Light On The Landscape – Mike Browne
Light On The Landscape – Mike Browne

good morning it’s a fine morning out
here in the here and Lanzarote we’ve just finished an awesome workshop with
some great guys and I just come out to have a little nose around and look and
see what’s happening we got some low angled early morning light I thought I’d
have a drive around and see what interested me see if I can see some
things that I think might make an interesting shot and just share some
little photo moments with you guys what I’m just noticed is behind me you can
see these little stone walls this is where they keep the vines protected from
the hot wind and I’m just looking into the distance the way the light is moving
and the clouds in the background and there’s a little house which I don’t
know if you can see in the video camera is too small probably so if you see if I
can pick it up for you and show you what I’m looking at now here we go
and I love the little house on the side of a hill here let me just get this
focused up and see if I can roll a bit of video so you can see what it is that
I’m looking at here we go look at that over there in the distance with a little
bit of green Bush down there and I think if we come wider it probably won’t work
quite so well it gets a bit lost if we get too many volcanoes and that sort of
second house over there so to me I think there’s quite a nice little shot
sneaking in here somewhere like this I really kind of like that so let’s just
kill the video and take that shot see if we can find another one do you see that
just where is it there look we’ve got a little lone palm against some cloudy sky
no I’m not sure this is gonna work but that’s the key to all this kind of stuff
you know if you see something try it suck it and see see what happens it
might work it might not I’m just sharing some of those moments that I might have
with you guys so you can see what I get up to so for you it’s very very small in
the viewfinder let me see if I can get in on it a little bit more let’s get it
focused up the exposure a bit better there we go okay so that’s what I’m looking at there
now how would it work by sneaking closer it has possibilities but that sky is
terribly dead isn’t it so maybe it needs stuff around it I quite like the light
on the lava and I’d quite like that Mound a volcano that’s coming in sorry
about the sound guys it’s probably really really lot of wind noise it’s a
windy place I’ve got the microphone hidden inside my coat but anyway I’m
thinking maybe something like that because obviously I’ve got to avoid that
little post here I might just go a little bit closer just see line it up
differently maybe from here what about that bit of green in the corner you know
all these things just play around with them I think it’s better kind of with
half with just a hint of volcano and a little bit of that green but you know
what the light’s not great and the sky is really boring I’m going to take it
then just see if I can do anything with it but I’m not convinced and also I
think the lights just come off it yeah we’ve got a cloud up here we’ve got a
cloud coming across the sky look here we go that cloud is now just
hiding the Sun so it’s no longer lighting up our little palm tree these
are all other things you have to do is to wait however there may be a shot here
I think possibly with those volcanoes and and that kind of cloud above it if i
zoom in a bit somewhere around there perhaps let’s stop the video now and see
if I can shoot that while we wait now the lights coming back over there on the
palm tree how long is it gonna last yeah I’m going to shoot this one very quickly
into the Sun and just see whether or not I’ll get a shot out of that maybe focus
on the volcanoes that’s alright it’s better than expected but it’s not
terribly exciting is it right now back to the palm tree let’s see what we can
do now we’ve got a little bit more light on
it oh I like it we got some sparkles on the rocks that’s gonna help I’m gonna
move this side because I want to avoid those white posts and I’m actually gonna
do it with the sparkles on the rocks I like that I think the sky is too dead
I think the grace kind of work would be a case of waiting here until we get a
blue one now there’s a bit of light happening over there on some volcanoes
I’m just gonna see if I can move you quickly and show you here we go now you
see in the distance off over here there’s a little bit of light happening
that’s changing so fast I’ve actually lost the light I wanted to show you let
me just see if I can get something in there because I quite like the sky even
though the volcanoes are very kind of misty and hazy in the distance but quite
like that sky but I don’t know that I can capture it let’s just try rotating
the camera look at the light in the foreground now but it’s still a very
boring dull shot it’s it’s not great and of course we don’t really want the road
in there so I think I might just wait for a moment I think I wonder to add a
shot then I might just wait for a moment and just see if the light comes back
although there is a road shot now kind of going on up that way I might try for
that road shot than me under sail I’m just gonna wobble you so you can see
there we go if I get that way I think you can see give me I’m looking in the
monitor up there you see this volcano here let’s see if there’s a shot in that
