Landscape Design for People and the Planet

(bright acoustic music) – Most people come to us, they
have an existing landscape, and there’re problems
they wanna solve. And so we’re listeners,
we’re trying to understand what their goals are. We wanna see them
through the process. So we meet them initially,
hear about their desires, design this landscape and
then build it for them. And we’ll then be
there afterwards, to help them service
the landscape also. I just visited a landscape
that we just completed. The couple was so excited about the transformation
of this space. It had been unusable
before and now they’re spending time in it. They’re eating meals
in the landscape, they’re relaxing out
there and their daughter’s playing in the space. For most people, they would
like a low-maintenance landscape and that’s where
we’re incorporating
a lot of the design principles that relate
to sustainability. We’re selecting plants that
don’t require chemicals to thrive and grow in this
environment and placing them in a place where they can grow. They have room to expand, they
won’t need a lot of pruning. We’re looking at
lawn spaces in spaces where it’s appropriate,
so you don’t need to use chemicals to
have a successful lawn. We put a big emphasis
on providing an organic soil environment where plants
can grow healthy, thrive. We’re creating spaces that
are healthy for wildlife too, for birds, for
butterflies, for bees. We think about filtering storm
water, and we can do that through incorporating
rain gardens. The sound of water is
comforting, it’s peaceful. It can often mask the sounds
that you don’t wanna hear. When we install water features,
we’re using efficient pumps so you can control
the water use, the amount of energy
that you’re using. We also think about
the materials we use. A base to a patio is
usually crushed rock. Instead, In Harmony’s using
a recycled concrete product. It’s functional, serves
the same purpose. We’re often adding
lighting to the garden so it can be enjoyed
during the nighttime as well as during the day. And we would use LED
lighting, low voltage. We’re creating environments
that are a joy to be in. It’s great to be
able to walk around, to smell the flowers, to
hear the birds singing, to see the wildlife
in the garden, to see butterflies. We’re creating landscapes
that you can spend time with your family, that
you can have friends over. We’re also creating
places of solitude. Places where you can let down, relax, think, meditate, enjoy. A sustainable landscape
is a beautiful landscape that will last and
thrive for many years. (bright acoustic music)

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