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Hello Guys ! This week we’re at Emirler Plateau. If you wonder where is Emirler, we’re at the southern slope of Mount Uludağ and behind us is you can see the peak point of Mount Uludağ. We’re right below the summit, my watch says approximately around 1538 meters there can be a deviation on my altimeter. Now… How do we know this part of the mountain ? We’re coming here since we were kids isn’t it Ugur ? My Grandpa ! My Grandpa, may he rest in peace, took us here since I was 15. Ugur is 7 years younger than me, he was a kid and joined us lately My uncle Mustafa.. .and grandpa took us to this region many times.. and we learned this mountain thanks to them ! This is a place that very few people know in Bursa. We want to keep it that way. Because otherwise people can come here, make picnic, left their garbage behind and mess up this place ! It is a wonder of nature. I will take photos in a minute When we come here with Ugur, we thought about my uncle Mustafa. He would have loved this We salute him ! Uncle , you moved away, don’t forget us we’re waiting for you to join us ! Ok ? See you ! Thats it ! We can’t go furthermore. Our car started to blocked by the deep snow ! We have a long way more to Emirler.. Tomorrow we’ll walk this road to Emirler. We rushed here… The valley behind me was filled with clouds entirely but it started to go up and came towards us. In a little while I’ll be in it ! So this is Landcape photography, you rush like crazy, but can’t catch it ! Look at he mood, It’s almost like a horror movie ! The fog was awesome. I was after the fog and it was just as I was looking for. Yes, the sun went down. We couldn’t see the sunset, but the light is gone. We will stay here tonight. I want to shoot the clouds, passing over the top of the mountain. I hope I’ll nail it. We are so hungry because we were running around all day long Fresh air makes you hungry as a bear ! Thank you Ugur, that’s delicious Have a nice meal.. Yesterday we were halfway through. We stayed here, Now, We will try to reach the Emirler plateau again.. with a wonderful view. We’ll try to go as far as we can with our truck then we’ll hit the road on foot with our backpacks. I hope we can reach there because I want to show you “Emirler”. Snow started to get deeper… We’re still on ! Ok guys, this is as far as we can go. You can see the snow and the mud. We are covered in mud up to our neck ! Fortunately we are 3 people. Ugur is preparing our stuff We’ll walk the rest to “Emirler” This place is our camping ground on summer. There are bears, wolves and coyotes and other wild animals living around this region. That’s why we carry for protection, unhappily. Is that a bear track ? I think it is. What could it be, look at the size . Bear tracks.. When the snow melts the tracks gets bigger.. Look there are more.. Somehow the animals can not hibernate. After an hour of walk… Okay. I place those two pine trees on the left side of my frame, as you know it, “The Golden Ratio” There shorter trees behind them, At he back steep hills, and clouds in the sky.. My composition consist of front, middle and back elements A very nice angle. I’m working with my Nikon D850 again. 14-24mm Nikon lens is attached Before I start my exposure, I used the autofocus mode to get focus from the trees. Now, I switch back to manuel focus mode This a important thing that we must not forget Now,I will take my filters out but first let’s check out my current exposure metering. I chose f9 as an aperture for this shot, There is quiet a distance between my front and back elements and that will be enough for my desired depth of field. As you remember, we are not going over the limit of f16 because we don’t want diffraction to ruin our photograph. My exposure metering gives me an 1/320 at an f9 aperture. Our shutter speed is 1/320 of a second. Now I will look at my Lee app for a rating of 10 stop and 15 stop difference. This is my 15 stop filter. watch out you can’t see the other side Think of these filters as welding shields.. But, color information can pass through.. They stop down the light with color information. They are top notch filters. Lee Super Stopper, SW150 System. People ask me why I chose SW150 System, As you now 14-24 Nikon does not have filter threads in front of the lens. This filter holder lets you attach bigger filters to cover the wide angle lens. As a result, bigger filter does not cause vignetting on your images with this SW150 Mark II filter holder system. That’s why I use them. Framing is done, My focus was set. I attached my 15 stop filter. it gives me 1 minute 40 sec. exposure time with a 15 stop filter. I will start shooting with my remote controller. if you can remember, to use the controller, I spoke about this before, (By the way I’m on manuel Mode.) You have to be on Bulb Mode My shutter speed was 