I made printables! //April 2020 Plan With Me
I made printables! //April 2020 Plan With Me

This video is sponsored by Rustico.com. Hello friends, this is Hedda. Is it just
me, or has time moved exceptionally slow the past couple of weeks? It seems fair
to assume that no matter where in the world you are at the moment we are all
experiencing some difficult times this year. So allow me to take your mind off
of that for a while and just entertain you with this video. Hopefully it will be
a good distraction, and maybe you’ll want to get your journal and journal a bit
for yourself too. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded some printables from a really
talented creator called Anne (@aprilannarts). I started supporting her on Patreon in the end of
February, I think for the second time…? – because I think her journal is so pretty
and I wanted to try her printables. So my weekly spreads for March were full of
her printables, which I printed out on sticker paper so it would be more
convenient. I think the colors also fit with my catkin willow theme as well, so
that was a huge bonus. I’m moving into a new insert for April. I used one insert
for January, February and March, and I didn’t feel limited in the amount of
pages I could use every month, so it worked out really well. For my next
insert I decided to use a grid paper insert I had lying around, since, you know,
it’s not that easy to go out and buy things these days… This insert has been
subject to some harsh treatment as I’ve ripped out some of the middle pages to
use in other journal spreads for my bullet journal and for my reading
journal. I also took some random notes in it a few months ago, so I glued together
the first few pages. Therefore it’s not a full insert, but I think this will
actually work really well for me anyway. I’m planning on doing a lot of
journaling and not as much planning for April, since I definitely won’t be going
to many appointments or meet up with friends. My April spreads are a good mix
of printables, stickers, ephemera and my own art. I decided I wanted to try to
paint something for my cover page, so I painted this cherry blossom branch on
some Kraft paper. It’s the first time I tried this, and I wasn’t even sure if I
wanted to use it for my spreads, but I decided to film me painting it just in
case it turned out decent. So this is a clip of me painting
that late one Sunday night. It took me about 30 minutes to sketch and paint
with gouache, and it’s far from my best work, but I actually think it turned out
good enough to be my cover page. As you’ve probably guessed from this, my
theme for April is spring flowers – soft pink and yellow hues, warm sun rays and
the happy feeling of spring approaching. I think I’ll really need this,
considering my whole country is basically quarantined at the moment. It’s
still March and things are changing rapidly, but I’m honestly expecting the
quarantine rules to be upheld for a while longer, so my April spreads will
definitely reflect that I’ll be spending a lot of time at home. If you have any
gouache tips for me, let me know, because I’m still new to gouache and I’m not
used to paint with actual paint instead of glaze (like watercolors). After I was
done painting, I cut the paper to the right size and then I used a fineliner
to draw a border along the grid lines. Grid paper is super useful for this. I
glued the painting in using glue tape, and then I lettered April on the left
page, and drew up a small calendar below. It’s complete with dates and also the
numbers of the weeks. I hope you’re not too distracted by the candle I’m using
to hold the insert down. The problem with slim notebooks like this is that they’re
so light that they just won’t stay flat. So that’s it for my cover page. Like I
said earlier, I have been very inspired by Anne this month, and with my newfound
interest in getting better at digital art and programs like procreate and
Adobe Illustrator, I decided to try to make my own printables for April – so
that’s what I did! It’s the first time I attempted something like it, so it took a
while to get the sizes and colors right. I also had to order new printer ink,
which took forever, and I just barely got the ink in time to properly test the
colors and print everything for this video. I never really have a plan B, so
I’m really happy it worked out. Instead of a regular calendar spread I’m
making a dashboard spread with a calendar, header, and room for monthly tasks and
goals. It was really simple to put this together since I printed everything on
sticker paper. You have no idea how much time I saved on this! the sticker paper
I’m using is a matte removable label paper, so I can even remove and
reposition a sticker if I don’t like the place I put it. It’s so convenient! So
here I’m testing out different combinations because I didn’t really
have any idea what I wanted this spread to look like. The cherry blossom
photos are from Unsplash, and I have linked them down below. I also used a BGM
washi tape and a sticker from @Halloalice3 to decorate. It was really fun to
put this together, and the only thing I think would have made the spread even
better would be some black pen doodles, so I might do that throughout the month.
This dashboard has room for monthly tasks and goals, and will be a page that
I can go back to throughout the whole month and kind of remind myself of what
I think is important this month. Out of all the spreads I made for April, this
one took the longest, because I was constantly positioning and repositioning
paper pieces to see what I liked the most.
Collaging is fun but it’s really hard to make it look nice, I think. I’ll keep
practicing for as long as it takes. In the end I really like how this one
turned out, and I really liked the cherry blossom photos in combination with the
printables that I made. If you’ve never made a dashboard before it might be good
to try it out this month, especially if your life is kind of in a “state of
emergency” and everything is just… weird. On the next page I’m making a fun spread
with things you can do at home, by yourself or with your family. Even if
you’re not sick, my government is encouraging those who are able to to
stay at home and only go to stores if absolutely necessary, so for the time
being that’s what I’m doing. I am lucky enough to have a garden, and I also live
in the outskirts of the city, so I can easily go for walks without
having to cross paths with lots of other people. I
also don’t have children, so that makes my life a lot easier than for parents of
small children at the moment. I know my life is way easier than lots of other
people, so I know the ideas in this spread are not universal.
That being said, here are some tips for things you can do at home without
needing to go outside. If you’re in the same situation as me and is planning on
social distancing for a while and have a little bit of extra time on your hands
because you no longer have to commute and won’t be very social,
here are some ideas: – Create a home office or redecorate your existing home office.
– Call all of your friends and relatives. – Do some gardening – Take plant cuttings and make a plant army. – Bake. – Clean your home. – Declutter. -Do at-home workouts like Pilates and yoga. – Read a book, maybe make a reading journal! – Journal, paint and draw,
basically do all the creative things you usually don’t have time for, or – Tackle
those home projects that just never seem to get done. On the left side I’m making
a vertical calendar because I want to have a tiny bit of structure in the
middle of this madness. It’s very simple Ryder Carroll-style and very similar to
the calendar I made for my March spreads. I decorated it in a similar style as the
rest of my April spreads, and I really like how the whole spread turned out. I
wish I’d used a softer pink for the column, but what’s done is done. So as you
can see I’m using a lot of pinks and yellow, and pink and yellow is probably
my favorite color combination of all times, and I really love it. So here I’m
just making some lines to separate the weekends from the weekdays and that’s it.
Before I get into the last spread for this video, let me just tell you a little
bit about the sponsor of this video, Rustico.com. Rustico is a Utah-based
company that makes leather notebooks and other leather goods, all made to order in
Utah, USA. I definitely recommend checking out their website if you’re interested
in a new notebook. On the next page I will
set up my first weekly spread for April. Basically, the left page will be a weekly
overview with a little bit of room for tasks for each day of the week. I’m
splitting the page into two columns and the rest is pretty much just
decorations. I put in a small calendar for the whole month, a cherry blossom
picture, and some Kraft paper and washi tape. I counted four squares below each
day of the week, and I don’t need much room because starting from the right
side of the spread I will do daily journaling. This is kind of what happens
when the daily structure disappears: I don’t have as much use for weekly
spreads anymore. So I’m just setting up the decorations for April 1st on the
right side, and then I’ll journal and decorate daily from there. And what I
really like about the daily journaling is that you can do a little bit every
day – it doesn’t have to be a lot, just a little bit of writing, a little bit of
decoration, and then you can feel like you filled in something in your journal
that day. You feel a little bit creative, a little bit productive, and I really
enjoy that feeling, so for April I will try to do a lot of daily journaling and
I hope that I can fill the entire insert by the end of the month. Before I leave
you to the final flip through, I just want to let you know that I am offering
the printables I made for my April spreads to all of you for free. All you
need to do to access them is to click on the link in the description box below,
and it will take you directly to Google Drive where I have uploaded the sheets. All
I ask is that you tag and credit me in any photos you upload to the internet
using my printables. So that’s all for now. I hope you’re having a lovely day
inside, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

