McCarthy lays out reasons for Pelosi withholding impeachment articles
McCarthy lays out reasons for Pelosi withholding impeachment articles

100 thoughts on “McCarthy lays out reasons for Pelosi withholding impeachment articles”

  1. Catherine Ottilio says:

    Schiff lied. Denied knowing whistleblower. Hillary destroyed emails and computers. Who is going to prosecute these high positioned criminals? .. who are setting the worse example possible for other criminals to break the laws that are the foundation of truth upon which our constitution..and bible..have meaning. AND WHEN..DO THEY PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES??

  2. sennadasilva11 says:


  3. sennadasilva11 says:


  4. Ken no need for one says:

    I'll never forget when she called all Caucasian white people American citizens . ( White' supremacist !)

  5. charles brooks says:

    Nancy Pelosi must be a nut job along with a alcohol fogged mind.She is letting the leftists leading her down the path of destruction.

  6. JesusChristisGodintheFlesh says:

    Liars lie in preparation for their future in torment in Hell forever.

  7. I Am The Whistleblower says:

    Sean Hannity could be the worst American to have ever lived

  8. Beatle Stories says:

    Sean Hannity is what happens when Frankenstein sleeps with Alex Jones.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Us the American people should rise on the street for the support for trump and the hoax that the Democrats have put us through and our money they have spent on all these lies since trump took office the Democrats are corrupt and who knows how long they been manipulating our freedom.

  10. kevan gaunt says:

    all that money and she still looks like a dried up prune, not working with a full deck the dopey old cow

  11. gespiri says:

    That's because Kamala has a big stupid mouth……which is why Willie liked her.

  12. John says:

    REPUBLICANS need to man up. Anything less than a dismissal for Trump means there are too many PASSIVE Repubs. GET YOU BUSINESS STRAIGHT PEOPLE.

  13. Boingfish1 says:

    All senators running for president in 2020 must recuse themselves from this impeachment process.

  14. Brian Drake says:

    Why are these people not on trial for treason???

  15. Paul Martin says:

    She definitely thinks she’s above the law. Moreover she knows it, See her smirk when the impeachment passes

  16. Follow The Grow says:

    Dems in the Senate are telling her to hold it up bc they cant go a week with out their phones and wont have the opportunity to scream and shout bc they have to write their questions down and cant talk to their little crook buddies after "work". They dont want the smoke so now that their getting it theyre choking. God i hate these people. I hope they all die.

  17. TrollFarm Sage says:

    The Senate should convene a pre-trial impeachment court hearing under the Chief Justice to decide that the actions of Pelosi, Shiff and others constitute contempt of court. Contempt hearings should be held for each individual engaged in misconduct surrounding the sham, farce, fraud impeachment investigation. They have been disrespectful of the court's authority, and should be held in contempt for disruption of impeachment court
    proceedings through poor behavior, and publication of material, and non-disclosure of material, which jeopardizes a fair trial. The Chief Justice should fine and jail Pelosi, Schiff, and others, after found guilty of contempt of court, which is a crime. Pelosi, Schiff, and others who made a mockery of the impeachment process, should themselves be impeached for criminal behavior.

    The sham, farce, fraud impeachment investigation is an obvious ploy to smear and discredit the President in the eyes of the public for the purpose of influencing the next election thru lies, deceit, and disinformation. The timing also aims to harm the president's State of the Union address coming up in a few weeks. For this reason, the Cheif Justice should swiftly take actions on contempt hearing and find Pelosi and Schiff guilty, prior to the State of the Union Address, and jail them durring this event.

    Lock Them Up: James Comey, John Brennon, Adam Schiff, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, Peter Stzok, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, Chris Heinz [Kerry], Devon Archer, Christopher Steele, etc. Investigate the dirty dealings of Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry, who got billions of dollars from China and Ukraine when their fathers were Vice President and Secretary of State, thru the bogus Rosemont venture, directed by Devon Archer, the nephew of the notorious mobster Whitey Bulger. Archer was recently convicted of $60 million dollars securities fraud, selling tribal bonds, then diverting the funds for personal use. Lock Up all these corrupt fraudsters first, and then follow the trail leading to many more.

