How to set up BACK BUTTON FOCUS for Canon. Wildlife Photography tutorial.
How to set up BACK BUTTON FOCUS for Canon. Wildlife Photography tutorial.

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videos. All right, let’s head to the menu of my Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, so you can see the different adjustments I’ve made from the default settings of the camera. The important one in my orange menu – the really important setting – is the custom controls. So, if you go in there, your camera gives you a little bit of a layout of your camera, and the
different buttons that you can customize. This can make your shooting so much quicker. You’re much quicker to change settings, if you do customize
those buttons. So, what I have done I am a back button shooter…meaning I’ve
decoupled my focus from the front shutter button and I used a AF-on
button in the back of the camera to achieve focus. So, what I need to do, to enable this, is that I need to go into my menu where the shutter button is being
programmed – and by default it is always set to auto-focus and ‘metering start’, but
since I don’t want to focus on the front anymore, I take that to only
metering start. That means it’s only going to do the light metering for me
– and taking the picture of course – but it is not focusing. Focusing I would like to happen on AF-on button, so as I scroll from button to button, see how the layout
of the camera changes… and it is indicated in orange which
buttons are active at the moment. So, at the moment my AF-on button, which I told you I’m going to use for focus. By default that would have been switched
off, but now I have set it to metering and auto-focus start, so that is important
if you are wanting to shoot back button focus. That is what you need to have dialed in. Alright…I hope this helps you, and you
can also adjust some settings. If you have any questions, or, if you might not have understood everything, Please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you and answer your questions. Thank you very much for watching, and hopefully we will see you soon on safari in Africa. Bye bye!

4 thoughts on “How to set up BACK BUTTON FOCUS for Canon. Wildlife Photography tutorial.”

  1. Pangolin Wildlife Photography says:

    Which other "custom controls" have you used to improve your wildlife photography? All comments, tips, hacks and suggestions welcome below!

  2. Margaret K. says:

    Yes, it is a very useful for a wildlife photography. Once I set it up , I never looked back. Quick, convenient and accurate.

  3. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

    Great vid. Please make more. i really want to Be friends xD

  4. Russell Pringle says:

    Always enjoy and learn from the tutorials. Great work

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