoodie till this very day…

  33. edward raymundo says:

    hey peter try "kase lens" pls hehe thanks peter

  34. Jay Booyah says:

    I have to say I love the energy you have, I wish I had 10% of what you have

  35. urstrulyebenezer says:

    You make me laugh all the time 🙂 Cool videos Bless you !!!

  36. Thomas Canfield says:

    Just watched this video and the question I have is that Moment has their own app to use with there lenses. Now what would be the more user friendly app to use while taking photos with your phone. Light Room App or Moment App?

  37. Cam h says:

    Oneplus stock camera can also do that.

  38. hamid malmir says:


  39. Bonifacio Vital says:

    Awesome content ✌️

  40. Swarnim Lakra says:

    Use gcam mod. No accessories needed

  41. nischal padi says:

    Music at the beginning??

  42. Miloš Grabovica says:

    Yes you have all of that in lightroom but only if you pay so that means bullshit

  43. Ralesa Lozano says:

    Are you able to use this lense for the front iPhone camera?

  44. Mayank Kumar says:

    Things have changed so much, in 2019

  45. Jono WePiphany, LLC says:

    Blown away with Lightroom on iOS, incredible!

  46. Matias Hojas says:

    I would love it if you made an ENTIRE video on your phone! Except for editing of course

  47. Rocky Ed says:

    I am 💯 sure this video was not made using a phone ☎️

  48. Peace says:

    I think phone cameras can get just as good as DSLRs using AI algorithms that can enhance image quality to an unreal level. Sure we're not there yet but we are definitely getting there fast.

  49. Elias Flores says:

    Warning almost all the attributes that he mentioned about light room… have to pay for

  50. TheKillaShots says:

    any discount codes for moment lens?

  51. TheCactusCast says:

    So really… how much did moment pay you?

  52. Ayan Aynie says:

    I have an doubt please suggest, I'm using Huawei Honor 7x mobile which has dual camera.
    Can I use these external lens on it, bcz I don't know whether it will fix or what…
    Im interested in insect photography, I'm planning to buy macro lens for that…

    Please which product is good, and whether it is possible to fix in dual camera mobil

  53. Nigel Mtetah says:

    Are you a fan of Ali Gordon ? He makes similar B-roll with similar background music

  54. JenniferEverAfter says:

    I bought some little lenses attachments & they didn't see to do much but this might be an option!

  55. farhan shaikh says:

    Hiii peter your channel is to good and tips and tricks sooo amazing so gys like big thumb

  56. Hamxa Arshad says:

    Nice video good luck

  57. Earth's Fact says:

    1:27 Pornography?? WHAT?!!

  58. Anubhav singh says:

    which lens is best for cinematic video for iPhone 6

  59. Mirza Hammad says:

    Why did not you show us the sample shots which you taken with this lens.

  60. Execute KYSER says:

    Been using the Snapseed lately … But Lightroom is impressive or I should say more versatile ..I'm gonna try it ..

  61. Arshaan Siddique says:

    Name of the song at 0:20?

  62. vaibhav soni says:

    Which phone do you have?

  63. Marklloyd Gonsalves says:

    Whose watching in 2k19

  64. Moses Omondi says:

    KENYA 🇰🇪😅👍

  65. Abrar Chowdhury says:

    If only u could take a photo of the moment lens itself with the moment lens!

  66. VisionOfCreation says:

    Does a video of moment lenses
    Doesn't include shots and examples of using all the lenses

  67. Tea Lynn Moore says:

    creditcard sized thinness?? LOL! more like a stack of 15 credit cards…… but still very cool… I own one and love it!

  68. joy pattnson says:

    Which application you have used in this video ?

  69. Edwin Donner says:

    Nationallll geographicccc🤣

  70. qejee says:

    Your editing is so insane and buttery smooth holy 😍😍😍

  71. GabeTomb says:

    look sexy

  72. theonedom Dom says:

    Snapchat,,, dude I feel exactly the same. I can’t stand the thing

  73. Capture Allen says:

    The Lightroom app sounds a lot like the PicSay app.

  74. James Johnston says:

    4 minutes in and heard nothing of substance.

  75. ThaWord says:

    Thank you for the tips in this video, I just want to learn how to film and make photo's. I already have a phone. So before I plunder my savings I will pick up a smal lens, mic and a a smal tripod and start from there. Maybe I don't like it at al, maybe I will get super in to it and will pick up a higher end camera.

  76. Jon Barrino says:

    Snapseed is the ish!!! Thank Peter McKinnon! Perfect and simplistic for what I use it for.

    Cheers bro!

  77. max max says:

    I've been watching you for 2 years Thanks for the ❤️ Peter! You make great content!

  78. Electro Boy says:

    9:13 WOW!!! I didn't know Lightroom in smartphones can do that!! 😧😧😧

  79. L!NdS!E LOVEs DOLLs says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Im trying to find out what i need and this has helped alot!

  80. Ahmed Block says:

    0:15 name of song pls ???

  81. Pockett Lens says:

    You made a valid point!!!, In your professional opinion what is good entry level camera to grow with.

  82. AriesVibes says:

    Hey Peter!
    love your videos, keep it up sir!♥️

    🤔what monitor you use for photo/video editing?

    thanks for answering♥️

  83. _met_photographer says:

    Best mobile macro lens available in Flipkart or Amazon

  84. tomtoktak says:

    talk talk talk

  85. monn3t says:

    Awesome video!!!! Taught me a lot. Just what I needed…👏👏👏👏

  86. Insan Hina says:

    What camera model u take this video ?

  87. Floyd Vibe says:

    Please help me guys…. I need to know the background music…..i wanna knowwwwww…. I am dying here…

  88. AimHackz 101 says:

    Pro cam 6 is also a good app.

  89. Liaqat Ali Bhatti says:

    Check my channel plz

  90. Rivu Sourav Banerjee says:

    Thank u so much for the knowledge u r imparting me thru ur videos.I want to be a filmmaker. Right now i hv very limited resources. i try to shoot photos and videos on my phone and edit them in lightroom. i dont hv premier pro so i edit videos in whatever free software i get from the internet. I learn only from youtube videos and i really like ur videos.


    Dude it's awesome

  92. nigeria bridal makeup mandyBeautyworld says:

    Were and how can I get the lense

  93. DUKETV/shoty says:

    I have 20 megapixels in my phone
    And I can make amazing macro photos

  94. Rohan Williams says:

    FYI you need LR premium to get all those features

  95. Divine Feminine InnerG says:

    Lmao @ yellow ghost! Thought I was the only one

  96. Hearty Sol says:

    Hi there…Peter, you sucked me in AGAIN! Can I use your jazzy presets in the lightroom app on my phone? How can I bring them in to the app? thanks!

  97. Mathew Olpindo says:


  98. lukesuperflyjones says:

    iPhone 11pro + Peter = Mind blown cinematic epicness!

  99. This & That says:

    Which lense plz tell me the name…lense model….

  100. Megan Karuna says:

    iPhone 11 : i'm a joke to you?

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