Hungarian TV Interview with Harold
Hungarian TV Interview with Harold

… till America he has a massive fanbase of more thousand people, because the self-portrait photos of Andás became memes. His portrait is shopped on bodies in funny or extreme situations, and those, when finished almost have their own life path. Today András smilingly nods his evergrowing popularity. [Hungarian pensioner becomes net hit] A silver bearded grandpa with a funny smile, and much telling look. Only this much and the photo of this man was snatched on the internet, and he became one of the most widely known meme figures. It means, they are making new pictures from his everyday photos, by adding funny text or other adjustments, that becomes a net sensation. Interesting, that this old gent, whos pictures are well known and loved from America to Russia, is a 70 year old electrical engineer, living in Budapest. As soon as i wrote this here, after 10 seconds, now 75 people liked it, and 9 people shared it already. Amazing what people do. All Russians. Now its 133, 134 people liked it. 12 people shared it under 1 minutes. Arató András István hardly belives it himself, but he became a worldwide hit on the internet in years. Mostly young people are creating memes form his pictures Few years ago András cried out when he found his adjusted pictures but then he realized, he made similar things with his own methods when he was young. When we were schoolboys, we also did memes, but then we made pirate captain from Arany János in our school reader, its the same story, and it didnt made Arany János more or less. It all started with this holiday picture they took in Turkey, what was discovered by a photographer on the now closed IWIW social network. He asked András to be a model for a few so called stock photo those photos are collected in a database, and you can order them to illustrate graphical works, but some people rather made funny stories form the old pensioner’s photos. Everyone is a bit vain, and I tried to look up, what they use my photo for. And i found many fully normal uses, I was Hospital Director, I was a Grampa, this and that. And then i found a page, where they fabricated meme from me. I wasnt too happy about that. Few years ago the joy of Zsidró Tamás on the Nagy Duett stages also ispired hungarian meme makers The joy he showed when he got on in the race was set in many funny situations, but it didnt escalated beyond the borders. Arató András István is surrounded with more and more popularity abroad since 5 years, He even has a fan page in Russia where he reported in, with a photo and a sign that says “I live”, showing his fans he is actually real, and the same blood-meat person, like the people making his memes. The craziness only escalated after this. Amazing what happened after that. In two days i had more than 20k followers. On FB. Not on FB, on its Russian version. What says the wife all to this? Because his wife has still hard time to grasp, why András became net sensation. It didnt really won my favor, i wasnt very happy about it. I thought it is actually a view on someone’s intimate sphere, almost like interfering. The meme figure of András received a name, he was called Harold, and net users imagined underlying pain behind his smile, and they created Hide the pain Harold Mr. Arató says, there is no hidden pain, he simply got tired smiling during the shots. You had to smirk like this for long seconds I saw myself, that this is not my own natural face, and people explained i am hiding some inner pain. Mr. Arató likes some of the memes, but there are others he finds distasteful, but sadly he cant do anything aginst them. His photos almost have their own live on the internet, but he also have favourites. They mounted my face where the US presidents are carved in rocks, I liked that and I found it expressively jolly, despite im making a pathetic face, but thats why its funny. During the takes, he posted something on his Russian fanpage, saying good day without a photo. It was liked by 802 people within a hour, after a day it bellied up to 1449. Andárs doesnt understand his fans, at first he wasnt happy about it, now he accepted, that he unwillingly became a world star at age 70 You can not drop out now, you have to take responsibility. [Hungarian pensioner becomes net hit]

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  1. GTA GTA says:

    Thats not Andás thats András

  2. Hervis Daubeny says:

    EZ MAGYAR VÓT?????????????????????????? huh

  3. Kósza Zanafar says:

    Milyen intelligensen kezeli 🙂

  4. †The reaper Szeti† says:

    26 meme-t csináltam belőle xd köszönöm az arcát bácsi

  5. Takács Sári says:

    Ez tok jo hogy ez a cuki bacsi magyar

  6. Lynox MKG says:

    Nem hiszem el hogy Harold magyar!

  7. LoneWolf Without Videos says:

    Uncle Grandpa Meme

  8. Zsuzsi Liegner says:

    I didn't know he's also hungarian XD

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  10. Theking5000 says:

    Soha nem gomdoltam volna hogy magyar 😀

  11. Sub me if you read my name ty says:

    My last name and nationallity is same as his so love me

  12. csabi horváth says:

    Hát amikor azt írják ki hogy faszom legyen a fogkeféje

  13. Attende says:

    2:09 Coffee with lemon

  14. Jófej 699 says:

    Mi a fasz az a bácsi Magyar?

  15. xd Fe4rful says:

    Ez magyar?

  16. Léon Beaufort says:

    Then change his name to Hungarian Harold.

  17. Fred says:

    "mind oroszok" xDDDDDDD

  18. ramiisdead says:

    szeretlek bácsi💓💞💕💘❣️❤️💗💖💝 megmentetted az életem, köszönöm

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    Kto z Polski???

