Ingraham: Sounding the alarm on coronavirus
Ingraham: Sounding the alarm on coronavirus

100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Sounding the alarm on coronavirus”

  1. victorianmelody46 says:

    Trump says coronavirus 'well under control' in US.

  2. USS-DH says:

    When are we shutting down our borders and restricting air travel into America?

  3. Lahom Bombay says:

    nothing had been learned with you only live twice

  4. Jolynn Stephenson says:

    You are such a liar.

  5. A CHOSEN VESSEL says:

    They eat rodents that carry diseases…..any wonder they have viruses over there? 20/20 did a documentary on them eating dogs and cats. This is why after i saw that documentary, i stopped eating out of Chinese restaurants over 20 years ago.

  6. Albert Monson says:

    defund the un defund the who. both are beyond useless

  7. Lahom Bombay says:

    Microsoft is under attack

  8. Mike Clinton says:

    China put that virus out there for a reason

  9. Willie Jones says:

    Trump doesn’t want to cause hysteria but the evidence is clear. Sorry Mr. President, this is more serious than you’re letting on. The bummer is that there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it.

  10. John A says:

    Babe…it's ANTHRAX….and it was intentionally introduced.

  11. mark taylor says:

    I don't believe any of it especially if the media is reporting it sounds to be a psyop

  12. Tom Cunningham says:

    Redefine Happiness.

  13. troll hunter says:

    Boycott the left MSM. They are sick individuals and compulsive liars

  14. Warrior Gospel says:

    All of the networks, even Fox, was hosting doctors that said to ignore the virus and go get a flu shot. At that time there were 20,000 infected in 21 countries. Now, when there is no impeachment and no super bowl, only now that we've hit 80,000 infected that you or your network cares. Stop lying.

  15. سیروس مریدی says:

    راز این پرده نهانست و نهان خواهد بود…

  16. Augusto Arturo Flores says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dead you sucks fcuk you

  17. stu baker says:

    we all know so why not call it what it is…china untouchable? we will regret it if we wait and wait,,,they got stronger version's and willing to use it…no defense only offence to stop it

  18. Augusto Arturo Flores says:

    you sucks the end you

  19. Todd Dana says:

    Its a respiratory infection. Stop smoking or vaping and protect your lungs and oxygen intake ability, take daily vitamins, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, go to bed early as sleep is the number one thing your immune system needs and exercise daily for oxygenated blood which boosts the immune system. This combination builds up electrical charges between your cells that can attack the viruses that are foreign to your body. Meanwhile the government is working on a vaccine and pills that do the same thing. They haven't yet so that is why the natural health I suggest is so important. Good luck.

  20. stu baker says:

    I read that the "flu" has killed over 10,000 and coronna only a few here in american but corona gets the air time i think 10,000 is a bigger story unless they are trying to tell us china is actually creating this but can't due to the gov. ??

  21. ITSNOT MYFAULT says:

    So does this mean we don't have to worry about Global Warming anymore??

  22. dizzy dex77 says:

    WATCH THE VACCINE…… Don't get it. Ya hear me!

  23. Matthew Roy says:

    Listen to CDC and WHO advisories! DO NOT RELY ON TRUMP FOR FULL DISCLOSURE. This administration last year ended 'Predict', a 10 year federal program designed to avert pandemics. What's more, decisions to reduced US Health Services by nearly 40% can have potentially crippling responses to address COVID-19 should the virus take hold. Just last week Trump said China's President Xi was "doing a great job" controlling coronavirus. This after that gov. censured and silenced the doctor whistle blower months ago. He just died from the virus and country is partially locked down. Yesterday Trump said we have it controlled and those 'very few people' infected are 'all getting better.' All the while a CDC official warns U.S. not "if" but "when".

  24. Lahom Bombay says:

    it's often answered McNamara

  25. Debra Barnes says:

    Baffoonism is alive and well in Fake News!! What a bunch of Hacks!

  26. George LeGault says:

    I can't believe that FOX NEWS is joining the left wing political event caused by the deep state of this corona virus. Can't they see that this is purposefully done to try and bring down the economy and cause panic? The flu is more dangerous than corona is. Most people have it and get over it not even realizing they had anything. You guys are supporting MSM more and more every day. Newscasters like Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto are going more and more left every day. Won't be watching as much and will be encouraging my friends to do the same.