    Democracy has fallen. The sham farce impeachment fiasco demonstrates the US legal system is so completely corrupt that even the President can be framed up by corrupt law enforcement and prosecutors on phony baloney charges … just like the corrupt politics of a 3rd world banana republic or corrupt communist dictatorship. The Chief Justice needs to take most extreme measures allowed under the law to punish the fraud, corruption, sedition and other crimes committed by biased and corrupt members of the US House of Representatives and deep state actors in the DOJ and FBI who orchestrated these RICO styled crimes.

  18. cher Landry says:

    Doc Their pay until they pay 'We the people' back for all the money spent with this false investigation and harassment of our President. Trump 8 more years!

  19. The Mysterious Now says:

    Dismiss this charade so it’ll disappear like a fart in the wind

  20. Cheryl Clark says:

    Thank you President Obama for giving us the strongest economy ever 😍

  21. Tracey ivy says:

    ….Teflon Joe #2020…beat them like a drum Teflon Joe..

    GO Biden!

  22. Diane Dorney says:

    McCarthy our next speaker! !!!

  23. Annabelle Annon says:

    They went on vacation to plan assassination thats why the urgency is no longer urgent, She ,swamp pit polio said Trump will be gone one way or another in Ten months, Spew venom right in our face evil demonic pigs. They should be running down the cliff at anytime. To hell!

  24. Russell Dodd says:

    Liberals like their impeachments like their abortions- hasty, without consideration for the other side, and without remorse.

  25. Tom says:

    Supposed “fact witnesses”. They were all opinion witnesses, the second round of Obama Flunkies were opinion witnesses to opinion witnesses with their opinions. What a doomed cluster f&$k. 🤣

  26. barry funk says:

    Weak case? It’s all lies. Stop belittling the facts

  27. Frank Joseph says:

    Remember when McCain & Romney were nominees?

  28. Prence says:

    The Dems only wanted an impeachment during an election year because they think that the impeachment will interfere with Trump's reelection. The problem is that Trump will win a second term because this sham impeachment has driven Trump's supporters to reelect him to a second term. All they did is make sure Trump gets another 4 years.

  29. Rodney PUTMAN says:

    I to like to Adam Schiff Hillary Clinton Obama u Nancy PELOSI the person sitting next to Adam Schiff impeached joe Biden impeached and everyone that called for impeachment impeached

  30. Shamcie Pears says:

    The only things Rats has is hate ,they are not humans

  31. Daniel Brown says:

    Anyone who votes democrat needs mental help.

  32. dacosta0656 says:

    Commiefornia Democrats

  33. Kiger Redi says:

    Her "Pelosi's" glee at the president being forever impeached is a stab at tarnishing his presidential legacy, her hate for him is evident, her days are numbered. " ''''''Trump President 2020 Pelosi Prison 2020"''

  34. M Gunderm says:

    President Trump was not impeached. This is just more of the Democratic inflicted artificial testical stimulation.

  35. wolmntn says:

    Pelosi needs to fix her own state before trying this impeachment scam.

  36. ala ska says:

    AG Barr? Americans want Dem corruption prosecuted. NOW.

  37. Frank Suarez says:

    Guam Has Been Saved II – YouTube (2) (1)

  38. Peter Schulte says:

    The left criminal and corrupt DemonRATS have also TDS in the final stage))) Trump2020🇺🇸😎👍

  39. Kim Tran says:

    Dismiss they dirty impeachment scrap and move on. Republican leaders, don't let this female donkey plays game anymore. She disgusted all the people who support President Trump.Impeach pelosi and her gangs.

  40. NavDocRet says:

    Iransy Pelosi is a corrupt C U Next Tuesday, just like her idol Hillary.

  41. Twinky McWaddle says:

    The sheer fact that not one of these traitors has been arrested and taken down is the proof that nothing will ever be done about them.. !

  42. Tom thumb says:

    She is in fantasy land trying to stall as Democrats buy off Senate Republicans. We will see who the snakes in our party are very shortly and I bet their bank accounts will mysteriously grow as well.

  43. ckaz007 says:

    I want a nice long trial with any witnesses called by both sides. I want to see Bernie, Klobuchar and Warren cry their eyes out because they can't campaign during the trial.

  44. D C1 says:

    Whatever evil they accuse Trump of , they have engaged in corruption and vice hundreds of times worst . When democrats can't win the fair way , they cheat and lie and abuse the judicial system ; that alone speaks of their character.

  45. karla stein says:

    Biden is finished, no one can save that immoral corrupt, Biden.

