How to plant Gherkins * preparation *

Vegetables gardening, grow gherkins, summer
gardening in Greece. Vegetables and herbs garden. Home gardening ideas and methods. Another episode of Garden Tales.
This episode is about : How to plant Gherkins * preparation * Simple traditional methods of making your
vegetable garden. I live in Greece. I learn how to make a vegetable garden from my parents.
I live in a city small agricultural. People here have as tradition every year to make
a vegetable garden and not only. So with the passing of years i learn too. All my methods
and tools are very simple. Nothing complicated. Another thing is that for my vegetable garden
i use only, my plants, the soil, the sun and plenty of water. No chemicals. My fertilizer
is natural. Some people here make that job. Have animal farms and produce natural fertilizer
every year. So that’s it. Garden Tales from my summer Greece vegetable garden. Every time
that i plant something i will make a new video. Also I will make some small clips with updates
in my garden. How my plants growing, and with harvest. Some extras with flower slideshows
will be in my channel also. I must say that methods are 100% correct for the clima and
ecobalance of this part of Greece. I don’t know if in other conditions, temperature,
rain etc this methods work ok. Also maybe there are other methods that work ok. So i
m not claim that this methods are the only. But simple that working for me ☺ My basic
rules are: 1) Open holes and put natural fertilizer in
at least 2 weeks before planting. 2) Plant.
3) Give water not the same in all vegetables. Check the need of each one.
4) Love your plants. I hope you enjoy it ! I wish you happy gardening.
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