JumpStory How-To on AppSumo
JumpStory How-To on AppSumo

Sumolings, you know how hard it is to stand
out in today’s fast-scrolling world, which means it’s more important than ever that
your marketing *pops!*. You’ve probably searched through countless
stock photo libraries on a mission for eye-catching, head-turning visuals… but wouldn’t it
be nice if someone else did all that heavy digging for you? Well we’re bringing you a tool that makes
your dreams a reality, with a helping hand from AI, in today’s product showcase. What’s good, fam? Vanessa here from AppSumo, and today I want
to tell you about JumpStory, a visual universe of more than 15 million photos, illustrations,
videos, and vectors just waiting for your next marketing campaign. Bonus! JumpStory matches your text with images and
helps you predict which images will perform best using AI. Want to be notified of all of AppSumo’s
newest deals? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
and hit the bell. Now let me take you on a tour of JumpStory’s
unique features. Obviously there are the typical ways to search
for an image, or… You can head over to their unique Text Match
feature that finds content for you. Simply copy and paste the text for which you
need an image, and JumpStory will match that text to relevant photos. You have unlimited access to JumpStory’s
visuals for any of your marketing endeavours, now and in the future. That’s right: All 15 million photos, videos,
etc. can be used without limitations to you and your clients. Once you’ve pulled up a search, JumpStory
will use AI to predict which photos will perform the best—just keep your eye peeled for a
yellow high jumper icon in the upper right hand corner of the image. When you land on the perfect image, JumpStory
lets you save the visual to your archive in a couple clicks. Plus, JumpStory’s convenient editing tools
make it simple to optimize the photo for web use or even delete the background. Now on the rare occasion you can’t find
that ideal image, you can enlist the help of a real person at JumpStory, who will find
what you’re looking for in 4 hours or less. As far as we know, JumpStory is the only visual
library to offer this photo guarantee! You’ll always find a suitable photo for
anything. Find stunning visuals that perfectly match
your campaign and perform well wherever your marketing appears with JumpStory.

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