Jessica Ambats – Pulse-Pounding Aerial Photography

I’m the kid that always looked overhead when
a plane passed by. Something about aviation drew me in. I love flying. I love photographing
flying. Aviation photography is a passion of mine,
and it’s amazing to be sitting in the back of a photo ship with the doors removed, watching
the world pass by below. I’m a pilot, and I’m a photographer, and being
able to combine the two with what I do is just amazing. I’m asked a lot ‘How did you take that photo?’
I love when people ask me that because it means that the photo has touched them in some
way, and they stop and question how was this photo made. I’m Jessica Ambats, and I’m a photographer. My goal is to capture the beauty of flight.
What makes air-to-air photography different is that you are up there with this flying
machine in its element, watching an awesome pilot as your wingman. I’ve got the best seat
at my own personal air show. Today, we’re shooting the L39 with the Citation,
and I have a vision of what photo I want to get. Up in the air, you need to translate
that vision into a reality. You need to be thinking several steps ahead at all times. When you are in the back of an airplane, it’s
an intense environment. It’s noisy, it’s windy, it’s cold. You need to position the photo
ship relative to the background… [Pilot speaking. Jessica speaking to pilot]…positioning
the subject plane relative to each other… [Jessica speaking. Pilot speaking]… and
trying to see it from all perspectives. [Jessica speaking. Pilot speaking] I feel so fortunate to work with the top pilots
in the world, and the pilots make all the difference. It’s not just the photographer.
It’s a team effort, and as a pilot myself, it’s just awe-inspiring to watch these guys
fly. It’s just an incredible sight, and through
my camera, I get to share that with the world. I’ve found what I love to do, and I see myself
doing this forever. I’m Jessica Ambats, and I’m an aviation photographer.

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