hi bonjour a Bienvenue to all my
French people watching this video. Today I talk about five ways to make money as
a photographer. My name is Benjamin Jaworskyj
photographer and adventurer. Ten years ago I started to teach myself photography today I travel the world as
a professional photographer and filmmaker. Learn from my experiences, mistakes and tips and join me on my photography adventures. Making money as a
photographer is a big thing for I would say like everybody who just photographs
for bit longer like 1 year 2 year or anything and things about hmm my images
are not too bad maybe I can make some money out of this. So today I will talk
about the five ways that I can definitely recommend to make money with.
There are some advantages and disadvantages with each of them, none of
them is easy so making money is not always an easy thing and or never I
would actually say and maybe you have some more than just write it in the
comments below. All the things I tell you about I did myself and I will talk about
this as well in the different tips. So number one is stock photography or micro
stock photography. That’s the thing maybe you heard about so there are like
websites you upload your images to and other agencies newspapers persons or
just private persons photographers and stuff like that for their composing or
whatever they need for websites web designer they go on the website and they
buy your images the disadvantage with this is it’s not made for like making
huge amounts of money with one image that’s why it’s called micro stock you
make like a lot of sales but it’s working good and you get a small amount
for each sale but in the end because of a lot of sales and because it’s
international you can make some bucks out of this. I tried it myself
seven years ago I uploaded like 100 images there a different topics I
just tested myself and I made after one year around a
hundred euro so it’s not that much I don’t know how it is today I will test again
and there are totally different websites like Fotolia, Adobestock they belong I
think now together and Shutterstock, gettiy images, iStockphoto and they have
all complete different deals and different things that they offer so you
should definitely check the terms of conditions and think about if it’s the
right thing for you but it may be a good thing for just images that you think
they’re great and they are just laying around
on my external drive so why not upload them tag them, that takes some time and
then just maybe sell them so give it a try . Number two is the whole event market
thing so you can go on events or maybe you’ve been to an event and there’s a
photographer taking photos of the event and after that on a website there are
the images you can download the image and just be happy with that share it
with your friends and say oh look at this how drunk we we’re so that’s the
thing I did as well and I did not get much money out of this it was maybe nine
years ago it was just when I quit school and just made some money out of
everything you know how it is when you just go out of school and you may. I was
into partying and I like the club thing and everything here in Berlin and as an
event photographer there you make between 15 euro per evening till 50 euro
per evening and you made like 400 images and have to edit all the images and
deliver it the next day because it has to be online the next day. No matter how drunk
you were you don’t have to be but you can be but you don’t have to be when you’re
photographing yeah next day Sunday it has to be online. So that’s your job and
it was not a lot of money and there are definitely I would think professional
photographers out there that make good money out of event photography and
there’s always a market it’s always a party and people like to see the images
afterwards so give it a try as well maybe
it in your city or village when it’s like a ban somebody’s like… Number three
wedding photography and a lot of people think about wedding photography that’s
why there are quite many wedding photographers out there but the good
news is wedding photography is a very special thing I did it myself I did it
twice and it was more like I did it for friends or friends and it was more about
I go to the party anyway into the wedding so I take photos as well and
give it to them afterwards and all we’re happy but it’s not my type or my
personal type of photography and not what I like to do every day. But weddings
are a thing you only marry hopefully once in your life so people are willing to
spend an amount of that to get nice photos out of that moment even with all
video footage now and all the stuff they don’t just want photos today they want a
whole video they they even want a whole Facebook page for their wedding and all
the stuff. And so yeah there’s a market you can make good money out of this it
depends on I would say realistically from 300 up to 5,000 euro per evening
per per day and I think there are even more you can even get more but you can
as well get less as always. It always depends on how good of a salesperson you
are actually and that’s what professional photography I would say is
all about delivering and sailing. Sailing? Selling, dumb German. Number four real
estate and people are always buying houses selling houses want to rent a
flat especially in a city like Berlin big city a lot of people want to come a
lot of people want to leave and real estate market is huge and the better the
images from the real estate agent or agency are the better itself and the
more people are interested in an object and the higher the quality of the whole
thing is rated so when you’re a good photographer and when you are into like
interior even exterior like to just even if
you’re into landscaping it’s kind of similar with the right light and
everything to to just photograph it. Team together with the real-estate agent and
you can both benefit from that being together thing not in a sexual way okay
you can but you don’t have to it’s all about sailing and you know. And the last
thing is social media and it’s a quite new thing for a lot of people, for a lot
of people it’s as well just usual they are on social media and you can make
money as a photographer out of social media how does it work
well actually it’s all about the following so the more people are
interested in your photography in your work the better you can market over
social media. Let’s say as a wedding photographer you put out great wedding
photos every day and there is a guy who’s following you and he gets married
and then he says oh I see all the nice images on Instagram I want to have this
photographer as a wedding photographer and he only knows you from social media
so maybe he’s not even in your country but from somewhere else and he hires you
because he doesn’t give a shit about money and he just wants you to be the
photographer and even maybe just wants to be featured on your Instagram or your
Facebook page as well so this is a huge market and that is only one side of the
whole social media thing as well with a huge following you can not only reach
the persons personally but you can reach out to brands and brands pay you for an
advertisement so you not only take a great shot like for example a car brand
you take a car brand and the agency says well we have a client and you have to
take nice photos of the new whatever car is out there and you not only take the
images but they pay you that you post it on your Instagram that many people not
only see the image but are interested in the brand as well so it’s a huge
advertisement world out there and if you are not an
Instagram you’re totally missing something out. Facebook is cool but
Facebook is out right now Instagram is the hot shit and
when you’r not on Instagram you definitely missing an opportunity not only to reach
people not only to inspire people but as well to make money. Those are five ways
to make money as a photographer I hoped you liked the video and write me your
thoughts what I just talked about in the comments below I think a lot of people
have something to say right now. I’m looking forward for that and check out
quick commercial this is my website you can find all
about landscape photography in my landscape photography video cause we
filmed it in the beautiful landscape of Norway I have an easy Lightroom learning
course and another course about editing landscape photos with luminosity marks,
the power of raw and all the great stuff so check out
And in professional photography it’s all about checking out who needs the image and why
or what do they need it for. When you have those two things you can make money out of photography in like every genre. I wish you all the best au revoir, a bientôt
see you soon and I give a shout out for the people wondering why I talk French in
this video I’m not from France but I give a shout out to all the different
countries in each video that are watching my videos today
it was France what country are you from write it in the comments below and
write what does hello and goodbye mean so I can maybe pick it up for the next
video. au revoir mon chérie.

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