Landscape Photography | Inspirational Short Film for 2019
Landscape Photography | Inspirational Short Film for 2019

Happy New Year to everyone it’s great to see you all here again today’s video will be a little different, I think it’s too soon to have a Lightroom tutorial or to talk about photography gear and it is also to cold to go out and take pictures but maybe this is just a little excuse, but because at the beginning of the year, we all make new resolutions I am going to share some of the thoughts that I hope will help me to shape my 2019, a lot of you guys are passionate about photography and outdoors just like me so possibly you might find that some of my intents will apply to you too, and if that is the case write me a comment about that, of course I am not going to sit here and just read my script to you, I put some more thoughts into this and actually I made a short film, mainly using images filmed with my drone in New Zealand last spring and if you saw my last week video, you will know that that was a key moment for me where I believe my path took a turn a good turn so I combined my thoughts with images and with music that ideally will take you, at lease for a few minutes, away, now sit back relax…

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  1. Attilio Ruffo says:

    Which are your New Year resolutions?

  2. Daddyof13 says:

    WoW That was just Amazing..😉
    Thanks for sharing and a
    Happy New Year ….😉😎🍻

  3. Laredo Montoneri says:

    Lovely Atti… Foolosoo

  4. Micantropo78 says:

    Buon Anno Attilio!!

  5. Luigi Bassi says:


  6. Ole Ralph Hammer says:

    Happy New Year !!
    Lovely video, nice thoughts, beautiful scenery. We are surrounded by beauty, just need time and patience to appreciate it! Best wishes for 2019…

  7. stefano galluzzo says:

    Molto molto molto bello Attilio.

  8. Jon Peters Drone Media says:

    Just wonderful footage and beautiful thoughts. Thanks for posting. Can I ask what’s the name of the lovely narrow font you used?

  9. rybkajoasia says:

    Thank you for this picture! Amazing!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Jan Fellstrom - Beta says:


  11. Mike McAfee says:

    What a great way to start the new year ! Once again a great, inspirational video. Bravo, Atillio !

  12. Tiago Oliveira says:

    Very inspiring!! Thanks and Happy New Year.

  13. Samuel Montalto says:

    Pazzesco. Veramente 🙏

  14. Praveen Kumar B says:

    Awesome visuals👌

  15. chuck baker says:

    Well that was inspiring……Just what I needed to start the New Year off right. Thanks!

  16. Carlos Caridade says:

    2019 resolutions, travel more and take more photos 🙂

  17. Łukasz Dera says:

    Inspiration. That was what i needed. I would like to spend more time in nature. Thank you

  18. crwalker0323 says:

    Hi Attilio, I love all the tutorial and especially the Lightroom challenges but I think I really enjoy seeing more of your finish product/video/photos. This is a great video and inspirational to start my new year. Thank you

  19. John Bentley says:

    Very inspiring. Great start to the year. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Adam Lantner says:


  21. Moses Barouh says:

    Very nice work and happy new year .

  22. Michael Hillard says:

    To understand light and composition at a deeper level

  23. Robert C Slie says:

    Attilio, I appreciate your creativity and photography tips. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us.

  24. Sebastian Stöttinger - Landschaftsfotografie says:

    Amazing video! Very inspirational, greetings from Germany

  25. Luigi Nespeca - Fotografia di Montagna says:

    Hey Attilio! Super thanks for sharing such inspirational images and and thoughts. yes I also think the secret is in going out and spend time in nature. Love the first acoustic soundtrack you've chosen.
    Vieni in Abruzzo, Attilio, abbiamo bisogno di fotografi ispirati, la decadenza incalza!
    Buon Anno!

  26. Kev's Capers says:

    Hi Attilio
    Do you need to be licensed to fly your drone?….as you are a commercial photographer…

  27. Mike Capell says:

    Love that video that you made and make me want to take my drone out But I have to wait till the window down

  28. Mike Capell says:

    And told agree everything that you said your video has a storyline to it and love every minute of it and thank you

  29. Rick Kikta says:

    Pleasant, focused and inspiring Attilio. Thank you.

