How to Text a Girl You Like – 7 Alpha Tricks to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text (Today)
How to Text a Girl You Like – 7 Alpha Tricks to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text (Today)

Gentlemen, today we’re going to teach you
how to text a girl you like AND how to get her to like you in the process. I’ll be saying it quite a lot in this video,
but the most important thing to remember when texting a girl is that it needs to be fun. You pick up your phone when you’re bored,
don’t you? You browse memes, you watch fine YouTube videos
like this, and you might even play a quick mobile game from time to time. Well girls pick up their phones when they’re
bored too. So when that phone is in your crush’s hands
because she’s texting you, You’d better know exactly what to say to
keep her entertained. Luckily, you’re watching this video and
I’ll be teaching you just that. So let’s get to it… Here are 7 tips you can use to get a girl
to like you over text – all with a few taps of your thumbs. 7. Why So Serious? Do you know how I got these scars?… One of our animators drew them on me. They also gave me this spooky face paint. Pretty cool, huh? Well I’m going to keep wearing it while
I ask you this one, very important question: Why so serious? Texting a girl you like is a great way to
get to know her, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a formal presentation of all your
best qualities. Just like in the real world, you have to throw
in a little flirting while you’re texting her. So instead of answering her question about
what you do for a living honestly, make something up! But more importantly, make it funny. And don’t forget to tease her if she makes
a silly typo. And if she says something that opens up a
joke for you, take full advantage of that opportunity to crack a wise one. Numerous studies have shown time and time
again that a sense of humor is one of the most important qualities women look for in
a partner. So if you want to make ANY girl fall in love
with you, you absolutely have to be a little less determined all the time and instead,
flirt with her by using your charming wit. Sure, getting to know a potential girlfriend
is serious business, but seriously… Don’t be so serious about it. 6. Hold That Thought! If you’re like I once was, you probably
don’t talk to very many girls… I mean, let’s face it… If you already know how to make a girl like
you, you don’t need to watch these videos. So since the girls you talk to are probably
few and far between, it’s only natural to get excited when you do start texting one… But that’s where you need to be careful… A conversation – whether it’s in the real
world or over text – is an equal back and forth exchange. Have you ever had a real-world conversation
with someone and every time you tried to say something, he or she talked over you and didn’t
let you speak? It’s annoying and unflattering, isn’t
it? And you made a vow to never talk to that person
again, didn’t you? Well it happens over text too – in the form
of sending too many texts in too short a timeframe. A girl doesn’t want to pick up her phone
to respond to you and get several more texts before she can even finish a response. In fact, rapidfire texts will only make her
want to temporarily block you and forget she was ever chatting with you in the first place. So even though the urge to send a couple extra
texts can be overwhelming at times – especially if she suddenly stops texting back – hold
that thought and give her time to respond. You see, most girls have talked to a guy who
texts too much, and guess what? They don’t talk to those guys anymore. So keep the text ratio 1:1 or occasionally
2:1 to avoid getting on her nerves and becoming just some guy she knew for a bit. She’ll be much more comfortable with you
knowing that if she has to set her phone down for a few minutes, she won’t come back to
a full length novel. 5. Take a Guess There are plenty of ways to start a conversation with a beautiful girl, but one of the easiest
ways is the with game, 20 questions. I mean, 20 questions is a common game but
you don’t have to ask EXACTLY 20 of them, So when you ask her, “Do you wanna play
20 questions?” She’ll realize you’re about to start asking
each other questions. And that’s where the fun starts. Here’s how to make it interesting:
Start the game off normal, but after a few questions have been answered by both of you,
mix it up and offer her a new way to play: Instead of answering questions about yourself,
try to answer questions about each other. For example, say something like,
“What’s my favorite place in the world?” And let her imagination take over. It’s a simple, absurd change that can turn
a getting-to-know-you conversation into a hilarious and unpredictable adventure. And that’s the thing… Keeping your texts interesting will keep her
interested – and the longer she’s interested… The more time you have to convince her just
how awesome you are. If you’re not sure which questions to start
with, find some inspiration in our video, The Best Questions to Ask a Girl you Like. Getting the idea of how to text a girl and
get her to like you yet? Well don’t go anywhere,
