Make Awesome Portfolio Additions That ‘WOW’ Viewers
Make Awesome Portfolio Additions That ‘WOW’ Viewers

in today’s video I’m gonna show you my
method for making a solid and eye-catching
portfolio post this can also be used on social media such as Pinterest and
behance now portfolios are absolutely essential
and fundamental to the success of a graphic designers career and things
start out with an authentic and a professional portfolio which then you
want to get as many eyes viewing as possible resulting in more clients and
more revenue to yourself as a graphic designer
now before we make our awesome a portfolio graphic design post I’m going
to show you exactly what you need to actually make its and firstly you need
access to high quality or royalty-free imagery and I personally suggest
websites such as pixabay and also unsplash is another good one to these
sites offer high resolution imagery that you can use on commercial projects
totally for free now you can download the highest resolution option possible
without having to credit the author of the image itself so once you have your
imagery you’re going to need some kind of mock-up because we’re going to make
our portfolio post look truly awesome and eye catching
by using mock-ups and various other techniques now some of the sites have
links down below include graphic Berger and also mock-up worlds try and choose a
mock-up that follows a certain style or maybe a color scheme for your very
important post and you do want to have a running theme throughout the entire
design and we’re going to explore that in more detail in the actual design
phase of today’s tutorial but anyway once you’ve downloaded some mock-ups and
some imagery is now time to head into Photoshop and make our document setup we
want to make a really elongated document that’s going to allow us to tell a kind
of story based around your graphics own project heading down the canvas so I’m
gonna start with 1300 pixels in width and then 9000 pixels in height we’re
gonna just this later but this is a good starting point and as you can see we
have a very narrow and a long this to be working on so go ahead and
open up some of your imagery and one thing about pixabay imagery is that it
is really high resolution and that’s gonna be perfect for our graphic design
portfolio posts you really don’t want the final outcome to be blurry for my
design I like to utilize the background of an image to create the basis of my
portfolio so in this example you can see the gray backdrop and this can act as
the base for my artwork now using the marquee tool and then
simply press command or ctrl T and then extended outwards while holding down
shift now we’re going to build up a portfolio post and downward by giving
information and context to the graphic design project that you worked on and in
this portfolio post I’m showcasing a loader design that I worked on back in
2017 so when making a portfolio post for a logo design I like to depict the logo
at the very top in some way shape or form now I can copy the logo from
illustrator with command or control C and then paste it into Photoshop for the
portfolio document now as we move on with the project you will see just how
eye catching this format can be for your very important your designs in Photoshop
I like to use the layer blend modes here to set the logo into the background in a
nice and subtle manner this gives the portfolio a specific look
and I feel it works really really well I’ve actually decided to align the logo
to the vintage camera and again use the marquee tool to extend the background
downward and also you can use the flown stamp tool as well by selecting areas on
the background and then copying them in new locations for the text content on
your portfolio post try and use the same font throughout the entire design or at
least a font family because this will keep the visual theme continuous and
it’s going to tie in you our work together neatly and professionally also
be sure to play around with hierarchy and other techniques to make a visually
appealing a portfolio post utilizing guides can also be very
beneficial to having a content inline and sent it on your page and as you can
see I’ve aligned the text on the left-hand edge to the camera I could go
ahead and send to the text but I wouldn’t look too great if you ask me I
remember if you do want to learn essential skills as a graphic designer
and make things such as awesome portfolio posts subscribe to my channel
for weekly a graphic design content but on with the tutorial I’m gonna keep in
line with a color scheme of my artwork which is pretty much grayscale and then
use the rectangle tool to add in a new section in a very brief and roundabout
way I’ve shown the process of generating the concept from my Lego design starting
with the M symbol and having a linear kind of origami approach to design
resulting in the final design solution and I’ve done this by using a three
circular graphics that you can see on-screen adding in some textual content
to is another way to add some context and yes the three circle graphics are
not aligned centrally and that’s my fault for rushing the design but I’ll go
back and edit that at a later date I only realized that after recording
this video another great tip is to add in the font that you’ve chosen for your
project and then to display the alphabetical characters now I do this in
all of my portfolio posts and I feel it gives yet more context to the viewer of
your portfolio you really want to generate a sort of simplified story
based around your project using visual cues and also contexts
so what about the mock-ups that we downloaded earlier well they’re gonna
come into play or right now I’m not gonna spend some time showing you how to
add your designs to a mock-up because it’s pretty straightforward and
self-explanatory simply open the mock-up in Photoshop and then double click the
layer that asks you to put your artwork inside of you then put in your artwork
and then save that file and Photoshop will place you are awake into the
mock-up keep building your portfolio post downwards using mock-ups and other
sections and make sure you keep in line with your style and also your color
scheme and I’ve gone for a grayscale theme and also uses the hints of gold
too I’m gonna get back and revise this design because there are some edits or
mistakes that I’ve made that I want to change but again that’s why you
shouldn’t rush you portfolio posts like I’ve turned today for today’s video the
final results the do look really neat and also on platforms such as Pinterest
and also Behance so let me know what you think of this
portfolio post formats and also did you notice the three circles were not
aligned on my design before I mentioned there or did it not occur to you now if
you want to check out more ways to boost your graphic design portfolio and skills
check out the playlist linked at the very end of todays video like and share
my videos on social media and of course until next time guys design your future
today peace

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