  30. Julie Keeble says:

    Absolutely lovely perfect for that new year inspiration some of us require ❤️

  31. WestCoastVivi says:

    Happy New Year, my friend! : ) Getting better with photography… one step at the time!
    I try to be quiet, I try to listen and I will work harder! Patience? I can't promise… HA! : )

  32. Alexandro Theodorou says:

    Very inspiring, great way to kick start 2019. I recently also made a short film, and i believe it helped me improve as a creator. Do you feel it done the same for you?

  33. Ser Rz says:

    MEGA!!! good images and great words

  34. Patty Mattes says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you!!!

  35. Nabil Azouzi says:

    Great a job awesome video, fantastic 👍
    Happy New Year To you too 🙏😉

  36. WonderOfDarkness says:

    Very inspiring, thank you. I really can't say more about that.

  37. prashanth kumar says:

    Beautiful and motivational 😇👌🏻

  38. Daniel Vega says:

    extraordinary… beautiful, thanks

  39. Nagarajan K says:

    Happy New Year…Awesome message

  40. Matt Grile says:

    Great video. 📸📸📸

  41. boatman222345 says:

    Lovely video! I make my living as a professional boat captain/naturalist/wildlife/landscape photographer and have for many years and yet every once in awhile I need a little reminder to slow down, breath deeply, and pay close attention to the intricate details of the natural world. Thanks for the reminder…

  42. MJE says:

    Love, love, love the drone images!

  43. Diego McCartney says:

    Such beautiful scenery and words. Really well put together. Photography wise one of my resolutions this year is to focus even more on the story and continue to develop my story telling abilities. Even more so for my channel. Cheers

  44. Keith James says:

    I like your style of communication and your message. And, like you, I love to be out there.

  45. John Gatley says:


  46. Kilo 1 Bravo says:

    That was Great! thank you. I would love to hear this in Italian, such a beutiful language. vi piano.

  47. Seths Dad says:

    Great message, great cinematography, great video

  48. Jeff Cay says:

    Work… Work Harder… and ignore the noise that's my path at this moment thank you for the video!

  49. Robert Burney says:

    I just found you… awesome video.. inspired me… thanks..i will follow

  50. Nancy Liu says:

    Love the film. Looking forward to more inspiration from you in 2019.

  51. Robert Bergstrom says:

    Very high quality, thanks.

  52. Peter Nowak says:

    2019 will be the start for Portraits and for enhancing my landscape photography. 😉

  53. Gurunath Prabhudesai says:

    Beautiful footage with beautiful words.

  54. Maritza S says:

    Beautiful. New Zealand is just so magical. The thoughts are all excellent. For me, spending time in nature is what grounds me and is the one thing I don't do enough of in general. I need to work on that.

  55. Claudia Müller says:

    Your thoughts are really a good path to healing physically condition. That also my goals for this year. Thank you for this video.

  56. Tessa Mercieca says:

    Beautiful video and words. Was watching this while having my cup of tea before work and it was so calming instead of the usual morning rush. Thanks

  57. Dani Malaga says:

    Amazing video Attilio, thank you so much for sharing. My resolution for this new year is trying to find more time to go out with the camera and see what happens instead of inventing excuses as " If I could go to a place like that…" or there are no forests like this here in South of Spain"… " no rocks like those on the coast here " etc,etc…

  58. RAGUL PRIME says:

    ❤️From India, your video is wonderful and I saw many photographer channel in YouTube and there pictures I like it but your picture is unique exactly say the masterpiece

  59. Cristiano Giani says:

    Bel video e belle parole.Grazie,Attilio….

  60. Giuseppe Capilli says:

    Consistently great videos, among the best. You are setting an higher standard on youtube channels. Perfetto !

  61. Janis Rutkovskis says:

    Very nice! 👍🏽

  62. guido sinram says:

    I will improve my composings skills and teach my eyes for more better photographs!

  63. Shane Tierney says:

    Beautiful video and very wise words. Happy new year 👍

  64. Kathleen says:

    Magical inspiration! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  65. Ricardo Gallindo says:

    So inspiring… THANKS !!!!

    Happy 2019

  66. Roberto Morelli says:

    Ciao Attilio! So inspirational and so true!

  67. mattia gentile says:

    Ottimo lavoro @Attilio, temo di essere presuntuoso ma credo bisogna "passare" i 50 per capire nell'Anima il senso di questi commenti-video.. sacrosanti!!!

