Landscape Photography in the Brecon Beacons – Steve Mellor – Photo Vlogger
Landscape Photography in the Brecon Beacons – Steve Mellor – Photo Vlogger

unbalanced precariously on a
rock because I found an exposure in the beginning of the Black
Hills. There’s this really lovely little How would you
describe him? It’s a it’s like a waterfall only. It’s not a
waterfall. I’ve I’ve set something up, I’ve got it. I’ve
got some exposures from it. Those things we’ll have to see
what they like in the in the Edit, obviously. But today I’ve
taken a trip to Wales, where I am going through the black Hill
mountains and possibly onto the reservoir. It depends what time
I’ve got, when I’ve, when I’m done. It’s for something maybe
nearly coming up to five o’clock. And the sun’s just
starting to get to that point where in certain areas where
there’s a lot of shade, it’s getting a quiet, nice effect.
The grind and two shots that I’ve got here, one looking that
way and one looking that way. Firstly, I’m sorry about the
audio. There’s an awful lot of wind around here, and I don’t
have my microphone with me. I haven’t been able to get hold of
the little adapter for the house my pocket when it’s a long
storey, but anyway, I’m on top of the Brecon Beacons, or at
least on top of some of it, and we’re about half an hour away
from golden golden Marys, that’s the time when the peaches start
to look really cool. And you get this really nice light coming up
in the sun setting. And we’ll be able to take shots right the way
through into sunset. I’ve got the camera setup, and I’ve got
an exposure. So here, you can’t actually see very much because a
lot of what I’m seeing in the viewfinder is just black. But
I’m doing this f 22 x two and a half second exposure. And I’ve
just done a test shot it actually looks pretty good. Now
you see I’ve got my ass because I press the wrong button,
there’s absolutely no need to have that up. But look at the
shot that weekend. And you can see how the sun is right at the
top there and it’s very, very harsh and frame so that these
these bright events down there, they need a longer exposure to
get to get any information. So we’re going to be bracketing
this at two stops. Either way, I’ve put the camera on this
setting here, which is the self timer it’s going to go off after
two seconds. And with a camera all set up, all I had to do was
sit down and wait for the right light actually came to the break
because this is actually one of my favourite drives in the world
when we’re travelling through the black mountains and I’ve had
some fantastic experiences here in the past. Just by driving
through the place that I am right now we’re not that far off
the road and I haven’t had to hike for miles and miles and
miles to get something which looks absolutely stunning
design. One of the things that plan to break news is that you
can get anywhere and there’s an exposure there is something that
is interesting. That is captivating the you want to take
a picture of one of my favourite experiences
happened on this very road we had birds of prey here. And as I
was driving down a little bit further along the road isn’t a
large drop off. So if your car went over It would be gone
completely. It’s just a complete drop off into the, into the abyss
basically. And as I was driving down here,
one of the birds of prey I don’t know, I think it was probably a
Kestrel, as there are kestrels around here, actually flew by
the side of the car over the big ravine. And I was driving now I
slowed down, partly because I didn’t want to go off the edge
of the cliff, partly because that was such an amazing
experience to be travelling alongside a bird of prey exactly
the same time. I wish I could have filmed that somehow I wish
I could have captured that memory. I know it’s windy, but
it’s still quite warm, and it’s really pleasant. And the sun is
just up there. Heading down right now. And one of the great
things about doing landscape photography actually is once
you’ve set stuff up, and you’re just waiting for that light to
be right, you’ve actually got plenty of time to just sit and
enjoy the scenery and that’s something that I think that we
often miss I know that I do. If I’m going around somewhere you
know, I go into an English Heritage site or something and
taking as many exposures as I can I get back in the car at the
end of the day and I am absolutely shattered yet. I’ve
barely walked at all. I’ve barely done any anything
strenuous. It’s just the fact that I’m so concentrating on
taking photos and finding where the next good photo is that you
often get to that point where it’s just exhausting. Fun. Yes,
it’s still something that I’d still want to do, but just
exhausting. And now I’ve got half an hour as the sun goes
down and watching a sunset sat in the Brecon Beacons. That’s
not a bad thing at all. One of the things that I did want to
say this is only my second time using an ND filter and I didn’t
quite get it right. The first one the first time I went to the
Elan Valley, and actually I got some good shots from there, but
I got What I got and it’s not an expensive ND filter, it’s not a
really good one. It’s cheap. It’s it’s got a, an orange, non
Orange, Yellow cast on it, which you’ve got to take away in light
room. It’s okay, it does the job. But it’s not as good as
