MASTERCLASS: Mobile Photography
MASTERCLASS: Mobile Photography

82 thoughts on “MASTERCLASS: Mobile Photography”

  1. Chris Hau says:

    What phone are you shooting photos with?? ALSO DM on instagram any of the pictures you take after watching this video! Would love to see what you come up with 🙂

  2. Dan Van Der Werf says:

    Super digging the new lion watermark, Chris.

  3. Paulo André Carvalho says:

    So, does that mean (the smaller the better), do you like the new DJI Osmo Pocket? 🙂

  4. machajohn says:

    Damn that intro sequence was badass. Great point about how people feel more comfortable around a phone camera rather than a bigger camera for more genuine moments. Def gotta try out more phone photography. I've had lightroom on my iphone for years but probably only have done phone photography like twice. Awesome stuff as always

  5. This is Tech Today says:

    This is great! I also love how you pronounce "Mobile" haha. Thanks for the great video. I need a friend with a helicopter, haha.

  6. Lizzie Peirce says:

    I can leave the house with just my phone now and still get dope pics? holy poop!

  7. Rishi Prasad says:

    Really like to see more videos on mobile photography from you Chris. Love from India ♡

  8. Jacob Anderson says:

    One of the best b-roll to main footage transitions I've seen in a long time. Fading the music and keeping the same color grade made it much less jarring

  9. Bryan Aellen says:

    Yup I cannot say enough about how awesome the LR mobile app has become. As a DSLR shooter even, the fact that it syncs with the LR on my laptop is perfection!! Love it, great video! Thank you for the tips, have fun shooting everyone 😁

  10. Clóvis Alves says:

    Loved the snow!!! S9+

  11. Michael Lacroix says:

    Congrats on the 200k, Rock n rolling, down to the beach "your" strolling!

  12. Austin Knibb says:

    Congratulations on 200k! I’m shooting on the IPhone X. Very informative video on something I think a lot of photographers discount/underestimate. Love to see that even you use the phone from time to time. Keep up that awesome work Chris! Hope to watch you cross many more milestones in your YouTube career!

  13. YATHARTH B says:

    Huge Congratulations to you for 200k and loads of love from India

  14. Hubbard Steve says:

    Totally used this same song in my Episode 4 Vlog! Great minds think alike!

  15. SaL your PaL says:


  16. Lucy Martin says:

    I never even thought about taking photos within the Lr app. No clue you could do RAW like that. HOT DAMN. I’m excited 😎

  17. Enzo Zonta says:

    Congrats on the 200K, Chris!! Hugs! Hope we can meet some day in our lives and make an awesome video!

  18. Matej Novak says:

    Great video! I love how much awesome content came from this aborted helicopter trip.

  19. RoamingwithVijay says:

    Awesome content Chris! These tips are super useful!

  20. Adnan A says:

    It feels like the iPhone lenses are generally hard to position perfectly for clip ons

  21. Zack Booker says:

    Love the tips Chris awesome video!

  22. Brian Williams says:

    That B-ROLL was siiiiiiiick

  23. Trevor Bobyk says:

    That intro was super DOPE!! lol Great Vid Chris

  24. Lloyd Story and Film says:

    I love this! I don’t usually use my phone to shoot, but Theresa does more often and it gives a great alternate view on our shoots! Thank you for the tips!

  25. Michelle Cox Photography says:

    Glad your video worked since Lizzie's didn't! haha Fun vid

  26. Brandon Moye says:

    did NOT know Lightroom could do that and it's been in my pocket this WHOLE TIME?!

  27. sandy m says:

    thank you so much for this info and video love mobile photography videos. i appreciate you all.

  28. Pretin27 says:

    200K Woohooo <3
    Love you guys Chris & Lizzie , Becki & Chris! Though missed Lizzie </3

  29. Mike Lunc. says:

    Shower me with likes, haha!

  30. dawood drabu says:


  31. The Groovy Guitar Dude says:

    Love these tips dude and love seeing some of my favorite YouTubers hanging out! 🤙🏽

  32. ChimneySwift11 says:

    Haha so true…first and last take always are solid, everything else is mushy garbage 😂 #CanRelate

  33. Pramit Basnyat says:

    I love shooting with my phone as I always have it with me. DSLRs are far better but still can’t always have it with ya which is why I prefer my phone.
    If anyone wants to have a look at my Instagram it’s @pramitbasnyat
    Do give some feedback

  34. DigitalDele says:

    Challenge- Shoot and edit a whole Vlog using a mobile phone. #ChrisHauChallenge

  35. alleyeson says:

    I have had the light room app for awhile. That explains why I had some raw files on my phone. I was like where did that come from. 😄

  36. Trae Robrock says:

    Holy woah, that intro though!

  37. Zach Kidd - The Veteran Realtor says:

    You had me at "Vlog-torial".

    Awesome work, as always. Loved the point about cell phones having both easier access and more intimacy.

  38. Nelson Marques says:

    Lightroom is not free to edit RAW on mobile that's why i'm using Snapseed

  39. Pietro Guidetti says:

    What is the music title at the beginning? Congrats for your 200k 😉

  40. Dom Herrick says:

    great one bro! and congrats on reaching 200K!

  41. Titanium Waffle says:

    Google snapseed is awesome for mobile photography and in fact all the photos on my IG are edited with snapseed and mostly shot on my sony a7riii go check it out @pcprofilms

  42. Krista Simmons says:

    cleaning off the lense is so crucial! i have lightroom cc on my phone and really need to start using it. any preset packages you'd recommend downloading for someone who typically just goes WYSIWYG?