with a road I think there’s a road shot here and I’m gonna take it very quickly
because I think the lights gonna go this changing light is really really great
it’s good stuff it’s it’s it’s always interesting I’m gonna drive up the road
a little further I might even go in that direction who knows it’s all an
adventure this one’s gonna be a rush look you see this little white house
here that is where our lone palm tree is let me quickly see if I can
do anything with it because there’s a band of light going through it focus get
some video on the scene look there is our little house in the palm tree and
the volcanoes look doesn’t that look lovely quick stop the video zoom in a
little bit and shoot the picture I kind of like that I really do now I shot that
in a hurry because the lights changing I’m just going to take another one
slightly wider I think with a bit more sky and include the two peaks I’m not
shooting video for you because I need to take it quickly that’s better I think when you look at the two the house up
closer years not much to choose between them I do kind of like it framed
between the two bits of volcano with that moody old bit of sky going on above
it it’s good stuff isn’t it chasing light that’s what we’re doing
we’re chasing like we’re seeing things then having to move quickly you know and
also is a little thing low I’m just dispelling the myth that you’ve got to
shoot landscapes with the wide-angle lens I’m just shooting them with
whatever lens I need to get the blooming picture that I want and most of these
have been quite a lot longer than wide I’m just watching the light watching it
change I think I really quite like the volcano to the left I’m just gonna
another go at that because we’ve got some lovely moody look at that light
over there look at that with the little house in the bottom and the volcano to
the left so stop the video and I’m get used to Dave’s back button focusing
right seeing within a bit nurse if we can get that shots not gonna be the same
it’s the one you just saw in the video but the light is great the way it’s just
sweeping across onto the volcano and lighting up the little house days like
this brilliant when you’ve got puffy clouds you got moody clouds you’ve got
gaps in the clouds got blue holes going on if you don’t
seven building blocks of photography know all about blue holes and how to
utilize them but things like this the gray Lanzarote is a brilliant place to
do it so you really need to come join me on the workshop don’t you at some point
right let’s go see if we can find another feature so it’s been raining and
it’s clouded over quite a lot as you can see so I’m just sitting in my little
higher car and you’re waiting to see if the light changes I’m just outside there
you go the other way and that in itself looks really kind of nice against that
sky if we got a shaft of light on it I think it would be absolutely awesome but
also out of this window behind me I think you can see we got this little
shelter there’s little shaft of light at the moment looks just touching the top
of one of the volcanoes there when this little piece of green is in here I’m
just gonna sit and wait for a little while and just see if the light comes
through because if the light comes through underneath there I think it’s
gonna look absolutely spectacular this is one of our regular workshop stops but
of course it’s always changing you know light changes things move it’s always
changing so I’m just gonna sit here for a little while and see what happens okay
so it’s not raining and I thought I’d better get out the car because right
behind you look can you see the light just suddenly come up there right if I
just roll some video look there’s the video camera look
what’s going on up here we’ve got a great big blue hole there’s the Sun
which is now shining on me and that’s going to put light look there it is and
across the vines going off into the distance we got that awesome bit of
light look and it’s sweeping across the land there’s another piece did you see
that just comes sneaking in that’s exciting right so let’s get some shots
because we’ve now got light on our little foreground house make sure more
exposure is good I’d kind of like that let’s just lifting out little hint of
green in the bottom and shoot it now I’m just gonna wait for a little
moment or two and just see what I really want is light on the volcanoes in the
distance but I kind of like in my head would be some little bit of foreground
light here a bit of light on these walls on the on the black sand on the lava but
I want the volcanoes in the distance to light up now they’re gonna light up in a
moment as this light sweeps across and hopefully we’ll get some clouds above so
the lights coming in underneath the clouds that should be pretty interesting
here we go we got a little sandwich going on of light right now let’s just
focus and just take that shot like that that’s more like just come through take
another one see how this is changing now we’ve got some light on the little
little shelter there let’s just shoot that one because we’ve got some awesome
foreground light going on on the little you know wind breaks there let’s just
stand here and look at it just just for a moment or two because it’s the light
on those distant volcanoes you can see there’s a little bit way off if i zoom
in a bit you can see this and little patches of light up there on those
