How to Paint Landscapes : How to Prep the Color Palette Before Landscape Painting
How to Paint Landscapes : How to Prep the Color Palette Before Landscape Painting

Hello, I am Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I am going to show you today how to do a landscape painting. With our painting
prepped and ready to go with a charcoal sketch it is easy just to jump right in and say,
“Hey, let’s get painting!” and for some folks hey that works great for them. I prefer to
plan out the painting a little bit more than that and that goes back to getting our palette
ready. Hey, there’s nothing more interesting than a used palette, but you want to make
sure that you have some paper on here. So, we are going to get rid of this. A lot of
this palette paper you can buy in a store. Heck, after you used it may be its own little
work of art. Tack it up on the wall as an accomplishment for yourself. We are actually
going to create our own palette and I am going to go over the paints that we are going to
be using for this painting today. So I put down a new piece of nice clean palette paper
so we can start with a nice clean slate. What I am going to do is put down various dollops
of paint. Now it is sometimes very hard to estimate exactly how much paint you need.
Sometimes it is a bit of guess work. If you have one of these nice palette boxes these
come with lids that you then snap on over it. It will keep oil paints good up to probably
a week or so. If you really good one maybe up to a month because oil paints will dry
up over time. What we are going to do is put basically separate now and have a line of
red warm colors: red, brown, yellow, oranges. Although I am not going to use all of those
today. And cool colors: green, blues, purples, that sort of thing. I am going to start by
a dollop of paint right here, it does not have to be tons. You can always go back and
add more. Make sure you always very, very tightly put back on your lid back on the tube
of paint. Make sure it is really tight; hey paint is not always cheap. You don’t want
to go buy a new thing just because you left the lid on loose. That is not good. Then we
are going to go over here with Cerulean Blue. Sometimes you will have as you can see some
clear liquid, sometimes that will separate in the paint. I know some artists who like
to take a tube of paint and they’ll they mix it a bit in there before opening it up. I
have had the unfortunate experience of doing that having the paint explode out of the sides
and the bottom because sometimes these tubes are strong, but not that strong. I don’t always
recommend that. What we are going to continue to do is basically build our palette across
here and having it all ready. The colors that we are going to be using are: Venetian Red,
Titanium White, Permanent Rose (which is great for sunsets and sunrises), Ivory Black (for
some of those shadings), Raw Sienna, Cerulean Blue, Viridian Green, and Ultramarine Blue.
A lot of these are going to be great for skies. Also, we have Sap Green and more on our other
side here Burnt Umber which is really good for forests, rockery and general landscape.

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    dude your paintings look really childish. where can i find bob ross lessons?

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