LYNX VS SNOW LEOPARD – Who will win this battle?
LYNX VS SNOW LEOPARD – Who will win this battle?

Lynx vs Snow Leopard Who will win this battle between these two cats? The lynx is a solitary cat that haunts the remote northern forests of North America, Europe, and Asia. Lynx are covered with beautiful thick fur that keeps them warm during frigid winters. Their large paws are also furry and hit the ground with a spreading toe motion that makes them function as natural snowshoes. The Snow Leopard is sometimes known as the ‘Ounce’. It is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia and well known for its beautiful fur. Although sharing its name with the common leopard, the snow leopard is not believed to be closely related to the Leopard or the other members of the Pantherine group and is classified as the sole member of the genus ‘Uncia uncia’. DESCRIPTION Lynx are medium sized cats whose coats of fur vary in colour according to their climate range. All species of lynx have white fur on their chests, bellies and on the insides of their legs. Lynx have short tails, long whiskers and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tip of the ears. Lynx have long front and hind legs that support their thick set body which measures 26 – 51 inches in length and weighs about 11 – 37 pounds. Lynx have a tail length of 2 – 6 inches. Like all cats, the lynx has exceptional night vision due to a layer of mirror-like cells in their eyes. The Snow Leopard has a white fur coat with brownish/yellow tinges that is covered with rings of brown/black rosettes/spots. The markings help camouflage it from prey. Their fur is long and woolly and helps protect the cat from extreme cold. The snow leopards head, which has small ears and a distinctive heavy brow, is rounded and comparatively small for their body size, which can be up to 1.3 metres in length and weigh up to around 70 kilograms. Their long tail, which can measure as much as 90 centimetres, helps the cats balance as they move over rugged and often snowy terrain. The powerful limbs of the snow leopard are relatively short for their body size and are supported by large, powerful paws. HABITAT Lynx cats prefer cold, wilderness areas and high altitude forests with dense coverings of grass, reeds and shrubs. Lynx cats have very large ranges, by far the largest range of any other felids. Lynx make dens in rock crevices or under ledges. In harsh, severe weather and when breeding, lynx take shelter in caves or in hollow trees or logs. Although the Iberian lynx appears not to fear man, it will not live in areas where permanent settlements of humans are established. During the summer, the snow leopard inhabits mountainous meadows above the tree line in rocky alpine regions at an altitude of 8,900 feet to 20,000 feet. In winter, snow leopards descend to forests at lower altitudes. The snow leopard is generally associated with generally rocky terrain such as high valley ridges, rocky outcrops and mountain passes. An individual snow leopard inhabits a well defined home range, however, it does not defend its range aggressively when trespassed by other individuals. DIET Lynx cats are carnivores, diurnal hunters and feed up on a wide range of animals including reindeer, roe deer, small red deer, caribou, chamois, birds, small mammals, such as snowshoe hares, fish, sheep and goats. Although the lynx hunts mainly on the ground, it can climb trees and it can also swim, catching fish to assist its diet. Although not a timid hunter the lynx will rarely contest its prey if confronted by other carnivores and will leave the prey uneaten. Snow Leopards are opportunists when it comes to feeding. They are strictly carnivores and eat whatever meat they can find. One of the most beautiful of the cats, snow leopards are also exceptional athletes capable of making huge leaps over ravines. They can also bring down prey almost three times their own size including domestic livestock. Their prey includes the ibex, markhor, bharal, deer, boar, marmots, pikas and small rodents. The snow leopard is an ambush predator and will attack its prey from above when possible. It is an agile animal that can jump as far as 14 metres which helps it catch prey and traverse through the mountains. BEHAVIOUR Lynx cats are usually solitary creatures, however, small groups of lynx sometimes hunt and travel together. Male territories are larger and can overlap several female territories. Lynx cats are agile climbers and spend most of their time on the branches of trees, waiting for prey such as weaker mammals and terrestrial birds to pass beneath them. Lynx are very vocal animals and they can make an amazing variety of hissing, chattering and yowling sounds. Snow Leopards are crepuscular, active at dawn and dusk, in their hunting activities. Commonly, the cat is a solitary hunter, however, it may share the task with its mate during breeding season. REPRODUCTION The lynx breeding season occurs in late winter. Female lynx give birth to 2 – 4 kittens after a gestation period of 56 – 70 days, once a year. The kittens weigh 200 – 300 grams at birth. The female will nurse the kittens for 5 months, although some kittens can eat meat at one month old. The gestation period for the female snow leopard is around 98 days. Due to harsh weather conditions in the alpine regions, cubs are usually born in springtime with mating taking place in late winter. The litter size is usually between 1 – 4 cubs. The cubs weigh between 320 – 708 grams at birth. The cubs follow their mother on hunts at 3 months old and remain with her through their first winter. CONSERVATION STATUS The hunting of lynx cats is illegal in many countries. The Spanish Lynx is critically endangered, facing extinction and the killing of any individuals has been outlawed since the 1970s in Spain and Portugal. In 2000, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated the Canadian Lynx a Threatened species. Lynx are hunted for their fur and by farmers to protect their farm animals, as they are considered to be a predator of domestic animals. In 1972, the IUCN placed the snow leopard on its Red List of Threatened Species as ‘Endangered’. Due to the high demand for their coats, snow leopards are illegally hunted for the fur trade. The pelts are a sought-after commodity in places like Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where they are turned into coats and other garments. Snow leopard bones and body parts are also used for traditional Asian medicine. This time the fight is quite close. Both cats belong to the same mean class. Taking into account the animals that everyone hunts, we can say that the snow leopard is stronger both defensively and offensively. But that doesn’t mean the lynx has no chance in front of him. For example, in a battle between a mature lynx and a young snow leopard, the lynx will surely win. I’m curious what is your opinion about this fight? Who do you think will win you? I am waiting for your answers in the comments!

