McConnell sounds off on Senate Dems for politicizing coronavirus relief
McConnell sounds off on Senate Dems for politicizing coronavirus relief

100 thoughts on “McConnell sounds off on Senate Dems for politicizing coronavirus relief”

  1. May Brisbin says:

    he voted for nafta , he lets the dems skate EVERY TIME when they have the goods shummer on tape threatening s court enough to put dems on defensive they let them skate then talk all we get is talk the dems slow trump repubs help them and we get stall job

  2. Up the Ante says:

    "They outta be 'embarrassed' Mr. President!"…. They outta be Hung for Sedition!

  3. rondoggg666 says:

    Americans will vote RED in November…If we make it that far…Dimocrats are useless and worthless..

  4. May Brisbin says:

    examples are also all over of republicans selling out conservatives why cant the repubs fight

  5. 420 jrzl 906 says:

    4th or 5th time watching this heroic and historic speech. Much respect to Senator McConnell. 🇺🇸

  6. mysteryman2024 says:

    Also in the bill is a forced diversity quota on corporate boards, the forcing of loans to be taken from "minority banks" and it even says that if any federal agency takes money from a bank owned by a white person they must explain themselves. Sounds legit dems.

  7. Robert Mitchell says:

    McConnell has to be removed, he's corrupting America. All of you
    republicans partisan to Trump and not America should look into
    the mirror to think of how America has been deceived under the
    partisan leadership of Trump. We need a bipartisan unity to have
    this resolved, otherwise, we will continue to be divided. For 3 years
    America has been under the control of one man, who's outside the
    Constitution of the United States. We are destroying what we stand
    for, we are a fraud…

  8. LegendaryWolf Shirou says:

    Pathetic we now see they tried scamming the ppl by giving themselves 500 mil, cutting federal funding ppl need, and more. Ppl are dying and they pull this stunt, words can't describe how DISGRACEFUL these old farts are.
    To have the audacity to try to sound all noble. Its not the dems its those guys throwing in bogus bills

  9. Truth Seeker says:

    He said "witch list" .. love it!

  10. Bessie Staton says:

    What good will sounding off do? They need to stop the bickering, and start trying to working things out. The bickers just want to .be in the news and on TV. Too many actors in the the Congress and not enough politicians. Doing political work.

  11. The Average American says:

    Pelosi needs to be removed not only from her position but from politics all together. Schumer should follow her along with Shiff.
    This is as disgusting as it gets.
    Thank you Senator McConnell for standing up for AMERICA!

  12. Lyudmila Kuchinskaya says:

    I like Mr McConnell – He is so smart, so to the point . He is not like those Democrats who is just speaking without point.

  13. michelle grinder says:

    the dems need to be considered enemy combatants…they have been paid off by communist china….if i loose somebody i love to this virus i will hold the dem party responsible along with communist

  14. Jeffrey Spencer says:

    EASTER < this too will pass F the deep state 3 strikes your knocked the f*#@ OUT …. GOD bless us all… not fatciest commie socialists you dont love USA Leave and take a couple of your friends with you

  15. Brian Adams says:

    When are we going to arrest these criminals on the left.

  16. E Ng says:

    Let the money to the people be discussed separately and passed quickly and unanimously. Like the Hong Kong bill!!

  17. Barbara Snyder says:

    I would like to be the first person to sign this petition against her. All she cares about is the corrupt money she. Gets for foreign Money She is a selfish B

  18. Fast as Ali says:

    The Self-serving, corrupt, power-hungry, TREASONOUS, Democrat party & the FAKE-news mainstream media are DEFINITELY the enemy’s of the American people!!!!

  19. Nick King says:

    Windmill tax credits?lmao we need help!

  20. Gaylon TeSlaa says:

    ARREST THE DA**ED CRIMINALS! Unfortunately our president does NOT HAVE THE GUTS!

  21. Will Richards says:

    The opportunistic dimocrats are the worst and most corrupt political group in America's history, demonstrating their priorities, and none of those are the health and welfare of the American people.

  22. Thomas Hayes says:

    Dems withholding money to personally benefit their agenda. Isn't this exactly what they just tried to impeach Trump for?

