Landscaping Trailer Setup with Marty Grunder
Landscaping Trailer Setup with Marty Grunder

Well hello everybody this is Grunder for
GEMPLER’s. I’m Marty Grunder and this week I want to talk to you about being
prepared. Around here at Grunder Landscaping Company we practice the Boy
Scout’s motto be prepared. This is one of our LandKeeping trailers behind us with
a couple of my folks BG and Joe that are doing some upgrades to it and you’ll
notice the trailer has every imaginable tool that we might need when we go out
onto a maintenance project. You know I’ve talked to companies that share backpack
blowers they share other specialty tools. These LandKeeping trailers that we have
that we use they literally have every single conceivable tool that one of our
crews might need to do their job. Chainsaw. They’ve got a backpack blower
they’ve got it. Weed eater, they’ve got it. Extra rakes, they’ve got it. Backpack
sprayers, they’ve got it and we take a lot of time and pay a lot of attention
to the details to make sure these trailers are set up just so. Now you may
say on the surface that’s costing you too much money to have that kind of
inventory rolling around on a trailer. I would disagree completely. What do you
paying your guys? How much does it take them to come back to your shop to pick
something up? Practice what the Boy Scouts practice which is be prepared. You
know what the folks at GEMPLER’s know that the hard work never stops. I
encourage you to check out the website look at all the product offerings they
have every single thing we have in this trailer comes from GEMPLER’S. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.

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  1. David Bender says:

    Hey Marty– would have loved to SEE the setup as well as hear about it

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