88 thoughts on “LYNX VS SNOW LEOPARD – Who will win this battle?”

  1. Tomislav Bošnjak says:

    Leopard wins for sure

  2. Verner Voss says:



    🐆 leopard

  4. ghasan23 says:

    Stupid fight. You realize a snow leopard is sometimes classified as a big cat that's actually 80 to 100lbs against a max 60lb lynx.

  5. Anthony Ranzie says:

    Easy leapord

  6. Barbarian Scum says:

    Maybe a large male Canadian linkx vs a small female snow lep , this fights a mismatch 🤨

  7. Super Italy says:

    Snow Leopard no contest

  8. Kevin Huerta says:

    Lynx vs bobcat??

  9. Big boi rabbit 54 says:

    Snow Leopard wins, it is bigger! WildCiencias Next Make Elephant Seal vs Walrus, But Who wins?

  10. John Lakey says:

    I want to see who wins between a career Democrat politician and a career Republican politician. I fear the loser will be the American People

  11. matino alston says:

    snow leopard can jump up to 45 feet? Wow! Its cool how far It can jump

  12. bull elephant seal says:

    I love your videos

  13. Baihaqi Sodikin says:

    Snow leopard

  14. J. Wolfe says:

    Silverback Gorilla VS Fox Squirrel – Who would win?

  15. Dinosaur World says:

    Snow leopard

  16. Alexis Toxqui says:


  17. Igor Gerlovin says:

    Not quite close; I would say 90% – 10% in favor of the snow leopard. Also, a few corrections: the snow leopard is actually Panthera uncia, and your measurements of the lynx are a bit off.

  18. Rich Atkinson says:

    Snow leopard is much more powerful.and quick, no comparison.

  19. Tsust Suvag says:

    Tai Lung would wipe the floor with any lynx. No doubt.

  20. ANTIANONIMI says:

    2:00 i want a cat like her <3

  21. Camron Moore says:

    Lynx wins it hunts bigge and mo re e animqls than the s leopard

  22. The Anti Christ says:

    The snow leopard wine by a landslide

  23. Animal World says:

    Awesome video!
    This is a close fight. The Snow Leopard is bigger and stronger, but the Lynx is more aggressive, more lethal, and is pretty powerful for it's size.
    However, the Snow Leopard would win 65% of the time.

  24. black leopard says:

    I think the Snow Leopard with one because it has few Predators so it will make to snow leopard more confident and more aggressive plus the snow leopard is much larger and survive way worse stuff then the links can you do a raccoon dog versus a raccoon fight next

  25. Ice dragons J says:

    That's a pointless question. Snow leopards can beat the crap out of even a cougar . A lynx is a child's game. By the way snow leopards are big cats and are closest relatives of the tiger.

  26. Siłauderzenia says:

    pfp 75% sl ,peak size 100% sl.

  27. Oliver Sperry says:

    A snowleopard

  28. The LoneWolf says:

    Bobcat vs Clouded leopard

  29. Angry Wolf Animations says:

    Easy win for snow leopard
    100 pounds vs 30 pounds

  30. DΛNIΛEZ HΛSH says:

    Nice video.

  31. Prehistoric Creature says:

    I'll give The Win to The Lynx. Despite being slightly smaller, it's the superior predator.

  32. Johnny 5 is aliv3 says:

    he said a mature lynx and a young snow leapard. Now if they were both mature I would question it, but one experienced and the other not isn't a fair fight dufus 🤨🙄👎

  33. Amer J says:

    Maaan , will all due respect, but I'm rather a bit disappointed by your choice of comparison this time.. it is indeed a big MISMATCH, you could have chosen closer adversaries.. like a Snow Leopard vs a Striped Hyena… or a Snow Leopard vs. a Kangal Dog.
    These would be close fights .
    A snow Leopard is still a Leopard which is a big cat.. while a lynx is a medium size cat.
    It can be twice or even 3 times the size .
    Also you must do.. which is stronger.. A Nile Crocodile or a Saltwater Crocodile.. let's see what the fans think.
    Regards 🤙

  34. Rhys Ayina Bekolo says:

    The snowleopard will crush it

  35. ThatOneAnimeKid Official says:

    I was told by bbc earth that snow leopards are extremely rare to find

  36. Kilimanjaro says:

    11-37 pounds?
    My house cat weighs 22!!

