Landscape Photography & Hiking in the PNW
Landscape Photography & Hiking in the PNW

Hey guys, first YouTube ever so please
bear with me. Today, I want to talk about this new channel on landscape
photography and hiking in the Pacific Northwest, and what you can expect to see in the coming months. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are
spoiled with some of the richest landscapes this country has to offer. From dramatic seascapes and coastlines to lush rainforests to hundreds of hikeable and climbable mountains; several of which are stratovolcanoes, to valleys and
deserts on the east side…this truly is a landscape photographers’ paradise. I
want to take you along to some of those beautiful places, and hope to inspire and
improve your own work. How do you choose a location for your next landscape photography trip? Once you’ve settled on a location, how do you choose what gear and lenses to bring and how do you carry that gear so you can keep it protected but still accessible so you don’t miss the shot? What camera settings should be used while hiking and once you’ve made it to your destination? Once on location, what steps do you take to ensure you find your best composition? We’ll be exploring these topics and many more in subsequent videos. If you are a landscape photographer, a hiker looking to improve your photography skills, a visitor to the Pacific Northwest or anyone else interested and explore the many facets of this beautiful art, then this channel is for you. I hope you’ll subscribe below
so you’ll be updated when new content is released. Thank you so much for watching; if you have any questions about hiking or photography in the Pacific Northwest
then feel free to leave a comment below, and I hope to see you again soon!

4 thoughts on “Landscape Photography & Hiking in the PNW”

  1. James Lorentson says:

    Let's get this party started! Would love to hear from anyone with topic or location requests. Thanks for having me, YouTube…

  2. Meredith Marsh - VidProMom says:


  3. Tony Blackwell says:

    I just found this channel so I'd like to see what you can offer. I am in the Southeast and hike regularly and photograph in the Appalachians of Ga, for now.

  4. John Bentley says:

    Nice teaser. I have visited the PNW on many occasions and it really is a landscape / outdoor photographers paradise. Good luck with your channel.

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