1/320 sec. I’m stopping down until I see Bulb on my screen As you know you can use the controller when you are on Bulb mode. Now, i will adjust my controller settings. I’m using my Nikon MC-36 Controller Delay is set to 1 sec. When I press the shutter, it will start a second after. “Long” is total exposure time which is 1min 50 sec. I don’t need the interval because I will take only one shot. I’m sure of my frame I closed down my visor. There plenty of light bouncing from white snow. I make sure my visor is closed and start my exposure. After a 1 second delay, mirror is up Exposure is going on right now.. We’ll see the result in 1 min 50 seconds… My friends ask me .. why landscape photography ? I worked at various fields of photography.. They say, why don’t you shoot Fashion ? I do…. But.. Nothing gives me this feeling… Because Landscape Photography consists of different aspects. Trekking, Health and Sports.. Struggle with Nature.. Seeing the unseen and going to places not everyone can go.. and there is Art above all ! When all of these aspects come together, it’s amazing ! That’s why my channel is about Landscape and Travel Photography Check this out ! Do I have to say anything more ? 1..2..3 ! We should put it over there ! 1..2..3 ! Thats it ! Ugur ! Got chilled to the narrow! It’s getting colder.. We’re at 1500 mts Even it looks sunny, temperature is going down ! We have to pack up and go down, Our truck is stranded in snow down there.. Before it gets freezing we’re running off ! Deep Snow tire you off ! We thought that going down will be easy ! Check out those bear tracks ! We heard from the villagers that there is a female bear here. On summer she goes down from the hill.. Look how wide her paws are ! Korman can you put your hand near it ? Woow, hind paws most probably.. Check the distance between it’s paws. The wild rabbit living here, look how big it is. Bugs Bunny.. You can see the claw marks.. It jumped up and went ! Guys ! , We went down from Emirler, while we were going back home You pass through Küçükdeliller Village. The village is located at the southern side of Mount Uludağ and has a wonderful view. We came across Mr Kabakcı. We passed through this place several times but when I saw Mr Kabakcı I want you, my viewers to meet with him. He own a great museum here. He has made a lot effort to collect all these items. I will ask him when and why he start and how he achieved this. Can you tell us Mr. Kabakçı ? First of all welcome ! Thank you so much ! I joined military in 1957 in 1960 I started to work in State Theatre. In 1993 I retired and returned back to my village 50 years later. I realized that everything has changed. Agricultural implements like wooden plough, ox carts and oxens, Horses and donkeys.. When I came I’ve seen none ! I thought about doing something and felt empty. For future to remember the past, I transformed my house. I put agricultural implements over my houses exterior walls. I wanted the youngsters know their past, and collected many items people do not use anymore. I have done this I will keep going ! From the battle of Gallipoli? My grandfathers rifle he used during the Battle of Gallipoli Wow! He was telling us the story about how they were taken as prisoners in Yemen after the battle of Gallipoli. How they were kept there for months. He told us about how they were starving therefore collecting barley grains from horse droppings, fry and eat them ! All that !! What do you do when writing ? You think ! I named this machine…. ” Machine that make you think” This one is smart machine. Calculator… “BrainBox” My father was a bank manager I saw them working with this but I have never understand how this machine worked. It was over my head !
– It’s a calculator ! I’ve never seen a camera and a zoom lens just like a machine gun before ! Mr. Kabakcı was working as a stage machinist on state theatre Yes ! What does a stage machinist do ? Stage Props.. The plans were coming from Ankara, we were preparing the stage props according to the plans. It was called as Stage Machinist ! First time I hear a job title as a stage machinist, I’m graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, One of our academic departments was Stage Props and Costume Design Now students are learning your expertise on that department. Yes, Stage Machinist ! We are so glad that we’ve met Mr Kabakçı, Please, come here and visit, It’s an amazing place. I don’t want to take his time and the rain has started. We’ve came here right on time . It was a great surprise for us meeting him. See you on our next episode ! and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel ! Thank you all for this, – you’re always welcome.. – Not at all – I have so much to talk about..
– I hope we’ll come again. – I have so much to show you.. Is it snow ? It’s rain ! …….

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