  46. James W says:

    LANDSLIDE 2020

  47. Terry henry says:

    John Roberts can’t be trusted I’m afraid.

  48. abraham lincoln says:

    i dont know blocking witnesses sounds like he's guilty

  49. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast says:


  50. rich s says:

    I think these guys are lovers

  51. Ben Hops says:

    Cray cray.

  52. ron lloyd says:


  53. SNA FU says:

    WHAT ABOUT VIRGINIA ! VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. halas says:

    Can you imagine Biden in a debate against Trump? Game over.

  55. E turnall says:

    THIS GUY HAS HIS HEAD SO FAR HE NEEDS TO BEND OVER GRAB AND PULL. AGENDA always creates lack of reality while shoving you into a deep dark state of denial

  56. Mary Rowe says:

    Sadly, Ms. Pelosi is failing. She doesn't see it. She is being coached to do what she is doing.

  57. Grant Hallam says:

    'Weak case', surely you mean 'NO CASE!'.

  58. Jamie A says:

    "Not in any court in America"… well, for those of us who have bee through family courts, this biased sham "legal" process has been seen before. So correction: MANY American courts act in this way.

  59. JENNIFER Holland says:

    Nancy Pelosi a plastic doll, Ugly!👾

  60. patrick beishir says:

    We have traded one tyrant 3 thousand miles away for 3 thousand tyrant's one mile away. Yeah it's a movie quote.

  61. Truth Betold says:

    Wow, high idiot rate here!

  62. J Peabody says:

    The 2020 Election will be the most expensive in history. 93% of elections goes to the one spending the most. DO WE REALY BELIVE WE MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES.

  63. Colin M says:

    Mother of all non sequiturs is Democrats calling for unity and impeachment at the same time.

  64. John Shannon says:

    Nobody believes either one of these guys

  65. c103110a says:

    The Democrats choked (again).

  66. GramaJ Catherder says:

    hannity is just another good ol white boy suckup and boot-licker. Hope you have to testify on your maligning the ambassador for no good reason other than to promote further corruption by ghouliani and the boys.

  67. berdboy says:


  68. James Vengren says:

    Check out LSU game standing ovation for trump chanting 4 more years

  69. Draconis Dragonheart says:

    McCarthy has a good point. Democrat Establishment doesn't want Bernie to win.

  70. Waya Hedia says:

    While threats to Israel, Iraqis and US troops are detailed, Past atrocities revealed, Democrats want to complain about twitter.

  71. Ro Mary says:

    prelosi has no case

  72. White Nationalist says:

    Vote Republican, is how we shut the Democrats up.

  73. Mister X says:

    McCarthy is crying about Harris, saying she should be kicked out. Moscow Mitch has publicly admitted that he's coordinating with the White House.
    All of you Fox News viewers need to listen to NPR for a few hours a day. Otherwise you won't know what's really going on. The Trump administration is counting on you being misinformed. Don't let them make fools out of you!

  74. dulce golondrina77 says:

    This Pelosi is a filthy poisoned snake 🐍 she should be ashamed of herself , she should buried herself under one hundred feet deep full with
    Piranhas and faeces.

  75. Ted Harns says:

    Rudy Giuliani mast goo after Biden; chek the relation Frank Templeton+Gilenstein (ex ambasador in RomaniaFond Propiety) + Maior (romanian ambasador in USA) This is the pigy bank for Biden in Romania and Ucraina. They send the money Off-Shore

  76. Citizen EU says:

    What happend to the imminent attacks on US embassies?
    Only Trµmp cult members are gullible enough to believe it.

  77. Heather Conway says:

    These are not reasons, they’re excuses.

  78. Turd Ferguson says:

    Bunch of twisted do nothing asswipes DEMONIC RAT'S

  79. kahlesstiberius says:

    Impeach the whole democrat party, just get it over with and take them to a court as a wholy corrupt party with of hate spewing, anti american viewing hypocrits already! Theyre ones formenting insurrection.

  80. great outdoors says:

    Trump has the distinction of being the first criminally insane president in U.S. history

  81. Waya Hedia says:

    Right on Mr. Mast.

  82. J. Noir says:

    If it’s not the constitution it’s not law

  83. Fred Flynstone says:

    I demand her immediate execution. that is all.

  84. smiley says:

    I think she held it up so Biden can get nominated which will help the narrative of Trump trying to affect a political opponent.