But feel free to pause the video here if you need to run to the pantry for a quick snack,
Because we still have 4 more helpful tips on how to text her that can make the introductory
phase of your budding relationship a lot more interesting and fun. And like I keep saying, FUN is what texting
is all about. So let’s have some, shall we? Here’s #4. 4. Learn English English is a needlessly convoluted language where grammar rules only make sense occasionally
and the letter “E” can have several different pronunciations for reasons nobody really cares
to know. Well as much as you may have disliked school
growing up, if you don’t have – at minimum – a basic understanding of grammar and spelling,
you’ll never get a girlfriend. Fellas, you HAVE to learn how to spell properly
and construct a grammatically correct sentence. Sure, some girls don’t mind it when you
use the wrong form of “their”, “they’re, or “there” in a text, but if the girl
you’re talking to does mind, She won’t be able to get past your choice
to be ignorant of the language you speak every single day. A girl wants a guy who’s educated, and if
he can’t even take the time to learn Middle School grammar and spelling, she’s not going
to waste her time. So if you struggle with spelling and grammar,
don’t worry. There are countless free online resources
like that can re-teach you the rules of the English language. You’ve just gotta put in the work to be
better. 3. Always Start Strong Hey… It’s a great way to say hello to someone,
but it’s not how you text a girl you like, especially if you want her to like you. I’ll say it again: Texting should be fun
– and a boring first message isn’t very fun, now is it? So to begin a text conversation with the girl
you like, start off strong and open with something unique and original –
Your favorite joke, a story about something crazy that happened to you today, a fun fact
about Capuchin Monkeys, a compliment towards the outfit you saw her in at school –
Just start with something that will make her think, “This guy is different” – Something
that will make her want to respond to your first text. Boredom is a powerful force in a girl’s
life. And a fun first text will make her face light
up at the prospect of having someone fun to talk to. 2. Hop On the Escalator If you REALLY want to know how to make a girl like you over text, you’ll need to learn
how to escalate the conversation. In most text conversations – whether it’s
the first time you’re texting or you’ve been talking for a while now – it’s expected
that the chat won’t just be a friendly chat. Girls expect you to escalate and make the
conversation a little more steamy. In fact, this is exactly how a girl wants
you to text her. She’s bored and wants you to turn her on. So no matter how long you’ve been chatting
– days, weeks, months – read between the lines of her texts and try to spot a good moment
to turn the conversation sexual or ask her out. Asking a girl out over text isn’t hard… You just have to tell her that you want to
hang out and then give her a few days to choose from for your meetup. Of course, you’ll only want to do this if
the conversation has been going well. Escalating things on a sexual level however,
takes a bit more finesse and confidence. But that’s why we told you to play 20 Questions
and mix it up a bit. It’s the perfect time to throw her a curveball
and ask her where the craziest place she’s had sex was (or something similarily sexual)
All it takes is one sensual question to completely change the direction of the entire conversation
for the better. So be bold, read between the lines, and escalate
when it feels right. She’ll wonder what took you so long. 1. Know When to End It Everything comes to an end eventually, including this video. And our last trick on how to text a girl to
get her to like you is all about knowing when the conversation has ended. If a girl is a respectful person, she’ll
let you know she has to go and can’t text anymore. But sometimes she gets distracted or suddenly
can’t get to her phone for a little bit, and that’s okay too. If this happens, remember what we said before
and avoid writing her a novel entitled, “Why I Think You’re a B-I-Bad Word”
So if her texts start becoming shorter, or she doesn’t seem as engaged as she was at
the beginning of the conversation, Take the hint and find a way to end the conversation
on a strong note. Tell her you’ve gotta go wrestle a bear
and ask her to check in on you later to make sure you’re alive. Just make it fun and give a reason to come
back for more. And before I forget, while we’re talking
about ending a text conversation with a girl you like,
Try to avoid going on texts sprees for longer than a couple of hours and end them sooner
than that. Sure, she may like texting you, but multiple
hours a day of back-and-forth texting can drain all the excitement out of getting to
know someone, And a girl will like you more when she’s
looking forward to texting you… Not when she’s looking forward to getting
out of a conversation that’s overstayed its welcome. Those are the 7 ways to text a girl you like
that will get her to like you. Why not check out some of our other videos
while you’re here?

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