  23. roxane devonn says:

    Americans need help people out the job small business,homeless etc…handicap need to paid now not other b.s un nesces..ary people get paid in congrat what happen you get stay home w/ out paid please put the Americans peoples frist

  24. Brian Hurtado says:

    DemonCraps are willing to push America's head underwater in order to push their agenda of stupidity. Phukk the demoncrap party. Evict them all!

  25. roxane devonn says:

    children need to be feed for sure people angry and they will for sure who to vote for

  26. 333 is everywhere!!! says:

    Sometimes i wonder what these senate democrats are thinking are they really FOR THE PEOPLE… we all know the answer. Based on there actions. We see there true colors. and its not Red white and blue. Lord forgive me for getting a little angry…Keep praying people it works. I know cuz i seen it work many times. Plus he saved me from real demons. Fyi

  27. Randy Favor says:

    Can Trump do a executive order and bypass Congress the Senate and everybody else is in the way? If he can I think he should

  28. Truth Be Tolled says:

    You’ll really be pissed off when you find out Nancy Pelosi new House Bill takes over Private Property

  29. Messenger says:

    DEMOCRATS look people as rats, they want to start the HUNGER GAMES> GREEN DEAL.
    Oh really, I do not believe in this so co-vid19chinese hand-made virus. Promoted by Bill Gates, plan parenthood father and company.

  30. Dennis Parker says:

    If this great country can survive this mess to where we can vote again there won't be a blue seat filled anywhere in DC God help us all

  31. mike f says:

    Pass a bill to tell Trump…Shut the F####* up! That would be a great start.

  32. Dilet says:

    supermarket sweep

  33. Ed R says:

    Take the corona patients to the house to be treated by the DEMON-crats.

  34. Ed R says:

    Why is Schumer still making waves in the house? Shouldn't he have been arrested for threatening a supreme court judge ? Oh I forgot ! The DEMON_crats are above the law.

  35. Eldergod Oni says:

    Did he say they passed the democrat phase 2 plan without changing it at all?
    Why the [email protected]#$ would they do that, the democrats are traitors, their interests are all against the US and the american people, they are marxist subversives chipping away at our constitution and republic.

  36. Kanook says:

    meanwhile all you in the government house and all still get your paychecks don't you pelosi aoc all you idiots why are you still getting paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give it back to the people like trump does!!!

  37. Tee Jay says:

    I sure as hell wish the REAL Americans had the capacity to think for themselves. Because, if they did, they'd be showering the Democrats with love. One party tried to to line their pockets and one party fought for the American people. ESPECIALLY the "real Americans."
    But nah. That's not how it works in the FOX world. They've created a reality where people have been trained to fight against their own best interest. They blame the people helping them. Just disgusting.

  38. Evelyn Stever says:

    …..the Democrats have only themselves to blame for the impending landslide election in favor of Trump. They have utterly politicized a national misery. Shameless.

  39. Sharon Newman says:

    Dems and their evil ideology of climate change LIE can go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All they care about is Power money and skin colour! bastards

  40. Prince Thunderflare says:

    Left wing destroyed

  41. creativevision says:

    Pelosi flies over from San Francisco and doesn't understand the irony of blocking aid for Boeing.

  42. James Stegner says:

    Why should Big Business be bailed out (again)?!?!?!…I'm so F**n tired of me being forced to pay for someone else's short comings….Who is "Bailing me out?" How is that fair? Just? Reasonable? Republicans and Democrats are both to blame with this "Bail Out" effort. STOP!!!!!! Let things fail…better things will be made from the ashes…have we not learned that…over and over and over and over and over and over again? The American People are Sturdy and We Will Prevail…stop forcing us to pay for things

  43. James Hamill says:

    GREAT SPEECH Mitch!! The Dems need to stick their unrelated add-ons up their royal assholes…they can forget next November

  44. TwinBladeNPC 20 says:

    People won't forget this come November. I at a loss of words. They should be ashamed

  45. United we Stand says:

    The Domestic enemy Democrats have got to go……..
    Trump/Pence at the top of a STRAIGHT RED TICKET in 2020…

  46. lisa novak says:

    Hey, McConnell, news flash you and your so-called president started this ball rolling saying that the coronavirus was a hoax but now you both are going to pay with your lives dearly by passing this coronavirus bill for those who are suffering because of your stupid callous mistake by not listening to your intelligence agents and for not listening to Obama on his dire warning. Now either you pass this bill for the voting or i will find so much information on your criminal acts that i will bury you in it

  47. Baddcallcarl says:

    Mitch the BULLDOG

  48. georgette downs says:


  49. Judy Barnes says:

    And the Republicans didn't? Why doesn't fox show the Democrat response to this partisan diatribe by McConnell. Heaven forbid the fox entertainment center give some balanced news.

