Landscape Design with Bobby K:  Where does Natural Stone, Veneer, and BOULDERS come from? QUARRY!
Landscape Design with Bobby K: Where does Natural Stone, Veneer, and BOULDERS come from? QUARRY!

What’s going on guys it’s Bobby K, let me ask you a question Have you ever wondered whether stone for the facade of the front of your house is from or maybe you got an opera or kitchen That’s got some veneer on it or maybe you’ve had a cool retaining wall. That’s got that veneer in this video I’m going to break down the process right from the quarry Talk about why we times might take a while to get that stone and at the end of the video I’m going to include two things. We got to give away for a free Bobby Kay design You can enter to win you need to subscribe Leave a comment and I’m also going to put some bloopers out on how much I mess up making these videos. Let’s go Our microscopes Twitter provide 18,000 pounds of splitting pressure in the cylinder Cut these stones down at Lisa’s are capable of cutting up to 27 inch thick stones and 5 foot wide metal from 5 foot wide 27 inches thick and The PSI or whatever comes down about 18,000 18,000 Okay, is that like a crocodile or is that crush the crocodiles jaw crush bride. I love it Hey what’s going on we were going over to the quarry I’m with Jeremiah sales rep down here at Simcoe and what he was just explaining to me. I found very interesting Why do you think some veneers or dry stacks or materials are more expensive than others. It makes perfect sense It’s because of where it’s located in the earth and where they have to pour it from You know, we’re we’re a pallet or two short on this material and hey can ship that up to us And you wonder why the lead times are yeah that we can do that, but we’re six weeks out Well now, you know why there’s six weeks out It’s because what you want might be at the bottom of the earth And they got to go through all the other stuff just to get there So the next time someone gives you a number and you’re like well, why does it take so long now, you know Going on it’s Bobby. Kick. Hey guys. Thanks for joining me. It’s Bobby K in this video. I’m gonna break down the storm. Oh My god you take a bio test Um, why is YouTube so hard what else this guy walks into a bar? Finkle and Einhorn Finkle and Einhorn Finkle and I know if you go tinkle

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