How to Sell Stock Photo & Video with Adobe Stock
How to Sell Stock Photo & Video with Adobe Stock

This is gonna be a short episode for you
guys this is gonna be “how you can upload your photos or your videos to Adobe
Stock”. So Adobe Stock is my preferable choice for stock video, stock photos, stock everything because since I have the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
Now I’m gonna export this photo and we’re just going to make a date so today
is 5-8-18, this is just how I organize my stuff
let me know if you guys want a video so organized it’s full size and it’s gonna
be safe to where I want it then I’m gonna go down, on Google and I’m going to
search up “” and then we’re gonna hit that little
upload button over here and we’re just gonna go browse, and then now we can just
go into our folder that we saved it in and now we see that it is uploading our
photo if it would be in review so once we submit it and press ok to make this
and send it to Adobe to make sure it’s okay for stock it would go into this
“Review”. If you have something in the “Remind” then it would remind you that
something needs to be done with this photo and then there was the “Rejected”
and the
“Releases” that’s all the stuff that you need to have knowledge of if
you want to know why your photos weren’t accepted into the collection for Adobe
Stock anything that needs a release it will be held in the “Releases” tab. So now
we are back over here in our photo so this is a uploaded section
so now we’re gonna now that we have it selected we’re gonna go over here and
when you’re going just name it so we’re gonna do just something nice and easy
“sunset bokeh flowers”, alright so now that we have named our photo we are just
gonna make sure that the “File Type” is correct
our “Category for our file (for our photo in this case) is correct and
then our “Writing and Keywords…” our language and stuff like that these three
things make sure they’re correct. Sensei does a really good job Sensei as an
adobe thing so they do a really nice job keying this for us already and what you
can do is you can actually take it some more time adding more keywords in here
and then you can just press if there is “Recognizable people or property” (no) in
this case we’re going to make sure everything else is fine. You can also go
into “paste keywords” and you can have a whole bunch of keywords selected with
separations via commas so now that we have our thing is fine over here but you
can just press “submit for approval” and if anything if our keywords need a
little bit retouching we can do that after it was accepted for our collection
so in this case now it is in review. Thank you guys for watching hope you
guys learned how to submit your photos and videos for Adobe Stock if you are
trying to make money as a stock photographer or stock videographer
that’s really easy and simple and you can even upload things via Lightroom and
Premiere Pro straight from the app into here. That’s a great add-on from Adobe.
Thank you guys, see you guys tomorrow, bye!

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