Juggling Cameras! One Handed Wildlife Photography
Juggling Cameras! One Handed Wildlife Photography

I’m on a very busy bridge but look at
this view it is so beautiful! Hi everyone! Another one of my favourite
local landscapes… Hendrie Valley Preserve. There are lots and lots of small
woodland creatures here. This is where I got an image of an owl the last time I
was here but today it’s just this beautiful fall color, chipmunks and squirrels.
I’m just in the mood to capture some images of the animals getting ready for
winter. So I’ve got on my 70 to 300 lens and ISO
800. I’m at – 0.5 of an exposure value. It’ll give me a slightly faster shutter
speed and I think it’s fine. It’s going to be easy to work with. The animals are
everywhere here but it does help to stop and take a second and look around. So I have to say there’s not as many little
creatures on the path today. They may already have found success looking for
their winter food but I think we’ll find them. There was this big fat blue jay. He
landed right in front of me. It was amazing. I was almost all set to take a
picture and yeah my focus was not where I wanted it to be and I missed it. Also a
big group of kids came running running down the path really enjoying themselves
which is awesome but… Oh there’s a squirrel I wonder if he wants to be friendly. I’m reaching the boardwalk. It is just
beautiful. There are always so many different types of birds here. It’s just
gorgeous. The Ducks among the reeds are really
neat. They’re always swimming around here. The funky coloured duck is called a wood
duck and it looks like his mate is there. She’s not quite as bright. I’m guessing
that would be his mate. And there are swans among them. It’s really cool. In the fall you’ll find a lot of
pumpkins around here but this is so neat! It looks like they light them up along
the path. Just gorgeous! One of the pumpkins is carved with “Will you?” and I
think it means, “Will you marry me?” How awesome! These little birds love the
pumpkins. They’re actually nibbling on them and eating them. It’s so neat.
So they’re landing very close to me. I think one might have tried to land on my
hat and oh it’s just it’s so great! I love it. I’m still on ISO 800… Same settings I told you before and yeah I just have to
remember to keep it off of the two second timer. Somebody told me that there’s
a heron. If I continue on this path I’ll get to the water and there’s a heron.
We’ll see. This is just beautiful. The ducks are
posing. Look at this! The reflections of the fall colours in this pond. It’s just
gorgeous! I don’t see a heron but that’s okay. It’s just beautiful. So I didn’t see as many animals today as
I expected but the ones I did see were so cool. Speaking of which, there’s one
right above me. They’re beautiful. They’re all very friendly. They’re used
to being fed and they’ll come right up to you. They’ll land on your hand and yes
I’ve been here before. The bonus of today is the gorgeous fall colour, the pumpkins
along the walk, and having you with me. The hardest part about doing this kind
of photography is… well for me anyway, is trying to video in one hand, take
pictures in the other. So as I said I have ISO 800 and I’m going for the
fastest shutter speed I can because I’m moving around and I’m climbing a big
hill! Whooo! So yeah I need that fast shutter speed and I need to be able to juggle
with two hands but it’s totally worth it. It’s all cool. Sometimes I capture the
image. Sometimes I capture the animal. Sometimes I capture neither but it’s
okay because I’m out here and I’m really really enjoying this. Oh, so much to see!

49 thoughts on “Juggling Cameras! One Handed Wildlife Photography”

  1. Nature Photo Studios says:

    One of the debates I have with myself is do I go out with my heavy 600mm f4 lens and sit and hope wildlife comes my way or leave it at home and not get the shot if I encounter some wildlife.
    I have a 200-500mm f5.6 lens but the extra stop the 600 has is really nice when the light is low which is when I see most of the wildlife here in Iowa.

    Maybe I just need to pack the 600 up one day soon, find a spot and just commune with nature. If something comes my way, fantastic, but if not, I still had a great day being out in nature.

  2. Jamie Maldonado says:

    Thank you for the fun journey! It really is a challenge to document and photograph! But I think you did well

  3. Donald McPherson says:

    8:29 sorry you are too late. I'm married. ;<}

  4. Anthony Hazlewood says:

    Hi Rachel, give that girl a medal… Beautiful surroundings and images… I wish we had more little critters like you have there near to me…Like you Rachel, whenever I get the shot lined up – puff it's gone, just like that – I have quite a few perfectly great shots of "nothing" though… Thanks for taking us along Rachel… xx

  5. Michael Mountford says:

    Wonderful array of colours, you have such a great range of different colours, lovely video as always Rachel, Well Done, Mike

  6. Wilson Nature Photography says:

    Hey Rachel, Great video. A subject I have always wondered how others cope with! I have just started to do videos and have done wildlife photography for about 12 years and find it crazy tough to do video and do still shots at the same time! I always wonder how you vlog and shoot stills at the same time…. Then come back and edit… now that's another issue! lol My videos are so basic…. So far just videos of the birds I photograph. Greg

  7. Peter Österman says:

    Love your photo videos, greetings from peter__pictures

  8. Tim Day says:

    Chipmunk! I spotted a Chipmunk!!! Such an amazing location especially with those fall colours. You might have just inspired my next video 🙂

  9. Pravin ide says:

    Beautiful 💓💓💓💓👌👌👌👌👌👌

  10. Kara McCaughen says:

    love the hat!

  11. Kara McCaughen says:

    Not sure what I like most– the great shots of the squirrels or the festive jack-o-lanterns!

