Mind Blowing Tricks Photographers Use to Manipulate Photos
Mind Blowing Tricks Photographers Use to Manipulate Photos

facts first presents mind-blowing tricks photographers use to manipulate photos [Music] number one historical photos photographers can take a quiet neighborhood today and make it look like a neighborhood back in the 1930s with the help of a few antique cars what’s better is that the photographer doesn’t even need to seek out and buy antique cars all they need was a camera a table and some toy cars with a few tricks of the camera the cars look life-sized number two wedding photography this is one of the most mind-blowing tricks photographers use to manipulate photos a couple’s wedding pictures are tangible memories of their special day if they choose the right wedding photographer who knows a few tricks their photos can be incredible the photographer who took this photo had the couple posed by a beautiful castle he took off his shoes and got in a puddle to make it look as though the couple was right in front of the castle standing on the water this is one of the most mind-blowing tricks photographers have used to manipulate photos number three water reflections water reflections can make photos look amazing to get the photo just right the model doesn’t need to actually go underwater all the photographer needs is a plastic basin full of water propped up on two boxes with the right lighting and somebody to create waves in the water the photographer can make it look as though the model is underwater and still dry number four life in a drop this is truly an amazing photo it looks as though the couple is in a drop of water hanging from a piece of grass since this is physically impossible the photographer had to be a bit creative they started out taking a photo and flipping it upside down on the computer and with the help of a large blade of grass a selfie stick a clip and some glycerin to emulate water the picture came out absolutely amazing number five surreal mini at your photography this picture looks truly astounding it’s a wardrobe with books on a mountain the photographer didn’t actually go to a mountain with a wardrobe to get the perfect shot he actually used a miniature wardrobe tiny books and a handmade miniature mountain he put the items on a table with a beautiful ocean background the final product is something truly amazing number six girl enjoying the rain the photo of this girl is amazing it looks as though it’s raining and she’s using a large plant as an umbrella well it wasn’t actually raining when this photo was taken the people helping with the shot use water and a strainer to make it look as though it was raining the final shot is perfect number seven Fox close-up this is an amazing shot of a fox up close and personal the photographer used a very high power lens and got this shot what’s more amazing is how he got a fox in the middle of the woods to be willing to get close enough to take this incredible picture number eight water splash background this photo truly is amazing the water behind the model is splashing behind her to get this shot the photographer had to get creative he had the models stand in front of a pool and photographers assistant jumped into the pool to create the huge splash that you see in the picture number nine levitation photography it would be almost impossible to take this photo without the help of a few props to make it look as though the woman is flying in the air the photographer had her midsection resting on a ladder it looks as if the man’s easily swinging her through the air laughter the ladder was photoshopped out of the photo it looks absolutely amazing number 10 more wedding photography this wedding photo looks incredible the couple is standing by a pond where they are reflected there’s also a dark sky in the background it’s not what the photo originally looked like though the couple is standing next to a small puddle on a bright sunny day the photographer used the puddle to make it look like a pond with a little help from Photoshop and boring in the background was removed and the sky was darkened number 11 under the sea on a sunken ship wreck this is a photographer who is willing to go to great depths to get the right picture the woman in the photo held her breath while the photographer got in scuba gear so that they could get this shot pretty amazing number twelve candy in water drops this is a pretty cool photo that the advertisers must have loved it’s a photo of candy encased in water drops to get this perfect shot the photographer simply used a piece of plexiglass propped up on two boxes they put the bowl of candy under the glass and poured drops of water onto the glass and the final result is pretty cool number thirteen floating in the air this is an amazing photo but it would be impossible if it weren’t for a few props and an assistant since the woman obviously can’t fly on her own she is propped up on a barrel to take her up off the ground the chair is being held up at an angle by the photographer’s assistant after the photo was taken the barrel and the man were taken out using Photoshop the final product makes it look like the woman can defy gravity number fourteen landscape photos this amazing photo isn’t real and it’s not even a photo of a real landscape the photographer created this entire scene in a room using string craft supplies and the light lighting he was able to make it look as though he saw an amazing weather event and was able to get it on film number 15 splashing rose photography this picture looks incredible there’s water splashing all around a beautiful vase of roses to get this look the photographer used an arm extension to hold the vase of roses and then splashed water on the flowers at just the right time after adding a nice background to go along with the color of the flowers the picture came out gorgeous [Music] subscribe for more [Music]

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  1. Marcus Mckinney says:

    A lot of these were not even manipulations. Just a photographer going hardcore to get a photo. For example the underwater and splash. Those both really happened so how is that manipulation? Also the fox. The only thing that happend is a photographer took a picture of a fox lmao.

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  25. Travis L. says:

    Hardly "mind blowing", in my opinion. Most photos used are totally obvious, and some were even bad. I remember my novice high school students, capturing more, visually impressive photography.

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  34. Marc Draco says:

    Did anyone else mention that the last one is done using an audio flash trigger? Don't hit the flash at just the right time, you use electronics. Most of these are not manipulation, they're just photographers performing their art. Forced perspective, for instance, was used in Terminator (the first one) to create that shot of the tracks rolling over human skulls. Neat, but not a cheat!

    The only manipulation I've seen here is the use of "photoshop" (or similar) to remove objects and props.

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