  27. Zara ZevLunden says:

    thank you Fox News for reporting it like it IS!

  28. Kelly Walls says:

    And a guy in the Navy caught the flu! This too will go the way of Ebola, SARS, Zika, Mad Cow .. then it’s on to the next human hazard. Nothing new. You ‘don’t know what sparked this’???!!!! They eat anything that MOVES in Wuhan 🤦‍♀️. MSM panic is tiresome.

  29. Robert Hesse says:

    Once it takes off in the U.S. it will spread like a wild fire because people here travel all across the country a lot more then they do anywhere else, and by the time the democrats and republicans get done fighting with each other about what to do and how to do it it'll be too late to do anything.

  30. EasyYog11 says:

    Maybe Pharma will return Manufacture to the regulated United States.

  31. Mr. Trou de cul PHD says:

    Sadly North Korea is the only one who's staying on top of the chronovirus….

  32. Lahom Bombay says:

    at help glasnost we just can be in the duh

  33. sharon nagle says:

    We can't even trust the US government to tell us the truth…there's no testing and they aren't getting any info from the goons in DC.

  34. Walter Kiel says:

    President Donald J. Trump has been pushing for increased Border Security for 3 years… and is labeled an Isolationist…
    Dear Zombies, Swamp Creatures, and Media Whores… You Can't Have It Both Ways !! *Trump 2020 !!

  35. John C Gibson says:

    Everyone should buy a test kit and keep it dearly like your own life. Korea has got thousands of kits and making millions. But USA needs to share 3 kits per state. Total joke to say that we have the best health care system.

  36. Glenn & Vicky McEntire says:

    Qanon WWG1WGA. Q said depopulation. It's all propoganda. Isn't it funny during the election. .

  37. I Em Hoo I Iz says:

    Wuhan research lab researchers selling used animals to the market.

  38. Coloradogirl LovesMountains says:

    The woman from the CDC is Rod Rosenstein’s sister. They are trying to tank the economy and plan to blame it all on Trump. Don’t be fooled. Politics at play here

  39. Jeff Smith says:

    I love how coronavirus is now Trump's fault lol these Democrats are deranged. Like we're all going to die because Trump cut obscene spending within the government. Liberals logic is frightening, they'd really like to have opwn access to tax payers bank accounts so they can spend $1B on researching whether animals can be transgender. It's incredible they are so hateful they would blame the weather on the President. But anything even remotely positive that's happened over the last three years… Nope, no way, not Trump.

  40. Ron Williams says:

    Whatever happened to the Swine Flu and SARS? Weren't they supposed to wipe out a percentage of the world's population when people were trippin' over them?

  41. Mike Dell says:


  42. Nick Pertsinidis says:

    Fake news, keep the economy strong so we can pay her multi million dollar salary because she can read a TelePrompTer.

  43. Gregor Resch says:

    Are the Days of Trump coming to an end? GOD, I hope so.

  44. 2Legit 2BReal says:

    Nabriva will come up with a vaccine. I'm buying stock in Nabriva!

  45. CipherBytes says:

    Alarm for what? Who profits the most? Who is pushing the scare? Hint…'s the same people telling you they are going to protect you. Statistically, the yearly flu is more dangerous. It's a fact. Not even debatable. Don't fall for this fake panic so that the healthcare industry can cash in. Just wash your hands and use common sense. It's not a zombie outbreak folks… and people think Fox news is not part of the MSM lol

