Light and airy flat lay photography | Target Dollar Spot
Light and airy flat lay photography | Target Dollar Spot

8 thoughts on “Light and airy flat lay photography | Target Dollar Spot”

  1. Jordan Brittley says:

    What do you think of the dollar spot finds for the flat lays?! I could have shot with these target finds for hours. To get the free marketing images, check out the blog post:

  2. Oh For Fun Flowers says:

    Love watching you style flat lays! You’re so good Jordan! 🤩

  3. Katie Menaugh says:

    Jordan this video is adorable! I must ask, where is your camera strap and flat lay board from? I love them!

  4. Lucia Hewitt says:

    Thank you Katie, great video. I wish we had a Dollar Spot in South Africa! Oh… and your kids are absolutely adorable!!

  5. Kim Surmela says:

    Just hit the bell to be updated to you ..thanks for the knowldge on lightroom editing it would be a big help for my photography

  6. Laura Lily says:

    I just found your channel! I love your videos, I would love to see more!

  7. Inspired By Annetta says:

    Great video on so many levels!

  8. Melissa Montgomery says:

    I thought the beginning of this video was an ad for Toyota.. I was waiting for the skip ad button to pop up. Extremely professional! Well done! Thank you for the flat lay and editing tips.

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