How to shoot CARS! 5 tips to better Automotive Photography!
How to shoot CARS! 5 tips to better Automotive Photography!

30 thoughts on “How to shoot CARS! 5 tips to better Automotive Photography!”

  1. Chris Hau says:

    First Tutorial! Wooo 🙂 What would be your dream car be to shoot?? Additionally, what location would you shoot that car at?

  2. Sebastian Poveda says:

    Very helpful video (: thank you!


    1:43 Tail lights*

  4. Tyler Lacelle says:

    Hey thanks for the info. I would like to see a video about taking pictures of racecars at night…… I always seem to have a hard time when it get dark out. The shots I take always seem to come out dark and blurry. Do you have some advice on this. And when say racecars what I mean is dirt track racing

  5. Dylon Parsons says:

    I have a Canon EOS m50 mirrorless, Will this be good?

  6. Andy Willerton says:

    Great tips!

  7. Houssam ghabra says:


  8. Drift King says:

    Check my channel please ✔️

  9. Jonathan Weeks says:

    What lenses do you use?

  10. Mickey Zombish says:

    Ohhhhhh ok i think i get it. So basically, you can shoot your car in multiple angles? And you can shoot the left side of it the same way you shoot the right side? Am i understanding alright? Sorry its hard to follow. You also can shoot the front and the back from down up and up down or….no treally? OK ok, lets not get confused…multiple angles, lets start with that. Oh i almost forgot, i also can zoom in and out? Ouf, alot of stuff to try out. Thanks! Oh you got some safety tips as well! Oh my gosh what a treat. So its safer for me to keep my camera in my hands and not on the ground? OK, and its better for me to not get in front of a moving car? Gotcha!

  11. VDTK says:

    Dropped my camera and a Porsche gt3 ran it over😶

  12. Ash Hiro says:

    Subscribed! Dope video man! You seem like a cool guy to go shoot cars with! Thanks for the upload

  13. Harvey S says:

    S L O W D O W N. Maybe don't take ADD meds before making a tutorial.

  14. Arthur Weppe says:

    Tip 1: Buy a 800$+ lens

  15. Derek Bolz says:

    1:42 "shoot straight down the back where you only have the headlights" wut

  16. rodocker. says:

    Don’t think I didn’t see that bmw e46 in the composition section

  17. Gus inabus says:

    great video. i have little appreciation for cars, somi seldom see super images of vehicles and know i do not shoot them well.

  18. chile cars says:

    Hi Chris, Question, can you make a new video about car photography, i´d like see a CPL filter review.. Greetings

  19. Adam B says:

    Thank you! I finally understand hau to photograph cars

  20. Kissueia Dala says:

    Thanks, I appreciated it!

  21. tangled says:

    Hi Chris, I take still photos of old 1960 and 70s cars WITH their owners in the shot–any tips on where to put the person and how to pose them? THANKS for the tips.

  22. Bachelor Lives says:

    So basically all angles lol

  23. II4R3KII says:

    I was hoping for upside down shot but I guess you don't know it yet

  24. Lynn Durbin says:

    What about the interior?

  25. Rob L says:

    What focal lens would you recommend?

  26. Bilal Murtaza says:

    Liked, commented, subscribed. Man, this video is straight to the point. Very beautiful!

  27. Shawn Slattery says:

    And at 24mm, I don't think so.

  28. Mouhamed Zineddine Dafri says:

    hello please tell me what type of drone you use ?

  29. Gaël B says:

    Great video !

  30. Ryan Chalmers says:

    Woah Hau did you do that

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