  37. Jennifer Seymour says:

    Lynx is 55 kg and 77 kg

  38. Ava the kawaii panda bear 2019 says:

    Snow leopard

  39. Abdul Shaheed Rauf Wahid says:

    Snow leopard wins without a struggle as a matter of fact if the lynx get caught in the leopards territory they become prey for the leopard

  40. Macy The Smol cat says:


  41. Ana Alexis says:

    Like for snow leopard. Comment for lynx

  42. BRUH boi says:


  43. Cat Mario Gaming says:

    Lynx wins

  44. Big boi rabbit 54 says:

    Next you Make Elephant seal vs Walrus, But Everyone Did Know Which one wins?

  45. Gene Fortney says:

    I believe if both are adults that the Snow Leopard would win, thanks for the video!

  46. Hosne ara Bristy says:

    Snow Leopard

  47. David Buzzin says:


  48. VattenDemonen says:

    20-30 kg Lynx males in Sweden is common even larger animals have been reported

  49. James Cobb says:

    Both are magnificent cats. Snow leopard has the slight edge.

  50. Brad Steward says:

    Sick of these ads. YouTube why don’t you find away to dump them? I will now refuse to buy products from Valvaline, Duracell, Nature’s Valley, Apple, Volvo, and Ford. So Sick of your ads.

  51. Valentina the savior Shevchenko says:

    Leopard for the win

  52. Frankie TheHeathen says:


  53. SouTa says:

    Dedoman pe zona?

  54. Black Jaguar says:

    Snow Leopard wins against Eurasian Lynx it's 60%/40%

  55. Karim Alaa says:

    Of course snow leopard will win

  56. Ryan P says:

    Bruh its not a question snow leopards are stronger and faster and weigh like 70 more pounds

  57. Jasper Roy Dulay says:

    Its damn pretty obvious that a snow lepard is a big cat compare to lxyn cat…there's a big diffrence!!!!

  58. LOL MUZIC says:

    Cinei romani sa dea like

  59. gl kok says:

    if they meet, hope they will not fight just share their foods..but i feel the leopard have the edge

  60. xCRISTY XPROx says:

    Dedoman aici ..

  61. Ali Baig says:

    I LOVE snow leopards they are my favourite animals and I think they would win

  62. komujimaru says:


  63. ivan boskovic says:

    I remember reading in Jack London that lynx is superior to wolf. I even saw one chasing a wolf. Must be heavier than 27 pounds.

  64. Dino alex says:

    im romanian

  65. Juli Robert Campbell says:

    It would be the snow leopard.

  66. Suck my SPAGHETTI MONSTER says:

    Snow leopard wins

  67. Dainius Pal says:

    You can't compare snow leopard with linx. Genus Linx have 4 different, including by size, species. And best to compare snow leopard with Eurasian linx, who is the biggest by size if to compare with the rest linx 3 species. But Eurasian linx don't have much chances to win fight against much bigger and much masculine Snow leopard.

  68. Dainius Pal says:

    Eurasian linx significantly smaller than Snow leopard, then best to compare with Clouded leopard or Sunda clouded leopard, who both species is very similar in size to Eurasian linx. In this fight very likely winner will be Eurasian linx.

  69. Irice joy Infante says:


  70. Wakita Harmon says:

    Leave the Animal A long for they Don't kill them

  71. 선재 says:

    Eurasian Lynx vs American Lynx(Canadan Lynx).

  72. Saydjeny says:

    This is no contest. The snow leopard lives in much more difficult terrain, is much larger and hunts much larger prey. The lynx stands no chance.

  73. Derek Williams says:

    I can tell just by the comments that most ppl dont know how big a lynx actually gets. Dont let the pictures on the Internet fool you. In person the Canadian lynx (not even the biggest lynx) is damn near snow leopard just with a short tail. They're not as big as cougars but they can probably match a cheetah or snow leopard.

  74. Ridho Rahmatullah says:

    Lynx vs Clouded leopard

  75. T. Smith says:

    Black Panther vs??

  76. Iam_Harun_ Lad says:

    Snow leopard

  77. Rile Stream says:

    My dads favourite animal is the snow leopard but I like both

  78. DBow The Black Panther says:

    Snow leopard 9 out of 10

  79. Courtie Shay says:

    Lynxx looks like a huge domestic cat 🐈

  80. Alistair Kaname says:

    Canadian lynx of course, a leaperd would not want to get into a agrument with one

  81. noobTV says:

    This nigga can jump 14 meters??!!

  82. Tania khurram says:

    Snow leopard

  83. Courtie Shay says:

    Snow leopard will win hands down!

  84. Luger 9 says:

    Your wrong the wolverine wins

  85. Carla Martinez says:

    Senos lepord

  86. Khalid Mayes says:

    I googled the 45' they can literally job 45' mind blowing

  87. Shan Mani says:

    Snow leopard has edge over lynx

  88. AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER says:

    Lol, so it all boils down to a mature well seasoned lynx and an adolescent teenager ?? Lol. Come on. A cougar and a snow leopard would have been a lot closer.

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