I Turned Myself into HARRY POTTER ⚡️Movie Poster Redesign
I Turned Myself into HARRY POTTER ⚡️Movie Poster Redesign

I can’t believe I’m actually attempting
this again but here we go if you haven’t seen in the previous video that I made
recreating the Mean Girls poster I am stupid enough to do it again this time I
am recreating one of my actually probably my all-time favorite series of
films it’s the Harry Potter films and I’ve
picked the easiest Harry Potter poster I could find because they are complicated
and there were a lot of people in some of them so I’ve just gone for this one
which has the three main characters in it there are a few people in the
background but we’re just going to just discontinue them they can just leave and
we’re gonna we’re gonna recreate this poster so yeah it’s the Deathly Hallows
part-2 and I have picked yet again a very hot day to film this so bear with
hopefully I don’t pass out this time gonna show you the outfit let’s go with
Ron first “ronald weasley how dare you steal that car” obviously my hair is nothing like Ron Weasley’s so got myself this this
looks like the worst wig ever it’s a ginger wig it’s not too ginger it’s
like auburn so hopefully when I put this on I can make it work
like the faces and like the special effects makeup Hermione has some cuts on
her face and Harry’s got like mud everywhere I was gonna go in the garden
and put my face in the mud but just gonna Photoshop it in I figured I can
showcase my graphic design photoshopping skills and we can Photoshop them all
including I’m gonna have to photoshop out my nose ring in all three photos I’m
gonna have to make me have bushy man eyebrows and just kind of bit stubble
you know I’ve got a leather jacket for ron so looking at the photo he has a
leather jacket on with like a gray fleece underneath it of some sort I have
this one again just from Amazon wardrobe and it’s just a grey fleecy jacket thing
without a hood it was so hard to find like a zip up jacket that wasn’t a hoodie
and then the wand I just ordered one because they all have different ones in
the picture and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on some wands so I got one and
then I figured as long as I’m holding something that slightly resembles a wand
I can edit it to make it look like their actual wand but this sick I am well
impressed with this what am I doing with my life I really don’t know that’s
everything for Ron let’s go turn myself in to Ron Weasley not something that I
ever thought I was gonna say I’m gonna relocate into my bedroom to take the
photos because it’s significantly cooler in there and I’ve got a bit more
room because I think I’m gonna need my filming light to light up my face in
certain ways right we can do this hmmm I’m gonna put my camera like next to the
window so I have a lot of light coming on this side of my face and then I’m gonna
plug in my filming light and like blast load of fake light on the other side of
my face I could use my old photography equipment because I have a whole studio
set up in the loft but it’s in the loft and I cannot be bothered to go and get
that so we are working with what we have and we’re gonna cross our fingers I feel
like I should be sensible and frame this first like that that’s the wrong hand and here is the start
of Ronald Weasley this is gonna look so weird I’m officially an egg I am NOT
ready for how I’m going to look as a boy maybe this will be the decider if I ever
shaved my hair off whether to do it or not my sideburns aren’t long enough I
have no words I have no words it’s really cool and not hot at all in here took
me bra off as well because I realized Ron Weasley does not have boobs
could I be a boy how do boys stand sup what am I doing with my life Wingardium Leviosa
swish and flick the trolls in the dungeon oh how do you
want to know I have my camera connected to my phone so we can see what I’m
taking a photo of I have my wand and this arm does not need to be in shot oh my god that’s gotta be it I am sweating holy crickets you’re Harry Potter I’m hermione Granger on to Hermione
so for Hermione I have kind of similar hair to her hair is a little bit
lighter but again I’m going to Photoshop it so all I’m gonna do is tie up and
like bring some wispy bits on my face and then she’s wearing a hoodie and a
denim jacket I do have a denim jacket but I decided to order one anyway
because hers has a little pocket on the side and I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t I
got a purple hoodie which actually feels really nice might keep this and it’s
just zip up simple purple hoodie because she has that on underneath her
denim jacket and then the denim jacket I got is this one and it’s just this is
actually really cute basic denim jacket to wear over the top of Hermione’s
hoodie and then like I said she’s got like scratches on her face and she looks
kind of muddy so I’m gonna edit all that on right let’s go Wingardium Leviosa its leviosa no leviosaa right got me wand
don’t need a wig which I’m very grateful for I did it I did it I did it two down one
to go Harry Potter such an honor it is and for
the star of the show the final person I am going to create today Harry Potter so
I obviously had to order some glasses I was gonna try and get actual glasses but
none of them looked right I wanted them to be perfect so I ended up with these
which I most certainly won’t be able to return because when I open this packet
that’s it so I am gonna forevermore own a pair of Harry Potter glasses and
I’m not angry about it and then also have the gray zip-up hoodie from rons
outfit because Harry has one of these on under a jacket and then for the jacket
he actually is wearing a cord jacket but I could not find a cord jacket anywhere
so I’ve gone for this one it’s just a camel colored utility style jacket I
guess it’s quite nice I will link everything I’ve ordered down below in
case you want to get anything and then finally for Harry we have another wig
and I feel like this one looks a little bit more realistic than Ron’s wig this
is my Harry wig I’m pretty sure this was advertised as a Harry Potter wig as well
I don’t know how my hair’s gonna fit in this I like probably gonna look like a
bit of a weirdo but I’m quite impressed with that and I’m gonna wet the fringe a
little bit with water because he’s sweaty on his head and I’ll try and like
make that look similar right now it’s time to be Harry Potter
Ron Ron Ron Weasley Ron Ron Ron Weasley Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Hermione who remembers that song onto the last one I now need to turn
myself in to harry definitely the one I’m most looking forward to actually so
I need to break out my funky little glasses but we’re nearly there and I’m
quite pleased with the photos I’ve got so far it’s taking me a bit longer to
setup than I thought but we’re getting there huh oh my god well you saw it here first folks
it’s so weird I’ve got such a large head that none of the wigs fit my
massive head I’m so cool right remove the glasses wet the hair
glasses on do I look like Harry Potter yet I did it I did it
freedom oh I have a de-robed I am no longer Harry so I’m gonna import the
images I’ve just taken into Adobe Lightroom because I find it really easy
to compare them in here and I’m gonna pick the photos that most suit the
original here we are the three photos honestly some of the outtakes are
hilarious but I’ve kind of compared what I think looks right to the photos I’ve
taken now to bring them into Photoshop and cut them out and do all the editing
wish me luck many days have passed I have been a slaving away over this
edit and it’s still I think it’s a bit rubbish like I think it’s the best I can
get it for the time I gave myself but just you can you can look at it for
yourself so this is how it began I chose my favorite photos and I put them all
into the document so you can see here how I kind of laid them out this is
without any filters without anything on it at all other than me cutting it out
positioning wise I kind of almost got it I think Ron and Hermoine hands are a bit
weird but it looks all right I think I did good to say I did that all by myself
without my mum’s help this time then the next job was to cut out the existing
characters from the poster so I did that I did a really naff job with this as
well but I just needed a clear background and then I put myself into
that background I’ve copied over the wand thing and like the little specks off the
wand here that’s all been copied and then placed myself in I actually ended up
like cutting out the top of Harry’s hair and adding it to my head because my
head’s like a weird shape compared to his and I also copied Hermione’s hair
and at the top of Ron’s head over because if I go back you can kind of see
that I don’t really blend into the back so I copied those over
I added some filters on to it I darkened up like under my nose and the sides of
Hermione’s face at the side of Ron’s face I also if i zoom in you’ll be able
to see that I’ve added some texture on to my own face I’ve copied over Harry’s
eyebrows I’ve copied over the scars and the cuts and stuff and I added texture
to everyone’s face so let’s compare the original to mine I think at a distance
if you zoomed out it might look ok my photoshop skills I haven’t been very
useful in this part I do think I should have put actual makeup on myself because
that’s obviously what they had on and it makes it obviously realistic because it
looks real but I’m not a makeup artist maybe one day I can do one of these
videos in collaboration with a makeup artist but for now photoshop is gonna
have to be my friend I think for how long this has taken me which in the
grand scheme of things isn’t actually very long I am pretty impressed with
that I think at first glance or if you were just like scrolling past this on
Google you wouldn’t really register that it looked a bit weird until you stopped
and took a closer look so yeah that’s it that’s my creation of the week
I really enjoyed making actually despite it being a tougher than I thought let me
know in the comments actually any other film posters or DVD covers or anything
like that you’d like me to recreate I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you
did enjoy it and if you are at the end please do give it a thumbs up I as a
viewer always forget thumbs up people’s videos but it does
actually really really help it helps other people see the video too so yeah
thanks for watching guys I’ll see you soon for a another video and yeah here’s
to the next one I guess

