How To Make YouTube Video Thumbnail Images Work To Your Advantage  ❤️
How To Make YouTube Video Thumbnail Images Work To Your Advantage ❤️

Are you losing prospects by not showing
an engaging thumbnail image on your videos? In this video we’ll go through
the steps of creating highly engaging video thumbnail images, as well as
sharing some little-known secrets to attract attention. So, welcome to this
video entitled: How to Make YouTube Video Thumbnail Images Work to Your Advantage. in other words, to watch the video you have to click the thumbnail! It’s is
simple is that! Your video thumbnail images must jump out at viewers to
entice them to click on the thumbnail… and then watch the video. Before we carry
on, be sure to watch this video to the very end where you’ll be able to
download your FREE pdf entitled: How to Make YouTube Video Thumbnail Images Work to Your Advantage. Hi, my name is Jeff Laming of Video
Cashflow and in this video we’ll explain how awesome video thumbnail images are crucial to getting views in the battle to generate leads for your business. I’m
now going to turn you over to my colleague Harry who will explain further…
First though, please take a quick moment to subscribe and click the “Bell” icon to
stop missing out on important updates. Okay then, so what now follows is how to make
the YouTube video thumbnail images work in your favor. 1. Planning the Creation
of the Thumbnail Images. First of all, the following is not an exact science but are
good, solid principles to follow. Once you get used to producing thumbnail images,
test different aspects to see what works best for you. (1) Now, with YouTube you
can choose an image from your video, as suggested by YouTube. Here’s an example. On the other hand, YouTube also provide us with the option of creating a
customized thumbnail, and as you can see by just placing the cursor over this
bottom thumbnail, it allows you to download an image or change the image that’s
already there. So, we’re going to use the customized thumbnail option; (2) Why use the customized option? Because you want your video thumbnail to stand out in a “sea
of sameness”. And when it stands out and attracts viewers’ attention, you vastly
increase your chances of viewers clicking on the image and watching your
video. One benefit of this – as long as the content of your video is engaging – is
that your video will improve its chances of ranking on page 1 of YouTube (and
Google) for your main keywords; (3) There are 3 key tools we use to create the
thumbnail images – they’re all free, as follows: Unsplash,, and Canva
(the free version). If you already use any other tools for this purpose, that’s fine. The important thing is to use whatever works for you. The URL links for these tools are in the Description box below this video; (4) One issue to look out for, especially if you’ve only recently started a YouTube channel, is that you may have to go into your YouTube account and click
on the monetization button to enable you to upload customized thumbnail images.
Here’s how you do this: you go to your dashboard and then look down and go to
“Channel”. So, click on “Channel” and at the “Status and features” you will find that
there is a separate box called “Custom thumbnails”. Click on the “Learn more” and you will see some helpful advice on how to add and change video thumbnail, but
more importantly, creating a custom video thumbnail. Now, to be able to do this, you need to verify your account when you set up your YouTube channel. So, I won’t
click it here because it will just come up for my own account to say that I’m already verified. But just follow these very helpful notes. You’ve got “Custom thumbnail best practices” here as well. There’s some really great useful information. Just go through
that process and then you’ll be ready to upload your own thumbnail images. Item 2. Customizing Your Thumbnail Images. Now, firstly (1) go to and choose an appropriate image to download onto your computer. Now as an example, I’m going to choose a picture of a smiling woman to show on my thumbnail images. So, this is
what you do – you actually go into Unsplash and the search bar here, and I’m
going to key in, say, “happy woman” or you can put in “smiling woman”, and I just want to find an image that I can put…. so this one looks like a good one, for example, so
let’s look for another one. Want one that’s a bit more appropriate. Let’s take this one here. So, just click on the download photo.Give credit where credit’s due, and
say thanks, and you’ll see that the image is downloaded onto your hard drive. And what you want…. you want something that’s going to help support the theme of your
video, which is why I’ve chosen this one, for the example. Resolution should be
1280 by 720 pixels. The file format should be .jpg, .phg, .bmp, or .gif (g i f), and the file size has to be less than 2 megabytes. So, second step in the
process, (2). Now go to and you want to upload the image that you just
downloaded from Unsplash. So, if we click on “Select a photo”, and there’s the image
that I’ve downloaded earlier. So, just click on that, and then open it up and
that automatically comes through to…. there’s the original picture. And there
it is with the background now removed. So, it’s done literally within a couple of
seconds. Usually, you don’t have to use the touch-up tools that you’ve got
