How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models (Portrait Photography)
How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models (Portrait Photography)

– Today we have a special treat for you. Where did I put that? (squeaking) You guys asked us for a tutorial on how to pose solo portraits, so today my sister Megan
is gonna help us show you how to pose clients and friends who aren’t necessarily models. We’re gonna draw on a lot of tips that we’ve show you in previous tutorials to show you how you can apply these to almost any genre of photography. Let’s get started. (funky space indie rock music) (rattling) (squeaking) Remember when we told
you that straight lines provoke feelings of
brashness and masculinity and S-curves provoke feelings
of softness and femininity? Well, that applies to
posing people as well. Depending on the mood and look you want, have your subject keep his or her limbs and torso straight and
jagged or bent and curved. Two, direct instead of pose. If you remember from our
tutorial on shooting couples, we would recommend directing over posing. So after you’ve chatted with your subject about the shape of her limbs and torso, don’t give her any more direction on where to place her
hands or chin, et cetera. Instead, give her a role to
play or an emotion to act out. Here, I’ve told Megan to imagine that I’ve just given her
access to any of the clothes in my childhood bedroom closet. It’s funny to her, because
I would never do that. Here, I’ve told her that my
parents had her on accident. Before you start shooting,
figure out the story you want to portray in your image. Determine the emotion that
will help convey that message, and help your subject feel
and act out that emotion. This will give your photos a more lifelike and interesting quality. A great way to naturally
capture a candid moment is to give your subject
(camera snapping) an action to portray that
creates motion in your photo. This could be as simple
as having your subject shake out her hair or
repeat a stride in place. Capturing the photo mid-action can bring life and interest to the shot. Recap. 1, use straight lines & S-curves. 2, direct your subject
instead of posing him or her. 3, utilize motion to add interest. – We hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial. This week, when you post your portraits, use the hashtag
#mangostreetportraits on Instagram so we can check out your work. And as always, please like and subscribe if you haven’t already,
and I’ll see you next week. ♫ We the stars we the stars ♫ We all stars we all stars

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    2. Direct instead of pose. Give your model directions and instruction, give her a role to play or an emotion to depict. It's easier for newbees and it makes them feel more of an equal.
    3. Capture motion. Tell your subject to portray an action (eg mess with your hair, walk in place, jump), so the portrait can come to life. Capture the photo mid-action.

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