John Boyega Probably Appeared in Your College Brochure
John Boyega Probably Appeared in Your College Brochure

-Last time you were here, it was before
“The Force Awakens” came out. -Yeah. Mm-hmm.
-And who knew? Who knew how big the movie — Of course, it’s the biggest
movie ever created, but… [ Laughter ] Yeah, thank you for coming back.
-No worries. -Has life changed completely
since I saw you last? -I mean, just a little bit.
Just a little bit. [ Laughter ] But, yeah, I mean,
scheduling is different now. I don’t have my own time
like I used to. I get to travel all over
the world, meet great people. You know, it’s good, man.
I like it. -Have you been working nonstop
since then? -Yes, I have. I went from “Star Wars VIII”
to “Detroit,” and then went from “Detroit”
to “Pacific Rim,” and then went
from “Pacific Rim” to a play. And then here I am. -There you go.
You know where you are, yeah. -No breaks.
-No breaks at all. -No breaks. -But you finished, also,
“The Last Jedi.” -Yes.
-So that’s out. So we just found out even that
that was the title of the film. Do they let you know,
besides the scenes you’re in, what the movie’s about,
or what? -No. I think they have that
thing Will Smith had in those “Men In Black” films that makes you
forget everything. -Yeah, exactly, yeah. -So, yeah, we don’t get to know
about the little secrets. But it’s nice. We get to be a part
of the surprise, like you guys. -I mean — But, I mean,
are you just going around now just signing lightsabers? Do you own, like, a lot of — I would think
that you would have a collection of lightsabers
in your house. -I mean, I do,
but it’s limited. Because anytime I have, like,
family members over, my parents
are kind of just like, “Yeah, you should give one of
the lightsabers to the kids.” And that’s when my face
becomes more straight than it’s ever been. [ Laughter ] And then I have to,
like, forcefully just go, “Oh, may the Force be with you.” [ Laughter ] -“That was mine.
That was Uncle’s.” -That was —
That was mine. -But what’s going on
with the new director. You and Rian Johnson
are having a little back-and-forth on Twitter. -[ Laughing ] Yeah.
We always do. -Yeah, because you —
I guess you took — you forced yourself
to take a little break. -A week and two days
out of a year and a half, I forced myself
to take a week and two days, and Rian Johnson
wasn’t happy with that. -Here’s your problem.
Because you posted a photo, or someone posted a photo
on Instagram, and it just looks like paradise. This is you just relaxing.
-Yep. -And then,
here’s your director, who says, “Back to work, Boyega.” “What are you doing?”
[ Laughter ] I mean,
that looks like paradise. -Yeah, you know,
after that, I had, like, hundreds of messages
from “Star Wars” fans, saying, “You’ve got reshoots!
You’ve got to go back!” -“You got to go back!
We want this movie on time!” -“We want this movie on time!” -“Come on, man!”
Yeah. -So, I had to leave. -You had to leave,
because — yeah. -I think I was supposed
to be at ADR that day, as well, so, you know… -Also, I was like,
“Where do you get that…” You know how to pose.
I mean, you got one of those — I mean,
you’re a good-looking dude. -Oh, thank you, man, thank you. -You know how to do this.
You know how to do the pose. -Thank you, thank you. -And I go — Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] This is GQ.
This is GQ. -This is GQ.
-This is major. -That’s crazy.
That’s big. -It is big,
but then I go, “Oh.” I looked back in some Wikipedia, and I saw
that you were a model. -Oh, man!
[ Laughter ] -You were the stock photo
in every college brochure. -Disclaimer —
I needed the money. [ Laughter ] -Here you are right there. This is — Yeah. Everyone.
[ Cheers and applause ] Guys, girls,
every race represented. [ Laughing ] Here’s you working hard
at a computer, maybe. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Be honest — is there anything
on that screen? -Yeah, the computer wasn’t on. -It wasn’t on at all, yeah.
-It wasn’t on. -I like this one, too. This is you and the gang.
[ Laughter ] Going through some homework?
-I think it was so ridiculous. I mean, these photos are,
you know, for college awareness, getting students
to go to college and stuff. And they said, “We want to make
you guys look more natural.” And they decided to give us
a piece of paper between us. [ Laughter ] And I said, like,
“This is a commercial for the brokest school ever. -You can only afford
one piece of paper… -Yeah, only one piece of paper.
-…per 12 students. [ Laughter ] I mean, everyone’s over, like, “Oh, yeah, that’s a great
problem there, John.” “Yeah, I know how
to solve that one, yeah.” -Yeah, yeah. -How much money
did you make off this? -I made ££50.
-Hey, not bad. -Not bad, not bad, ££50. And I used it to invest
back into my drama school. I had ££300 to pay for the term. And that ££50,
it went a long way. -Yeah, it certainly did. And thank God
you went to that thing, ’cause you’re a fantastic actor. -Thank you.