here where you edit. It tells you what you can do, so you’ve got plenty of
options there. So, all you need to do really is just click on the download… preview…. download the image. Just click on that, and it automatically downloads so
you now have the same image that you can put on a transparent background, which
we’ll now go through when we go on to Canva. So now we’re on Canva, which is
step number (4) in this process. So, we want to choose the YouTube thumbnail
template from this Creative Design section, so just click on there. It then comes up with a blank screen here, a blank canvas I should say, and all you need to do is just click on that, and up here will be the color icon which you can then use to
change the color for the background, for example. So, for example you might want to use this color…. a word about colors. If you’re unsure, stick to the two colors
that are exactly the same as your branding colors. once you get used to creating your thumbnail images you can start
experimenting with different colors to see if this helps increase clicks on
your videos. Split the canvas into two so that you show the text on the left and
your image on the right. Here are some important tactics: keep your text to a
minimum [should be maximum] of four words if you can; try and include your main keyword; use a font
that’s easy to read such as Arial or Times New Roman or similar. Don’t use
fanciful fonts. You want viewers to read what’s on the thumbnail image; the image
should be a man or woman looking at the viewer straight ahead at the screen. So,
for example, let’s use the image of the woman referred to earlier where the background was removed, and it’s now a transparent background. So, if we go in
and go into uploads. Upload an image and this will be the young woman there. Let that load and as it loads what we’ll do we’re going to put it onto the screen – onto
this screen, canvas here. So, we’ll just click that. Then you can move it all about. Have it like that, and Canva has some great tools for enhancing the
images as well. So, if you go in to “Adjust”, for example; if you want to
sharpen that image, as you can see it makes it quite stunning – standing out. And then you can use the other tools, like the “Saturation”… you want a bit of contrast perhaps, and then you’ve got brightness – maybe a bit too much there. But you can play
about with these tools here. They’re really useful, they really make the pictures “pop”, and then what you can do with a bit of text, just click on the text… “Add a heading for example, and you can move this about over here, and you can put
anything about… put the title like, for example, “…living La Dolce Vita in Italy”,
for example, and you can move that about. Let’s change that…. … change the font here so you might want
to use…. I don’t know…. let’s choose Anton, and you can move up
or you can, you can increase the font size or what have you, and you can bring that in…
might be a bit too much…. move the picture about, so you can do lots, lots of brilliant stuff with this. There you go! So, you’ve got…. make the spacing a bit narrower…. so, bang! There’s your thumbnail image! And all you need to do then, is, if you’re
happy with that, file, save it, download it, bang! It really is as simple as that, so
well done! You’ve now got your thumbnail image. As I say, download it into .png
format. Let’s just go back and, as it says, you’ve got .png format, but there are
other options here. You’ve got .jpg, if you want to be doing the pdf’s for example. You’ve have even got a video option which I’ve not had a chance to look at yet. But
you’ve got some options there, and once this is in .png format, so it’s
downloaded here and save it onto your computer. Item 3. or Step 3. is to upload your thumbnail image to your YouTube video. So, what you want to do, you want to go to “Creator Studio”. Here then you want to go down to Video Manager, and then videos, and then over here click the relevant video. So, click on the “Edit”
button. Here is where you’ve got the customized thumbnail. So, then we want to locate the thumbnail image that’s just be downloaded from Canva. So we’re going to change, it for example, just so. Just click on “Change image” and click on there to
open it up, and that will then change. And there’s
the image there and eventually it will after a few minutes it will place this
image here. So, let’s go back and and I’ll change that. So what I’ll do now, I’ll go
back and put the original thumbnail image to “Change” that, and so, as I said, in a few minutes you should see the image show up on the main screen here. Sometimes it may take a little bit longer. That’s it! You now have your customized thumbnail image that will stand out from all of the other thumbnail images that
show up on YouTube, except your one will be far more attractive! Over to you now
to get cracking with your video thumbnail images. Before we go, don’t
forget to download your free PDF entitled: How to Make YouTube Video
Thumbnail Images Work to Your Advantage. You will find the URL link in the
Description box below this video. Finally, for more helpful video marketing and
YouTube tips, please take a quick moment to subscribe and click the “Bell” icon to
stop missing out on important updates. That’s it! I hope you’ve found the content of this video helpful and useful. Thanks for
watching. Until next time…. bye for now!

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