  85. Tazmon Sims says:

    You should all check out Joe Rogan/Bernie Sanders Podcast. I know that you wish to believe your talking points, but he is asked the issues that you are bringing up and he answers them, you may wish to check out his answers. He is a Democratic Socialist the last time there was an American President who was he was elected to (4) terms, defeated the Nazis , created the interstate system, gave us medicare, got us out of the "Depression" with his "New Deal" and helped give that generation the nickname ""The Greatest Generation". Or you can continue this, as always your choice.

  86. Antonio DeJesus says:

    Hey McCarthy, instead, lay out the reasons as to why president dumb nuts is renting out the men and women of the US armed forces.

  87. Clark Kent says:

    NP is a scumbag like all demo rats.
    I hope the DOJ launch an investigation and Paul Pelosi and his construction company

  88. Thomas Geist says:

    Oh come on guys. I’m a conservative and on your side so in the unlikely event you don’t already know, Pelosi and Schumer won this round. Pelosi held the articles of impeachment waiting for two things: 1) John PNAC Bolton to commit to showing up in defiance to Executive Privilege and, 2) they needed at least 4 Republican Senators to commit to vote for rules that will allow Bolton and maybe others to testify. I’m sure they have over 6 just in case.

    Bolton bleeds neo-con and Trump’s unwillingness to go to war with Iran was the last straw for him. Regardless of whether he has anything of substance to say, whatever he says will be spun by the media. This is not a trail but yet another political exhibition.

    Hannity, last Friday when you attempted to whip the Republican Senators into holding the line you sort of let me know that you already knew McConnell didn’t have the votes. This is not going to be good and Schumer and Pelosi still have a lot of frog lips and eyes of knut in their caldron of black magick. This ain’t over till it’s over.

  89. JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    Throughout this “comedy act”, the only missing component is a “Benny Hill” run to the Senate. The Democrats pulled out a tool they’re used to using in the past…it called a “Lynching” . Honest Abe freed the victims from their tormentors, some of which now becoming the tormentors of justice.

  90. Maria De La Hoz says:

    she is druck full of vodka she need mental house

  91. Juanita Gonzalez says:

    No , we got to go back to the real Constitution .No Pelosi Old Confederate laws not our Constitution of this union of states .Pelosi can be remove from office by a 3/4 vote from Congress .So she is not a primate fixture in Congress .The people can actually ask for a vote to remove her .Same with any other members in Congress if we are not happy with them as representing the people's interest .And I looked into the laws and if a setting Congress person has committed Treason or a felony while in Government as a congressman or women they can be removed from office .. By law ..As for Our President The Senate are the only ones given the authority to impeach him .The House can not impeach without going thru The Senate First in even in that case the vote has to come first and the numbers for impeachment is important to complete the process of impeachment …The President has the right to counsel in which case he can elect any person that is a rightful attorney .And not a government official .Due progress and by that I mean he has the right to confront his accusers and to have witnesses . The founding fathers wanted due process of the law to each citizens of this her united States .They made some mistakes when they added Amendments to our Constitution .And since then I saw where they went our of range to have the mess we now have .

  92. Maria De La Hoz says:

    the one to be impeach are is hillary Clinton obama biden son pelusa son and pelusa in mental house all democrats party socialist commonists vote them out

  93. chan doung says:

    Put Nancy in jail for treason. She tried to remove a sitting president without cause, because she never send in the ARTICLE so in fake. When it fake, fraud, then it a crime being committed.

  94. Stephen Vigilante says:

    Time to change Nancy Pelosi's diaper

  95. respected Infidel says:

    There have been many explainations ! I can explain why with one word "TRAITOR" !

  96. Makai Mauka says:

    "New Process", not "Due Process"….

  97. R R says:

    She kept the Articles from the Senate because if she had turned them over, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren wouldn't be allowed to be at tonight's debate because they would have to have stayed in the Senate until the trial was over.

  98. Howard Colligan says:

    AMAZING as Americans we just sit and take this, everyone talks but none of these politicians walk the walk. They play us for fools! DISGUSTING

  99. Sparky Firefly says:

    This "Impeachment trial" needs to be changed to a Sedition Inquiry . The Democrats conspired to unlawfully remove a president.
    Piglosi, Schiff , Nadler and the entire bunch of criminals need to testify under oath.

  100. Glenn Mulliken says:

    Nancy pigloser lol just fitting

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