12 thoughts on “I made printables! //April 2020 Plan With Me”

  1. 光Kou says:

    Hedda: "Definitely not my best piece"
    Also Hedda: continues to paint b e a u t y

    Honestly tho, that cover page ended up so gorgeous, especially as soon as you added the line art

  2. Regienne M. says:

    Your printables are so pretty! 😀

  3. Abusybeesjournal says:

    Aaaalright. Where do I start? This April theme is beautiful – the colours are just perfect! I can see why you love that combo. Reminds me of pink lemonade and rhubarb & custard sweets hehe. Your gouache painting is gorgeous too, it looks digitally done!! 

    Gouache is a pretty weird medium and I struggled with it at first but honestly looks like you’re doing very well with it!! You’re doing much better than I did, trust me 😅🤣 A tip I was given was to keep it a like a yoghurt consistency but you can use it as watercolour too. Not sure if that helped lol.

    I think I’ll make a spread about the list of things I need to do on this social distancing/lockdown situation too 😅. Sending love & stay safe xo

  4. Aizu Kanna says:

    As always, I love everything you do! And love the printables =)
    I'm on quarantine as well and managed to move to the new house just in time. Now I have a ton of boxes to go through during these days XD

  5. Patricia 10000 says:

    Thank you for the printables 🙂

  6. Siena Leon says:

    your videos are so lovely to watch, thanks for being a bright moment in stressful times 🙂

  7. Unna's Corner says:

    I love your set up!! Especially the weekly spreads! Making it inspiration for my travelers journal!

  8. Nala Mid says:

    Found you on Amino, I’m so happy I did! ☺️

  9. Rukaia says:

    Thank you so much for the printables they're so lovely!!! 😄♥️

  10. Honor Phone says:

    What song is that at the end where you flip through your journal?

  11. Astri Elisabeth Røsvik says:

    Så artig å lage sine egne prints! De var råfine!! 😀

  12. MaeveOnEdge says:

    All your spreads are so beautiful, well thought out and functional. The "How not to go Crazy" spread brought a smile to my face. Years from now, that spread will become a kind of artifact of these hard, troubling and strange times we are in. That is the essence of journaling. Remembering what we were, perhaps to better understand what we are now.Thank you for being a light during these dark days.

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