Man Eating Candiru Asu Amazon Fish
Man Eating Candiru Asu Amazon Fish

The Candiru is a fish species common to
South America. I first heard about this fish from a television show, River
Monsters, hosted by Jeremy Wade on the Animal Planet. Jeremy investigated
several catfish species in an episode and came across a legend of a fish that
swims up the pee stream into the penis. Once inside, it eats the person from the
inside out first attacking the organs look on Jeremy’s face was enough to make you want to change the channel, but this seems kind of like a story told to young
children to keep them out of the dangerous waters of the Amazon. The
Amazon after all is filled with an abundance of creatures trying to ruin
your day. There is an abundance of stories about this fish in South America.
Stories of men who have mutilated themselves to prevent the fish from
getting deep inside stories are abundant, but evidence is lacking. When trying to
verify stories, people interviewed often offer up more stories so is this true?
Does the Candiru actually seek out and enter the urethra of men and women
swimming in rivers and streams at the Amazon. With a population of over 400
million there’s only one confirmed case and there’s even speculation as to the
facts surrounding the incident. The incident did occur in 1997 in Manaus
Amazonas Brazil. Doctor Samad removed a Candiru from a man’s penis
by dragging it back out the way it came in. I certainly hope he was under a strong local anesthetic. The incident was
subsequently punished by Samad. There is video evidence of the procedure which I
am NOT going to include in my channel as this is not about grossing you out. But
the real question is why am i covering a story like this that is completely
unrelated to the ordinary filmmaker. Did I publish it to the wrong channel? Am I
trying something new? No this video is part of a series on
building a youtube presence through tried and true techniques. Stay away
staying away from scams, and use networking. In December, I published this video on
reaching my first 100 subs and how it took me six weeks to
get there. I went into depth on the work and techniques I used to reach that 100
subscribers and I stated boldly that I would reach 1,000 subscribers within
three months using the same techniques. I further stated that there aren’t any
shortcuts. It takes hard work, lots of hours. You need to have a vision, goals
and objectives. Most of all you need to practice by publishing content, reviewing
it, tweaking and publishing again. Stick to a regular schedule of one video a
week. I won’t waste your time here by going over the details I have included a
link in the description down below. Here is the video art of that video and I’ll
include a video shortcut at the end of this video. So how did I get to 1000
subscribers so quickly over Christmas break. I doubled down and produced a
video every day sometimes as many as 3 videos. You see, December is a very busy
time for the camera market. News and rumors heat up. New models are announced and released and this continues until about May. So I took advantage of the
news. I took big advantage once a rumor or news came out. I immediately went to
work and published. I was the first to get out there in a day. In one day I
managed to reach as many as 400 viewers. It was on the eve of canons
announcements of their flagship camera. Today I have over 1,200 subscribers. I do
not use clickbait. I do not try stunts. Even if this video scores hundreds of
thousands of views, which it won’t. It won’t generate subscribers. People who
are attracted to this video will see the rest of my content and leave. They’re not
interested in filmmaking cameras. They’re interested in the weird and bizarre so
avoid scams that promise viewers and thousands of subscribers. Real marketing
programs will cost thousands of dollars to generate real result.s Google analytics
will analyse results and it has algorithm to detect fake subs, views and
watched hours. Have any doubts, search YouTube and you’ll find thousands of
videos where people are losing watched hours subs and views
do to these algorithms. Watch my earlier video on how to grow your channel
organically without stunts. Produce a video every week. Review and tweak things. We’ll start slowly but by the end of the year, you’ll be monetized and you’ll be
if be excited. It works. If you have any questions regarding this video or
comments drop it down in the comment section below I usually respond to
comments within 24 hours if you would like to receive notifications of new
videos go ahead and click Subscribe followed by clicking the bell icon and
choosing all to receive notifications thanks so much we’ll see you soon by the
way on Monday I have a video coming out looking at the Zed six and the new nikon
d 7 8 e for that in-depth review join me Monday

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