  68. Trevor says:

    Nice video Attilio, inspiring stuff which will help with my new years resolution to Get out there and take more pictures, thanks again

  69. Michael McLean says:

    Very nice….made me smile. 25 below zero here and makes me want for somewhere warm. Happy New Year to you.

  70. Simone Chiaretta says:

    Definitely “spend more time in nature” is among my resolutions, and being a very new to photography, also the “work hard” might apply 🙂
    Thx for sharing your video. Really beautiful scenery

  71. Žiga Tretjak says:

    Thank you! Satisfying 2019 is all I wish you

  72. Ray Focal Photography says:

    Dearest Attilio , Have a blessed year ! I hope you are doing awesome. Thanks to share all of your knowledge ! Stay inspired and be excellente to each other !

  73. Mark Harris says:

    Beautiful Attilio!

    Sometimes a thing is so beautiful it doesn’t need analysing, it just needs appreciating.

    Happy New Year.

  74. Thasita Deepat says:

    Totally agree and it is absolutely inspiring. “Be patient and be quiet” “Work hard and work harder. “Move and move forward” 🥰🥰🥰

  75. alberto mattesini says:

    Buon anno Attilio!!! Che video favoloso!!!

  76. Sérgio Freixo says:

    "Spend time in nature,more time" That's what I intend to do this year more frequently. Thanks for the great video.

  77. Path says:

    Fantastic video.

  78. Mohammed Aareeb says:

    Amazing video

  79. Juares De Oliveira says:

    Beautifull video!! Happy New year to you too!!

  80. Andrew Sartain says:


  81. Craig Phillips says:

    Great video Attilio and awesome soundtrack to go with it. I'm hoping you and any fellow subscribers can help me decide something?? I'm a beginner and I'm looking to buy a macro lens. I'll be shooting product mainly, such as footwear and food but may venture into wildlife, bugs etc. I have a small budget (around 300 pound) and looking to buy one of the following: Canon 35mm macro, Canon 60mm macro, Canon Canon 100mm macro (non L), Sigma 105mm macro or the Tamron 90mm macro. I've read tons of reviews but still can't decide. I have a low end Canon APSC camera (1200D) but will be getting a 77D shortly. I already have a 15-85mm, a 50mm 1.8, and a 70-200mm f4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and happy New Year everyone!!!!!

  82. Tim Blake says:

    Great video Atillio. A very relevant story, not only for photography but for life in general. Have a great 2019!!

  83. Birol ATALAY says:

    Thank you Attilio, being inspiration to me

  84. James Fox says:

    Thank you for that.

  85. Charles Howard says:

    A very pleasurable film to watch and listen to, your words speak volumes. Happy New Year! My biggest thanks to you Attilio.

  86. Mikael Christensson says:

    Happy New Year Attilio! Thank you so much for sharing all of your skills. 2019 will be the start for my seascape photography in eastern Spain.

  87. Firas Jannan says:

    Be consistent!

  88. Rosalie Bischof says:

    I try not to make New Years resolutions, but rather do the next right thing for Rosalie.

  89. Carmelina Carra says:

    Fantastic. My resolution for this year is to be more creative, take time and make better photos. Grazie for the inspiration.

  90. Noy Noy Aquino says:

    WOW! A good start for taking photographs this 2019. Thank you!

  91. Nat Images says:

    In questo fantastico video le tue parole rispecchiano la vera fotografia(fine art),quella fatta con l'anima ,da dentro.Sono davvero impressionato con il tuo canale (preferito),anche io fotografo con D810,Lee Filters e in lunga esposizione,complimenti !!!!

  92. Janette Mitchell says:

    What wonderful photography & words. Looking forward to watching you this year

  93. Hugh McCann says:

    Your story continues maestro. Thanks for the inspiration. ;D

  94. Gustavo Santini Marrara says:

    I loved Ruffo!! Thank you and Congrats!! All the best 4 u!!

  95. CHELOS stgo says:

    Thanks for the video, inspiring…

  96. Oswald Vas says:

    Hello Mr. Attilo,

    Can you please make a video on ND filters? How you use and Which brand you use.

    Thanks so much

  97. kishore varma says:

    Wooow ….it is amazing ….

  98. B H says:

    wonderful, thank you for your help

  99. glynis panayotoff says:

    This was a beautiful video…Thank you for sharing

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