Ladakh Chadar Trek | #Zanskar #LehLadakh #bha2pa
Ladakh Chadar Trek | #Zanskar #LehLadakh #bha2pa

Who says that always a mountain or a fort
should be trekked? There is a place where you need to trek a sheet. A sheet of ice. So, let’s get to know about this ‘Chadar or Chaddar Trek’. Ladakh – A destination in every traveler’s bucket list. Zanskar river, wherein rafting is enjoyed during summers, freezes during winters, so much that it looks like sheet of ice which we can have a walk on. Since last few years, Chadar Trek has become one of the famous treks in India. Though it’s a trek for us, during winters, it is a major mean of a transport
for locals there. Ladakh is a desert. So hardly anything germinates there. So, locals hoard the necessary stuff
before the winter starts. As the roads are blocked due to snow-fall, transportation takes place across the
solidified Zanskar river. Going for this trek is indeed a thrill. The temperature that knocks 0 degree in the morning, reaches till minus 30 degrees by night. To face it, trekkers need to have a medical insurance,
medical tests and acclimatization done. The journey starts from Guru Do and ends at Nerak with pit-stops at
Tamkar Yogma, Shingra and Tib Bao. The return journey starts from Nerak. This stretch of around 40 km is traversed in 5 days. Those 5 days are really adventurous. Residing in tents in chilling cold, waiting for an hour for water to get hot, not bathing for few days, enjoying a penguin-walk on the sheet of ice, fall as you walk over slippery ice sheets, stupendous mountains covered with snow, frozen water falls, and the chilled water of Zankasr river… experiencing all these things is a thrill
of a completely different level. However, unfortunately, as a result of
climate change and increasing tourism, the sheet of Zanskar remains brittle at many places. At some places, it isn’t even formed. In coming years, there are chances that
it won’t be formed at all. This kind of Chadar Trek is available only in India. In short, it’s one of a kind. Do let us know your feedback on this video and do like, share and subscribe to Bha2Pa. The footage of Chadar Trek was provided to us by an eco-tourism company ‘Mid Earth’. Like Chadar trek they do organise more treks in the Himalayas. Do avail its bookings. The dates for the next Chadar trek with them is from 11th January to 19th January. to register, the details of which we have provided in the description box. So, keep watching Bha2Pa – Bharatiya Touring Party. Hail Bha2Pa!

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