  46. Claudio Perri says:

    ATTENTION: People in the land of the living…the “Resistance” the democratic, left, socialist, sect, party, those workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the “Resistance” little league fake, lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn, huffpost, the hill, time, newyork times, nyt editorial board, the wall street journal, the washington post, associated press, global news, usa today, slate, los angeles times, deadline, rolling stone, wired, the star, the Hollywood reporter, axios, national review, new york, vox, fortune, vice us, washington examiner, apple news, vogue, the atlantic, elite daily, business insider, wwd, vanity fair, mother jones, bloomberg, week, daily mail, mother jones, boston globe, the new yorker, npr, national post, esquire, politico, town&country, tmz, the conversation, daily beast, qq, mic, the view, 60 minutes, abc news, disney, youtube, twitter, face book, apple, google, amazon, the independent, mashable, drudge report, advocate, the hachette, medium, book group, wilkimedia, yahoo/entertainment/finance, people, bazaar, microsoft, mozilla, quartz, newsweek, reuters, south china morning post, marie claire, uk, at&t, verizon, chamber of commerce, turning point usa, wall street, the eu, et canada, southern poverty law center, chicago tribune, the lincoln project, christianity today, business times, ktuu, the wrap, us news, maclean’s, buzzfeed, pew research center, freedom from religious foundation, mind the gap, refinery29, the telegraph, protect our democracy, the ftc, the world health organization…are all about Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down to. One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  47. debbie may says:

    And what would the dems do to protect us nothing they would take our money and run like the sorry dogs they are and try to spread it as much as they can. well I think if it comes here it is the dems fault for the open boards they have supported and let it get to the states. Why don't Nancy and chuck go over there and find the cure there so smart

  48. roger thomas says:

    Coronavirus Cases:
    view by country

  49. Alan Grigo says:

    What are the symptoms of the coronavirus ?

  50. Lahom Bombay says:

    no, i wasn't over !!!

  51. Charlese Brown says:

    I don't trust a word this Nancy Messonnier (CDC) says, she is the sister of Rod Rosenstein!!!

  52. John Pimentel says:

    Your sick.

  53. Arthur Scholz says:

    Bill Gates sparked this epidemic. Microsoft/Bill Gates is a C_A Proxy. He holds the copyright to this virus. Look no further than the deep state.

  54. Paul D says:

    Obama would have said "Bring the infected here. No person is an infection."

  55. Trump Zilla says:

    Democrats are loving this. They think it's the only way to take down Trump. They're wrong, there's no way of taking down Trump.
    Trump 2020!!

  56. K Gold says:

    They are weaponizing the Corona Virus.

  57. Santos Garcia J.r says:

    The government has lied to us for years you think we will believe any one now

  58. Santos Garcia J.r says:

    If it was controlled why did it go from one in San Antonio Texas to seven in one week

  59. Robert Washburn says:

    Watch, World Report The real plan. The real Bpearthwatch.

  60. Max Pucher says:

    South Korea is second after China in infections. Fox News should be a calming news service and not join the mainstream media panic. This not worse than any other flu epidemic!!!

  61. Ralph Buchwitz says:

    In the media there is insulting and stirring up hatred. Those irresponsible daubers!

    Joseph Goebbels

  62. Lahom Bombay says:

    as in al pacino's The devil's advocate we can cross that bridge together

  63. overlycreative1 says:

    Well, I'm sorry to say, going to the movie theaters seems foolish. Sorry Hollywood, I think your next Blockbusters may be not up to your expectations for revenues.

  64. William Perry says:

    Ingraham also using the virus to score "cheap political points."

  65. Kent Pull says:


  66. stevensonrf says:

    Was it an actual dark biological attack?

  67. stevensonrf says:

    The democrats are a virus!

  68. David Gilmour says:

    OMG is this the horses head lady the movie producer who didn't give johnny Fontaine the movie part in the Godfather was in his bed decapitated. OMG

  69. Judith Riley says:

    How sick that you think a virus is being used against trump. It's you, birch who is using the virus to score political points

  70. Ole Xxr says:

    omg you are a moron ..

  71. Renee Rhinehart says:

    Stop blaming the dems and just take action. Who will are kids look up to if our leader are so petty, Catty and negative towards others. Unfortunately POTUS needs to block out noise and protect the country. Finally heard Ingram speak some truth..

  72. Mark Carlson says:

    Thats a good question, does anyone know how or what started the virus? Anyone?

  73. Edward Young says:

    I remember the Steven king movie, the stand, I wonder if they created this in a lab.

  74. Lahom Bombay says:

    Essay contre le racism 🤣

  75. Bruce Forster says:

    If you want to get the REAL dope on this, check with anyone you know who has a Higher level Ham Radio License. WE can talk DIRECTLY to citizens in other Countries completely independent from News Media and / or Government Censors! I spoke personally with a Ham in Western China who has stated there are over 100,000(!) dead in China from this thing! And given the massive number of Heat Plumes our Satellites are showing from Crematoria in Mainland China, I BELIEVE HIM!

