Meet In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes
Meet In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

(upbeat music) Hello, my name is Mark Gile And I’m Ladd Smith. And we’re In Harmony
Sustainable Landscapes Building a healthier planet,
one landscape at a time. When Mark and I first met and were both in the
horticultural industry for quite a while and kind
of saw how it was run. And the traditional
practices of horticulture and having been built on just
using a lot of pesticides for plant care. We just felt there was a better way. We saw the neglect in the landscape, the chemical use and how it
was impacting our planet. So over 20 years ago when
we decided to start this, the philosophy was: we can do better, that we actually produce
beautiful, healthy plants that in turn, take care of themselves, which means we don’t have to use or use very little any
intervention through pesticides to have beautiful gardens. We’re very concerned
about our Mother Earth and we feel through being considerate when we’re designing our landscapes of the materials we’re using
and the plants we’re using, making sure they’re successful so we’re not having to use pesticides. That’s very important. We became recognized for some of the work that we were doing. Big one for us was the
EnviroStars Program. We became a five star EnviroStar. We were also named Environmental
Achievers of the Year. We treat our clients the
way we wanna be treated. Through good communication, leaving information for them, so they understand what
we’re trying to do for them and that what they can do to
help assist in the process, is one of the main things that’s gonna make this a
successful partnership. – [Mark] We believe
that you’ll be satisfied with the results of our soil
preparation, our communication, our design styles, and our
consideration for the planet. We’re all trying to do our part to have less impact on our environment. When people join us and
form this partnership, they’re becoming part of the solution. We’re proving every
single day that it works. (upbeat music)

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