  43. Izzy Almaz says:

    Oh wow! I had no idea you could take RAW photos on the mobile Lightroom app, holy moly what a game changer. Thanks for the tip!

  44. Clyde Maverick says:

    hey chris loved your vids pretty much big help more power and more vids

  45. Martin Edholm says:

    your broll is STEPPED UP!!!!

  46. Lương Tấn Phát says:

    Thanks for your tips, Chris. It's very useful and I hope you could recommend us how to scale photos to fit Instagram size right on our phone.

  47. JamesKnechtel says:

    GAHHH that intro was insaneee

  48. Jeremy Lee says:

    "Get creative that's what photography is all about" So true….

  49. Zdenka Darula says:

    Hi Guys… I created myself back in past video about tips when it comes to mobile photography BUT BUT BUT… I really enjoyed your videos SOOOOO much. You made it very interesting. Loved your B roll… I don't know I just sat back and enjoyed your video… this video was one of the nicest ones I've seen from you… not gonna lie…. good job.


    Great! Congrats on 200k. ✌️

  51. Tung Jy says:

    Congrats for 200k subs Chris!

  52. Diego Alí Zúñiga Mora says:

    Great video!! Thank you

  53. Brandon Sallinger says:


  54. Ayush Jhurree says:


  55. pepe.mora. romay says:

    Thanks Chris 👍

  56. Alec Chong says:

    the color grading is amazing can you put out a lut pack or something pppllleeaassseee

  57. Hammy Begg says:

    Holy snap! Mobile Lightroom?! GAME CHANGER!!

  58. Mi No says:

    I'm making a video about the same topic and one of the tips that I've added is to learn photography basics so you can use your professional mode on your phone better…….What do you think?

  59. Jason Morris says:

    Always a good video chris 🙏🙏

  60. Gregory Hau says:

    200K Man!!! So great to see that!!! Cheers!! Greg Hau😁

  61. Pramit Basnyat says:

    Congrats on hitting 200k now

  62. Ely Penner says:

    With my note 9 I can shoot raw from my native camera app and I have this built in pen that is so much more precise than a finger. Y'all should really check that phone out.

  63. Love4Life1 says:

    Lightroom was not free for me. I don’t know if it was because I had downloaded a professional photogs pre-sets or what? I don’t like when my bank acct is auto drafted and I don’t know why? I didn’t make any “in app purchases. So, I ended up just deleting Lightroom.

  64. Dee Nimmin says:

    Great video, Chris! That's probably the most epic mobile tutorial video I've seen, helicopter and all. Another great app for making pics pop is Snapseed.

  65. All About Helping says:

    Amazing tips as always Chris! Love your banter and way of making the technical aspects so fun

  66. Lyzander Tacoulas says:

    Hey chris
    Just wanted to say thanks for your videos, they are really amazing and entertaining. Keep it ip man 🔥💪

  67. HDvids 101 says:

    Samsung has RAW and manual on hand in the native app

  68. Ujjwol Shrestha says:

    Aghhh…that intro lovvvveed it..

  69. Ohmaiapapaya says:

    OH snap!!! I just upped my phone photo game when necessary! Damn booooyy!!

  70. Dhiksith says:

    I'm a mobile photographer myself….ig id- @eyelens.jpeg
    Open to critisim

  71. Josh Humphries says:

    Can’t believe I never knew the Lightroom Raw trick. Woah. 😂

  72. Timoteo Feeney says:

    Yoo chris the link of Lightroom CC is only for iPad, I reccomend you to put the phone Lightroom CC link for iPhone

  73. Connor Esau Media says:

    Can you do a video on how to use facebook to advertise your photography/videography? For photography, using instagram makes sense, but I've never known if I should have a facebook page or not.

  74. wanjala arts says:

    intro sooooo!!!! sick!!

  75. Travellers Relish says:

    Awesome tips. Very helpful considering we use our phones for everything we do. The videos and photos.

  76. Hardene3f7 says:

    very very cool! like your hair Chris =)

  77. Redding says:

    Lol I didn't know you can take photos with Lightroom app. It's much better than default iphone app. Thanks for these tips. 🙂

  78. thenidge says:

    In design school we always started out editing a photo with a s curve.

  79. TheBrandonLeeCook says:

    1. I’m a photographer and never knew you could take “raw photos through Lightroom CC…say whaaaaa

    2. Super epic intro!!

    3. Epic Broll yess Broll makes all the talking head type videos more fun and entertaining

    4. Yoo beckiiii I like that hoody!

    5. I’m loving the Collabs keep it up

    6. This is prob the 3rd video I’ve watched of yours today!

    7. I think you really enjoy saying “MOE-BILE* loll

    8. Enjoy your weekend Chris thanks for creating!

  80. Motu Pictures says:

    Thanks for the tips Chris! What is your exporting setup for your videos? Tutotorial!!!

  81. Ankhira 82 says:

    Nice Titel Song: a Tribe called Red is best 😍😍

  82. JC HUB says:

    Just want to ask about HDR photography in mobile phone is it can bring your photos to the next level? Just asking your opinion about it… Thanks for the response in advance…

  83. Austine Stark says:

    Wow! I love your videos so inspiring, but it got me laughed hard when you almost fell there ahahaha

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