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    I thought it was Westbrook from the thumbnail

  2. casey spacey says:

    In 5 years, he could be the Idris Elba Bond we never had.

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    Denzel Washington ThrowBackThursday be like…. younger version lookalike hahha

  4. Jess Mead says:

    john boyega is one hot sonofabitch

  5. Maurice Williams says:

    He looks like Denzel Washington.

  6. witch, please says:

    I need him and Denzel to star in a father-son feel good movie.

  7. ATLsF1N3ST91 says:

    Shout out to everyone who followed this dude since "Attack the Block!"

  8. MrPotatoehead69 says:

    All this dude did in TFA was breath heavily, no real acting.

  9. L.A says:

    if jimmy fallon could interview like this more often thatd be nice… it was calm still hilarious and a great time didnt seem forced at all compared to other times… i mean i know people will still watch him no mattter what but this vid was not cringey at all

  10. Charles Baylor says:

    Everyone calling John Boyega racist

    Are overly sensitive little bitches. Probably the same people who bitched and complain, when they found out he was going to be a stormtrooper.

    Asking for more diversity doesn't mean Muh white genocide lol you stupid fucks

    Shut The Fuck Up

  11. Azra BH says:

    John is a treasure <3

  12. james d says:

    I can't believe people are calling him racist for calling out a movie trilogy with no people of colour at all. (and I am a huge Tolkien fan)

  13. Gabrielle williams says:

    THATS MY DUDE!!!😍πŸ”₯

  14. Alain Bruno says:

    He killed it in Star Wars

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    What happened to your head

  20. Munechika Mikazuki says:

    John Boyega is a sweet heart ❀️

  21. emily_brandy says:

    Jeez wish my term tuition was only that much

  22. larshoneytoast33 says:

    50 pounds? WHAT AT MEEN?!

  23. Ambria C. says:

    Only Β£300 or around $230 for a term at drama school?

    What's the private school/ university situation over in England?

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    where the asian at?

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    Saw that play… he was excellent

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    What about Attack the Block?? 1st movie I've ever seen you in and 1 of my favorites.

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    How is it racist? They recast Spiderman and were gonna use black people and didn't and movies where black characters are later played by white people. It's all dumb but we're here to celebrate someone doing something great!

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  39. kirch says:

    I honestly don't get the annoying Denzel comparisons. He looks nothing like him…. why can't he just be himself? Not every black actor looks a like.

  40. TheCheiftans says:

    He was in Pacific rim?

  41. Kaitlyn’s Dior says:

    I am in the 3rd grade

  42. katsushiro13 says:

    I kept seeing ppl comment his name as John Boyeager in Pacific Rim videos HAHAHAHAHA

  43. Modrophenia says:


  44. HookedTapater says:

    People actually think hes a good actor? Lifelong star wars fan, read all the books, played all the game and still play swotor, and that movie was shit. Fucking running into each others arms on the beach scene for 2 guys who knew each other for like an hour gtfoh Just because it looks pretty on occasion dosent mean its good you fucks pay attention

  45. Serena Terparia says:

    It was so humbling to watch John's journey from meeting him at this shoot to seeing him on From the block to Star Wars!

  46. Joe King says:

    the fact that they didn't clap when he automatically showed his gq magazine shows that they don't find him attractive lmao

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  53. TheCorona272 says:


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    Anyone agree that black British actors are more fun to listen to than white British actors? In case you didn't know, the guy who plays Morgan on The Walking Dead is also British.

  55. Warren London says:

    I'm so happy him!
    He's super talented, so he has a bright future ahead of him 😊

  56. text of memes says:

    in the pic the indian girl looks amazing and cute

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  66. Valerina PR90 says:

  67. Tsunfish says:

    I had the same exact reaction when my dad suggested I give my Gundam models that I built with my own hands to his friend's kids that I find really annoying
    I feel you deeply, John Boyega

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    Omg this was uploaded on my birthday

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  78. Sampai says:


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    he was on my high school portal site!

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  86. QueenMaxine says:

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    Bois…he was in those generic college black guy pamphlets…my life…it has peaked…

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