  50. MillieKitty9 says:

    What is wrong with you people innocent people are dying and you're bickering about politics can't we all come together in try to fix what's going on instead of being a children remember this could be your mother this could be your father this would be your grandfather this could be your son and your daughter that get sick and die alone by themselves in the hospital and you can't even be there but instead you want a fight like pretty children.

  51. Jeannie Deason says:

    Can the President push this through without the democrats. This is an emergency situation here! President Trump do something and do it fast!! I hope the democrats in the house gets voted out of office period!!!

  52. doorran says:

    that's because the democrats keep trying to take away oour rights to buy ammo.

  53. Cano Angel says:

    DemoRats the scum of America

  54. Edward Roecker says:

    Speaker of the house FLYING to DC to talk about airplanes carbon footprint, think about that one for a minute

  55. Steampunk Papercut says:

    To be a Democrat is to be a traitor to the people of the United States of America.

  56. Forbidden Chocolate says:

    I haven't always agreed with you, Mr. McConnell, but you're conduct during this crisis has been exemplary. You have articulated the opinions of many, many Americans here. Keep up the good work sir, we the people are grateful for your support.

  57. Annette Schimming says:

    I wonder how many Americans would vote Pelosi out of office because of this crap? If it comes down to your family surviving would you fire that devil?

  58. Roberto Perez says:

    My prayer: Lord overrule democratic position today in Christ name. amen.Thank you Lord

  59. Roberto Perez says:

    May God allow President enact emergency dictate to help our nation. Democrat hostile silent sabatouge is dangerous to our nation.

  60. Ed Dee says:


  61. steve miller says:

    It's important to understand to understand why the democrats are reluctant to sign off on this bill.
    It has a slush fund built into it please continue to read.

    Of all the thousands of cruse ships in the world only one ship flies the American flag.
    The Norwegian Cruse Line "Pride of America" is the only cruse ship registered in the USA.

    All other cruse lines are incorporated in foreign countries, like Liberia, Panama, and Bermuda.

    Princess Cruise Line owned by Carnival Corporation, is incorporated in Bermuda.

    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. RCCL is incorporated in Liberia.

    They do this to avoid U.S. regulations, and consumer protection laws.
    The legal rights and remedies of U.S. passengers are greatly inhibited.

    They hire foreign labor exclusively.

    If this isn't bad enough these corporations are seeking to attract American dollars while skirting to pay American taxes.

    For some reason our president feels these companies are vital to our nations economy and are somehow deserving of a bail out.

    Currently our nation is in a very dire crisis, with of all the people, and all of the businesses who desperately need help, are these really the most deserving businesses of a bail out or could there be another reason?

    It is rumored that in return for the money the cruse lines would give Trump the rights to literally thousands of cruses that he would hand out like candy to his favorite political supporters in an effort to try and win this next election.

    He would be the first person to actually charter an entire cruse ship.

  62. James Nicoll says:

    This is no less than a treasonous act against the people of United States . When will these sociopaths finally be held accountable ?

  63. ctwatcher says:

    What is the carbon footprint of lead? The ammo is ordered, back ordered yet ordered. They forget, more of us and the men with their jobs gone will feel the last poke soon and we might see the footprint of lead. I so pray for us to stand per the laws that demand us to do so. Because of the Democrat lying party of hatred of all legal American people we have no other choice unless they're arrested for being traitors and more.

  64. Regina Perkins says:

    You sound like 1968

  65. Regina Perkins says:

    Save lives

  66. ntxmt says:

    Democrats are so out of it. Hopefully they will get run out of the swamp in November.

  67. Regina Perkins says:

    This man is a demon

  68. Jose De Los Santos says:

    You tell them Mr. McConnell how the American people feels. Same as usual donkey crats

  69. Suzu M says:

    Thank you, Mr. McConnel.

  70. Robert Williams says:

    DEMoRATS do not deserve to be paid they are worthless rip off con artists Exposed only serving their best interest not the American PEOPLE'S interest

  71. Eric W says:

    People who rail against Pelosi and Schumer and then applaude Mitch over here…. Holy jesus…. No wonder this country is getting wrecked.