volcanoes right at the very top right up there but what I want is a bigger patch
of light I want a bigger piece of like to really light up this kind of curly
volcano because I think it’ll make a really cool shot and you guys we zoom
back out it’s looking pretty good now see how the little shelters just lost
the light on that I might move to the left just a tiny bit because
I think we’re gonna get a better nut alignment I kind of want to close the
gap between this shelter and this volcano here so we’re gonna move this
way a little bit it’s a windy old place you can see why they need these shelters
to protect their vines from just drying out in the hot wind remember we’re just
off the coast of the Sahara Desert here even though it’s a Spanish island nice
light on the shelter now let’s have a look at this shot
oK we’ve kind of got a bit of a leading line coming in here now from this wall
down here but I’m not so sure I like it I think the leading line might be just a
little bit annoying I think we’re probably gonna move back to the earlier
position because I think it works just a bit better wow that’s windy I do hope it doesn’t
blow the tripod over I’m going to pause the video and come back if the lights
happened the way I want it to I’ve seen a minute we just had the most enormous
blast of wind came through it took the camera the video camera on the tripod
out I just had to move the car to act as a windbreak we’ve got a little bit of
light going on here my camera bag has got a load of gravel and grit in it
there was such a blast of wind it’s not true but we’ve almost got the light I
think for the shot that I want to take there we go look here we go let’s just
focus up here and but why did it quick shoot my shot where we got the light
that is looking really cool that’s just the sort of thing I want you see how
those mountains in the distance a lit up and we got that band of light running
across I’m just shooting a few frames as it happens because it’s always changing
but we’ve got light on those distant volcanoes we got that blue hole in the
sky and I kind of thing anyway I’m gonna get out of this wave
it’s really really rough as ever it’s blowing a gale up here
we’re on the side of a mountain I had to kind of abandoned shooting for most of
the day because it became so windy and rainy and the light became really really
bad but it looks like we’ve got some nice light now possibly for a sunset so
I’ve come up into the mountains of mahalia where they still grow the vines
and I think it’s a beautiful place now you don’t know if you don’t go this may
not let me see if I can show you what I’m kind of thinking a bit of video here
look but kind of looking across you know these little hollows where they grow the
vines up to the Sun which is kind of producing a few rays as it is and
glinting on the ocean in the distance I got a little highlight up there on top
of that hill now I’m hoping we’re gonna get some of those highlights coming
towards me and lighting up these little hollows in the ground so now it’s just a
case of waiting I have shot quite a few test shots to try and find the place
that I think I want to shoot from I may run around a bit as it happens if it
happens who knows and take a few shots from a couple of different places a
couple of these so as the light gets lower hopefully we’ll get some good
shots so it’s kind of as I fear this bank of
low-lying cloud has come in and it’s completely obliterated the Sun so the
light that I was hoping for coming up here and really sort of putting some
texture into the valley it didn’t actually happen but hey if you don’t go
you don’t know you know but I think we’ve got some really quite nice shots
anyway looking back over them as the Sun has come down the actual set low on the
horizon it’s gone the low-lying clouds killed it
so I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour around the stunning little island
of Lanzarote and I hate you found my thoughts and insights and some of the
things I found interesting to shoot have interest love to hear some comments from
you below and also cause please subscribe to the channel there’s a
little red thing down there on the left and if you’d like to sign up to my
newsletter we’ll sell you some tips each week and always let you know when
there’s a new video available they’re always on my site and they also have a
free accompanying article with them and there’s occasion some other good stuff
too so I think it’s time to call it the sunset has died I’ve brightened up the
video camera and you can see everything’s gone really flat and dull
anyway take care of yourselves guys and I look forward to seeing you next time
and who knows maybe you’ll come join me and Lanzarote sometime take care

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    What a wonderful video Mike ..I so enjoyed the last stills you put at the end of the video. You are so right about chasing light .it can make a dull photo a brilliant one if you just wait and hang around a bit. Always love your videos thank you.

  89. LibC says:

    Hey Mike, one question I have is why is the shape of the sun shade important? I see you use a shade in all of your videos – why? That'd be a great video

  90. Luis Delgado says:

    Thank you Mike. Great photos and beautiful place. You are a great teacher.

  91. Samuel Vallet says:

    The last images were mind blowing!!! Beautiful landscape.

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