Landscape Photography Inspiration – Take your photography to the next level
Landscape Photography Inspiration – Take your photography to the next level

Take your photography to the next level….. with First Man Photography landscape photography inspiration tip, tricks, tutorials and reviews. Just look at that view at the top of Skiddaw mountain in the Lake District Subscribe to the channel now for new videos every Sunday and every Wednesday and i’ll see you on another one very soon.

13 thoughts on “Landscape Photography Inspiration – Take your photography to the next level”

  1. Skott Beal says:

    Amazing trailer Adam! great work! 馃榾

  2. Photog Adventures says:

    This is a great channel Trailer, Adam! Looks great! I already subscribed so I didn't notice you didn't have a trailer before. Excited to see your channel grow! Hope Brendon and I can catch up to your current 16K someday. 馃榾 -Aaron

  3. Gary Clayton Photography says:

    Thank you for the inspiration, Great channel .

  4. 讗讜专谉 转讜专讻讬讛 says:

    Loving it!!! Keep going Adam

  5. Ozzy Paul says:

    Nice promo Adam… I would have subscribed but I already had lol.

  6. Bill Gray says:

    You have a great channel mate. Keep up he great work. I find it incredibly helpful. Thank you.

  7. Brian Andersen says:

    Super broadcasts. and thank you for your good mood. Hilsen Brian

  8. Dave Williams says:

    Fantastic summary to your excellent channel, well done!

  9. Miles Kilo says:

    Damn mate, you sure know how to teach and make videos, and you have a great personality. You deserve to succeed

  10. SHARKAWI says:

    THanks Adam, Keep going, Very useful channel, Best Regards

  11. Home Guard Baits says:

    hi….. an outstanding video as per normal thank you.

    I have one question….

    My Canon kit as follows…..

    Canon 70 to 200 f 2.8 is version 2, Canon 2 times converter version 3, Canon 24 to 105 F4 is, Canon 10 to 18 f 4.5 to f 5.6 is …..

    Canon 70D body…..

    my question is this would you bother to upgrade to the Canon 80d if you had the equipment listed above….

    I'm on the edge of upgrading or do I….

    I'd be very grateful for your opinion……. Upgrade or stick with the 70D for now

    I'm into wildlife life, zoo's, still life….

  12. Jon Kelso says:

    Looking forward to seeing your videos only heard about your channel by all the great comments in my camera club members.

  13. Divi Photos says:

    Cool video

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