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  24. 梦梵Yoongi'sWife says:

    i'm hungarian but yeah our langauge is ugly asf i know it

  25. Bence Pál says:

    The most famous hungarian.

  26. Artistgurl_uwu says:

    Én eddig mindenre gondoltam csak arra nem hogy ez a csávó magyar! XD imádom!

  27. unicorn light says:

    Living legend

  28. unicorn light says:

    We love you

  29. Manuel YaxaldebehereTV says:

    yo te conozco

  30. Pareidolia says:

    "És mind oroszok"

    Soviet anthem starts playing

  31. Ezkiez says:

    Hatalmas forma és tisztelendő hogy nem zsörtölődik rajta ,hanem megérti hogy másoknak ez "öröm"

  32. Clement Wong says:

    he has transcend into immortal form on internet as a living legend, written into the history of meme.

  33. greta says:

    Lol de jó tudni hogy magyar

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    Nincsenek is magyarok? Pedig úgy vártam😢😢😢

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    Esküszöm hogy azt hittem hogy külföldi, vagy mit tudom én. 😂

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    Dejó hogy ez is magyar 🤪

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    Damn this guy seems really nice and genuine!

  40. La Gatita says:

    András Arató seems sweet and pretty active for a man his age.
    His memes are my favorite… I thought they represented someone who didn't know how to react to a situation.
    Instead it's about hiding pain?? Maybe I'm getting too mature for memes, hmm.

  41. Black Rose says:

    Most jöttem rá hogy magyar az idős bácsi

  42. MineLlight says:

    Like Ha Likevadász vagyok!

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    Opens up the facebook members to find a Mugi in front of swastika front and center 0:59

  44. Bogdan Rus says:

    Transilvania pamant romanesc.

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    Juhuuuuuu magyar meeeeemeeee

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    Német reklámfilmben is szerepelt:

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    Azta kurva nem tudtam hogy magyar😳

  49. This Izit says:

    Belenyugodott? Pénzt is kereshetne vele. 😂

  50. Nagytika says:

    Mind oroszok…

  51. Playing... says:

    Nagyon szereti a tejet

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    miért vicces ez? miért poénos? nem akarja szerintem hogy nevesenek rajta azért egy 70 éves embert hagyjuk már hagy élveze a nyugdíjas életét ne csináljunk belőke mémeket meg röhöjünk rajta istenem milyen világban élünk persze nem mindegyik sértő de azért mégis

  53. Ware House says:

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  54. duunkow Lunch says:

    This comment section is hilarious. Oh wait… Romanian people exist.

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  58. cool aerials says:

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  60. A wild tnt yeeter says:

    I didn't even know that he's hungarian till now. (I'm hungarian too! :P)

  61. Cafecito :C says:

    Un capo

  62. Extinct RobinPlayz says:

    mi a fasz?

  63. Petikeke Babcsány says:

    Arany Jánosból csináltak kalózt XDXDXDXDXDXD

  64. Closet Kid says:

    I never knew he was Hungarian. Elég jó meme és elég vicces.

  65. Ashuj says:

    He's all over the internet…like everywhere

  66. Robert HUN says:

    10/10 IGN would meme again

  67. LoneWolf Without Videos says:

    His Smile Is More Brighter Than My Future

  68. Tredens Mapper says:

    Nálunk itt németországban volt egy egész REKLÁM amiben ilyen feljel nézett!😆

  69. Demon a tised says:

    You give the video an english title and then not subtitle the thing…

  70. Ren Ice says:

    Basszad nem tudtam hogy magyar😱😱

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    Yo te conozco

  72. Hong Kong '97 says:

    3:13 o Grażyna xd

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    No maaaames wey ni pinche verga se entiende pero alv al menos se como se llama este pinche viejito :'v

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    He's got a good sense of humour, I'm a fan of him now

  75. TotallyNormal Person says:

    Imagine getting famous by just smiling

  76. George Mcwaye says:

    Quién más de habla hispana?! 😅

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    Now he really is Hide The Pain Harold

  79. depression expert says:

    harold is a cool personne

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    yo solo busque, viejito de los memes y en chinga me salio esto xD

  82. Barnaahunツ says:

    "Ez az autó 20 év múlva is autó lesz"

  83. Anderhils says:

    If i were him i would cash on it big time.

  84. CharizardWaffle says:

    Na, jó tudni, hogy van egy magyar ember aki az egyik legikonilusabb meme a világon

  85. Your Local Meme Dealer says:

    He is a man I would not mind being friends with, for real.

  86. cuenta abandonada says:

    alguien español xdxd?

  87. Grandpa James says:

    0:58 is no one gunna talk about the nazi anime?

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    2:35 I. Am. Cracking. Up

  91. a Ok says:

    Eres mi ídolo

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    András bátyánk sokszor feldobta a napunkat a gyárban köszönjük. 😀

  93. Dennis M. says:

    I didnt know that hungarian is such an ugly language.

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    Came for the memes

  96. T-gei says:

    Stop insulting us, we have hearts too #HUNGARYISTHEBEST

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    He’s such a cozy bean! He looks really sweat in real life

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    no entedí ni una weá

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