  12. Brenda England says:

    The RBG is always so pretty in the fall. Thanks for sharing, I haven’t been there in awhile. 😊

  13. TimberGeek says:

    LOL, that two second timer remark reminds me of a recent epic wildlife fail.
    I had previously been attempting a selfie with the tractor running so the timer was set for 10 seconds and full volume on the beep. Needless to say my well posed fox was long gone before the shutter fired. 🙁

  14. Don Sunden says:

    I see you have a tripod with you, do you use it? maybe try a monopod. the video was good thanks.

  15. Jim Cooke says:

    great and pleasant vlog Rachel, loved seeing the wildlife just free roaming around and the stunning images you took of them, the 70-300mm is just an awesome lens and love using mine

  16. Carol Johnson says:

    Loved the pumpkins! What a great idea.

  17. aeroman says:

    Nice autumn photo walk full of vibrant colors, leaves, pumpkins and wildlife! So refreshing and de-stressing. Thanks for taking us along!

  18. Teresa Melcer says:

    My favorite trail out there! It is so nice to see the pumpkin along the pathway and the pictures of birds around pumpkins are so beautiful! Love them all!!!

  19. Gerald Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers

  20. Mark Hudson says:

    I always enjoy your videos, and learn a nice new trick or two as well. The pumpkins on the trail would be very heartily devoured by the Collared Peccaries, or Javelina here in the Sonoran desert where I reside.The Chipmunks always make me smile, they're little characters. Thanks for all your effort in allowing us into your photography world!

  21. Noealz - Rain Photographer says:

    I thought the animals would eat up them pumpkins :3

  22. Artist1974CH says:

    Beautiful photos, and I enjoyed the video! 😊🙏

  23. ToB Creations says:

    Beautiful pictures and autumn colored landscape. Loved those pumpkins too. 😃

  24. Des Gardner says:

    Love the colours, the autumn by us is very poor this year so thank you for showing us yours….

  25. Ed Fenty says:

    Great video! It really captures the atmosphere.

  26. Johnny O's Vlogging Show says:


  27. Mark Attardo says:

    Beautiful walk!

  28. freddie a wilson says:

    Sitting here by the fire. Cold night here in Colorado so really enjoying your video with all the beautiful fall colors and of course that beautiful smile. You love what you do and it shows. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Labib Haddad says:

    Thank you for bringing us with you on this wonderful fall day, thank you

  30. Charlene Nagel says:

    What beautiful bird photos and fall colours! With the added chipmunks and squirrels, the cat on my lap was riveted most of the way thru! Such a lovely fall in Ontario this year!

  31. André Le Roux says:

    Lovely pictures, again. You should come to my part of the world, South Africa and Namibia, and get to photograph some real wildlife (lions, elephants, leopards, 865 wild bird species, etc.) great landscapes and some wild people too. Greetings.

  32. Outback Images says:

    A joy to watch… as always.

  33. GilbertTV says:


  34. Mark Kelly Photography says:

    Stunning location, beautiful video 👏👏👍

  35. Mats Sandquist says:

    It was fun to see Chip' n Dale, live. 🙂

  36. Kenneth Wong says:

    Are these animals busy storing up food for the coming winter?ha..ha.. They look so nice and the great shots you have taken are beautiful, thanks for sharing Rachel, hope to see more videos in the coming fall.

  37. Elizabeth BV says:

    Super, what a lot of colors. You hear the birds singing. Relaxing music and a wonderful movie. Thanks Rachel !
    A great day !

  38. Marty Mace says:

    Love it, love it! Thank you for taking us along with you.

  39. Harvey Walls says:

    WOW Rachel, what a beautiful area. You got some awesome shots. ? What state is that park in?

  40. OneEyedPhotographer says:

    It's worth naming animals, when you can.

    I photographed some orchids yesterday and today, you would not know any of them (I don't know most of their names either), and some spiders. I photographed a lot of flowers native to where I found them, and a few ferals. And some ferns.

  41. Gary Holman says:

    I think the birds really like you as they tend to pose wherever you go! And, squirrels come to think of it!. Do you talk to them or something??
    Great to be out there with you! Thanks Rachel. Enjoy Fall!!!

  42. Garrick Gillette says:

    Good stuff Rachel!

  43. Robert Varner says:

    Rachel…you should use slow motion when you cross the road. Just like your fellow Canadian from Camera Conspiracies. Great video as usual.

  44. Mircea Costiniuc says:

    very beautiful video !

  45. Rex Nathanson says:

    Hi Rachel, Along with being a world class photographer and vlogger, you're a fabulous juggler!
    Cheers and Best Wishes from sunny south Florida.

  46. Fabrizio Zago - Photography and Media says:

    Lovely photos, the squirrels images are awesome 🙂

  47. Steven Harte says:

    Lovely video! I loved seeing all the little critters: squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, birds etc. At our house we have many bird feeders that attract birds and squirrels especially. A lot of people here don't seem to like squirrels but I love them. Those fall colors were gorgeous and loved seeing all the pumpkins. Very fun!

  48. Dave Ryan says:

    Great images Rachel. Love the autumn colours and of course the wildlife shots with the pumpkins.

  49. Clément FAGOT photographe animalier says:

    Une belle séquence vidéo (Français🇫🇷) 🎥😏👌!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    a beautiful video sequence (English🇬🇧) 🎥😏👌!

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