12 thoughts on “I Turned Myself into HARRY POTTER ⚡️Movie Poster Redesign”

  1. MrR says:

    Love the wigs and costumes , note short hair doesn't suit you 😁. Good video and editing Alice ❤️

  2. Accidental Emma says:

    So funny tho 😂

  3. Rachel's Space says:

    Haha Alice I love these type of videos. It is so good . How long did it take you to do it ?. Also can you redesign wild child poster next or like Hannah Montana?. 😎❤

  4. George Robinson Mills says:

    Awesome video Alice ❤️❤️

  5. Sasha Louise says:

    Hi Alice I am a make up artist myself will be happy to help in collaboration. I'm a small YouTuber wanting to start my own channel 😊

  6. Alyssa says:

    hahhaah this was brilliant, you looked great as a boy😂 please make this a little series and do some more movie posters!! xx

  7. Soph N says:

    Such a good video!! So funny
    Maybe high school musical?? Xx

  8. Adele Wilkins says:

    Hello Alice I don’t mean to be a hater- I’m just giving some constructive criticism.
    I saw on your Instagram you weren’t happy with how many views this video has. I think your channel isn’t growing as well due to you not finding a niche market for your videos. Your university videos were good as they have consistent themes- now your channel is a bit of jumble with vlogs/graphic design videos/ videos aimed at a much younger market then your age at 24. I just don’t know what I get with your channel anymore!?!? X

  9. Keena Duffy says:

    This is such a creative video, i can only imagine how long it too you to make it 🌞🌞🌞

  10. Tegan Moss says:

    Love this so much. Ur amazing. X

  11. Eva Diva says:

    Love this video you can tell it’s taken a lot of work well done 💕💕

  12. 12missmolly says:

    I honestly don’t get the point of this video? 🤷🏼‍♀️. It’s all just so random. I have no idea what kind of niche your channel is. It’s all over the place. I love your vlogs but the other videos I just can’t watch anymore . Feel like all the graphic design ones should be on a separate channel and these ones should be knocked on the head. Xxx

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