  72. Troy Bennett says:

    This is the Thanos finger snap for Democrats. Sick fucks.

  73. 600020009 says:

    Whoa he IS angry XD

  74. Cymoon RBACpro says:

    All this can be avoided by having term limits, let’s not be stupid America!

  75. Brett Karst says:

    The Dems couldn’t run or manage a cat house! The CABAL is firing it’s last cannons. They will take your retirement. Watch it happen!

  76. Mary Babineux says:

    Shame on you NANCY!

  77. Mary Babineux says:

    How much do your shoes cost NANCY?

  78. speedy says:

    I wonder which democrates and their buddies invested in selling "carbon offsets".
    Behind every green plan is a scheme to make money off air.
    Ask al gore.

  79. Ezkiel Matthias says:

    Democrat Politicians (not necessarily all voters) hate America. We have to remember that.

  80. Elise W says:

    Thank you Mr. McConnel for letting them have it. I really think the democrats are sick in the head.

  81. Jason Melton says:

    Are you kidding me! REMOVE PELOSI YESTERDAY! She does not represent this San Franciscan.

  82. Robert Willea says:

    How can we protest the Democrats to show our dislike for those in the democratic party

  83. Kevin Perry says:

    This should have been broadcasted across ALL news stations all at the same time.

  84. Jack Parsons says:

    The problem is they try to include everything in one bill instead of passing multiple bills. Republican also tried to include things that should not happen such as bailouts for large corps with no rules as to what corps can spend money on. No bonuses for CEO's No stock buy backs. Should carbon footprint be included NO. But they should not buy back their stock either, use it to pay employees.

  85. Dwayne S says:

    Certain people need to look through a nocular at theses demonrats and serve them metal from a long distance.

  86. Antexjerr1 says:

    The dems are scum. They don't care about the citizens just power and how they can stay in it.

  87. V Ghost says:

    The dems wanted to impeach Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine, but they're ok withholding aid to the American people. IMPEACH CONGRESS

  88. paquiao manuel says:

    The worst thing is that stupid people is still willing to vote for these scumbags Demonrats

  89. paul b says:

    NEWS FLASH….. DEMOCRATS agree to bill that benefits the working class, small business, big business and has over site .A much better bill than Mitch's slush fund for the rich.THANK YOU DEMOCRATS.

  90. Cookie K says:


  91. jim smith says:

    Ocasio-Cortez, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Blumenthal, Swallowswell, Bloomberg,
    Bernie, Biden, Waters ,Warren the Squad and Nadler
    Oh, what an irrelevant, confused, incompetent tangled web they weave,
    when first they practice to deceive!
    The Dem's call him "illegitimate" AKA bastard.
    Call him what you will better a deplorable reptilian dragon slayer than a Democrat

  92. Tim Kallio says:

    The Democrats are the enemy of the American people.There new moto divide and conquer. TRUMP for America !!!!!!!!!

  93. Randy Curtiss says:

    declaire democrats terrorists and let the drones sort them out.

  94. Billy_Cross says:

    To be fair mitch Democrats were happy and okay with all the democrat-run cities being shitholecountries before coronavirus why do you think they would care after coronavirus. I mean look what any long-term democrat-run city or state looks like today. I mean to be fair most of the cities in California as an example are unfit to live in. it isn't long before the tax base is so small in most cities in California that the economy surrounding those cities collapses. And this is yet again because Democrats don't give a s*** because they are safe inside their little fenced-in or gated communities or inside their own compounds like Miss pelosi and this crisis doesn't in any way affect them. I personally say we suspend all of your paychecks for the duration of this crisis and donate that do hospitals to bolster them during the crisis

  95. Billy_Cross says:

    I mean to be fair though the Democrats should have gotten the paycheck for the last three years they haven't done anything productive since Trump was elected.

  96. Charles Mendias says:

    This is disgusting to hear, the left truly hates this country. The enemy within is the most dangerous.

  97. DJ DJ says:

    We need to remove the Democrats they are killing are country.

  98. Carlos V says:

    These people should not be allowed to work for the American people

  99. Carlos V says:

    Democrats dont care because they will not go hungry they wont be on the bread lines so what they care they made all their on our backs

  100. Carlos V says:

    Stop putting these people in office

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