having that that sort of top notch equipment. But sometimes
you have to make those compromises not because it’s not
worth saving up together a better brand of ND filter
clearly is that purely because the absolute the cost of
photography, the cost of any photography, which isn’t bog
standard, I’ve got my phone, what can I put on the front of
it? This is sometimes immense. I hope you can hear me okay, over
the noise of this wind. Now, you won’t be able to see this on
video. It’s about 22 minutes past seven about I mean, you
said we’ve got something we’ve got we’ve started to get bits of
light coming down from there. We start To go into that sort of
classic golden Alice and open up my camera, let’s take an
exposure. I wish I could have shown you that but this light
reflecting off the camera that I just couldn’t take it, I have to
try and find a way of actually getting to show you these things. Five exposures that I think just wait for that light a
little bit longer to see if it brings out anything else. Very,
very beginning of there actually some really very
nice shapes in the clouds and that’s
causing beams of light to come down onto the landscape. I’m not
sure if we’re going to get those. We might do you never
know. And we bought enough with the five exposures here. That
actually we can get something. We blend something inside
Photoshop, bring up That night, I am noticing that the
brightness of the exposures is not sharp, where’s the rest of
them seem to be perfectly sharp? Not entirely sure why that is.
But again, it’s not something I can do a lot of here, because I
don’t know how to fix it, but it’s something that I’m gonna be
able to go back home and go, Okay, well, this is the problem
I had, how do I fix it for next time, I just realised that I did
something very, very silly. I left my VR on I keep doing it. I
need to start getting into this habit of checking that now.
There’s rains in the sky that are starting to come through. So
I’m going to take another exposure, just make it a bit bit
longer just a touch longer, because the sun’s come out from
behind those clouds a little bit and I just wanted to drop down a
little bit more if it Well, anyway, turn that off, did
another exposure and straightaway the focusing
problem seem to be sorted out. So that’s where I’ve been going
wrong with this particular video. Anyway, another show just
a second. Again, there’s this red in the sky is nearly there.
I can feel it’s nearly there. I just want to wait for it to To
actually happen, I think it might happen any minute now. Go
back up to the camera and take that photo. And I’m so glad that
I waited because this was the shot that I ended up with. You
can just see those those God beams as beams of light as it
hits the landscape. It’s subtle, but I really like it that golden
sky is indicative of golden now, I’m really pleased with the
colours here. And the way that the darkness of the clubs
juxtapose the setting some. So I moved because the sunset
was being obscured by the 19 the sort of the really nice read
that I’m getting right now. We’re completely obscured by the
19 and I’ve put it on what are your three seconds to F nine
which I kind of thinking I should have four seconds after
ends of it too much. I can adjust my Polaroid, my variable
ND of course to actually make some four seconds. Okay, that
might be better. I have been able to focus on a on a point in
the distance but I’m, again, I’m not sure that the whole thing is
in focus I it’s, it’s awkward. I’d like some better
understanding of how focusing works. So I’m trying to focus on
middle distance which might not be right. I tried the focusing
on the sort of where hyper focus would be. And it can’t, it’s so
dark right now it can’t find any any folks in points. So fast
problem. Okay, so I’ve got one I’m going to go for another
exposure. And I really, it’s just hoping for the best FF 11
four seconds, I should be able to get something there. The
other problem is it’s very windy up here. And I’m not entirely
sure whether the cameras not being buffeted around. I’ve got
a be free tripod from Africa if you’re aware of the tripod and like a nice travel this time I didn’t have to wait
nearly as long for the sun and within no time at all I’d got
the exposure that I wanted. I’m going to hang around for a bit
more and just wait and make sure that the licences but I I’m pretty pleased with
that well it looks sharp to be good likewise plenty of things to play around
with it Sky actually put together. And this was the final image
that I ended up with. What I love about this is that really
subtle colours of the Sun and the red glow that you get
towards the end of gold. Now again, I’m thrilled with how
this came out, especially as I’m still new to photography, I’ve
not had the chance to get shots like this before. This was a
fantastic trip to somewhere that I’ve driven through many times,
but just not had the chance to explore. If you like what you’ve
seen this video, please do consider subscribing and I
promise I’ll try and do something about the same for
next time.

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    This was a really fantastic day out and I'm just back from another. I'd love to know if you'd like to see some autumn photography next or my trip to West Midlands Safari Park?

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