How to Paint Watercolour Like Turner – Part 1: Line
How to Paint Watercolour Like Turner – Part 1: Line

What we hope to show you in these three short films is the relationship between when an artist places a subject matter, choosing the materials and at the same time struggles with their own temperament on the day. To me it is something that sums up a little feeling about a place or a person or event. Most artists tend to start with a little bit of line drawing, perhaps then tone and colour. We hope in these films to show you those three things: line, tone, colour and relate them back to someof the paintings which are on show in the watercolour exhibition and hope you come away from this with perhaps and understanding of some of the paintings on various different levels of aesthetics, temperament and intellect.

3 thoughts on “How to Paint Watercolour Like Turner – Part 1: Line”

  1. Abdullah Almohanna says:

    Mr. Chaplin provides a very informative critique! I like it.

  2. Buhonet Josemalu says:

    hello from Argentina

  3. Etienne 777 says:

    I would never make a video of how to paint like turner in water color. Any other artist, even Michelangelo, but never Turner.

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