  76. google sucks says:

    very nice job 🙂

  77. RUCKUS wethepeep says:


  78. writgo one says:

    Its truly Evil to see the Main Stream news and Evil Deep State Left and NWO to revel in this for politics here we see their murderous hearts, evil without one thought of the unleashing of something like this lets hope it wipes out the evil, and not the good. Listening to human beings Lying about this and the CDC trying to get at Trump is showing us Who is human, watching the Left news, their faces and names right there on the screen, their evil and hate, who could possibly vote for these leftists NWO with their psychopathic thinking. That much has to be clear. Shocking.

  79. Brian Woolsey says:

    Of course it’s Trump’s fault!!!! DUH!!!! The left and the M S M would never lie to us!!!

  80. Lahom Bombay says:

    silent solid body

  81. lion man says:

    Laura do you trust what the President is saying?

  82. Renesmae Sherman says:

    Close all borders!

  83. Pathogen says:

    People you need to understand that Trump doesn’t want the citizens to panic, that’s part of his job.

    Just go NOW and purchase 1 months worth of supplies for your entire family and pets too, Beer, Wine, Snacks, Games, Books, Cleaning supplies like bleach and don’t forget the toilet paper, heavy duty trash bags and duct tape, medications and medicines.

    Almost forgot to mention, multiple solar power banks, rechargeable batteries, lanterns that can be recharged via usb, flashlights or headlamps, candles, matches, make sure you have plenty of propane and a propane stove, nitrile gloves, face mask, and goggles.

  84. Heavenly Spirit Tarot says:

    @ingram we want to know the age of the deaths.

  85. S G says:

    They making this wors then it really is

  86. Loading . . . says:

    SPOILER ALERT: the coronavirus was designed to disrupt the economy by the globalists.

  87. Lahom Bombay says:

    may be he'd like the final cut in this environment

  88. steve20118 says:

    I don't trust China and I don't trust Trump. They are both lying to us!

  89. yvelaine says:

    Get real Baby.!

  90. Jennifer Allen says:

    Exactly right, Laura!! Tell 'em, Lady!!

  91. Htowndude 1599 says:

    Laura asscrackers needs to get the coronavirus

  92. yvelaine says:

    The country is very capable of producing cheap goods for wall mart … for now .

  93. Constance Taylor says:

    It reminds me of the Ebola crisis.

  94. Rodney Bruntz says:

    NOW!!! Start eating a clove of garlic a day to clean and build up your lungs also a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to build your immunity ask the almighty God to protect you and you should have nothing to worry about God bless you all

  95. Johan Steyn says:

    It is so good to watch and listen to real journalists who are pragmatic, intellectual, who know how the voters think – the public is in fact intelligent – and who are bringing a truthful account of every day life in in the USA and show the folly of the Dems and liberals. That is exciting and that's what I like about The Angle!!! Keep it up. Oops, I must say I am from South Africa but my heart pumps Republican blood. Keep America great! 🇺🇸👌🇺🇸♥️🙂🇺🇸

  96. Istlota Everyman says:

    There is a expat now living in the Philippines to whose YouTube channel I subscribe. Recently, he posted that Chinese nationals who were willing to pay enough money were being allowed to buy their way into the Philippines. This is probably occurring throughout Asia and underscores how important it is that the CDC's scientists had better hurry up and find a cure. Rich people from China WILL find some way to immigrate somewhere else and some of them WILL bring the corona-virus with them.
    Something else to think about is that America is so dependent on the make-believe loans that our Fed pretends to be getting from China's central bank that, if their economy collapses, ours WILL fall as well.

  97. Raymond Yocum says:

    I agree with Rush! This is overblown and the mainstream media WANT the markets to drop!

  98. Lahom Bombay says:

    rule oxford

  99. Philip Sigglekow says:

    The billionaires who control the pharma companies are going to get SUPER RICH over this and steal from the POOR people again … just give us another 10 billion dollars from the government funds please

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