How to make more money in Photography in 2019!!!
How to make more money in Photography in 2019!!!

so how to make money in photography in
2019 let’s go find out hi guys my name is Sam Worldey and thanks
for coming to my channel today we’re gonna find out how to make money in
photography in 2019. First off you need to shoot more.. hang on
not you WE need to shoot more, I’m not gonna stay here and say you need to do this
and I’m the greatest photographer in the world, no I’m a photographer just like
you I’m out there, it’s getting harder in the industry to make money so we need to
shoot more every day, you need to be using a camera gear it photography is a
craft it’s you know to skill its art but it’s also a craft so the more you
practice your craft the better you’re gonna get. So your online presence in
2019 we all need to be on Instagram and we all need a website clearly Instagram
we need to be posting every day several times a day if you can and it’s very
important to keep your Instagram in one category so if you’re a wedding
photographer wedding photography or a microscope photographer like myself
microstock and with your websites your know it’s um it doesn’t your website
doesn’t need to be amazing your photos need to speak for themselves and just
have a basic website with your contact details and your amazing photos. Luck
isn’t she lucky isn’t he lucky wouldn’t I love to have that job what luck
they’ve had luck is crap no one is lucky in 2019 everyone that’s successful are
working their butt off it’s down to 70% hard work and 30% talent so just
remember that out work everyone and you should succeed. Say yes just say yes to
if it involves learning or meeting new people and photography or doing another
type of photography you’ve never done before just say yes don’t worry about
the money if it’s poorly paid or it’s not paid at
all just say yes because you know you never know where those contacts gonna
lead to and a famous photographer of mine said I never booked my next job
sitting on the couch so get off the couch and say yes. Make a
list of your dream clients you know if you want to work for Nike or Mercedes or
BMW you know make this list and then when you start thinking about shooting
more and using your camera gear more then I’m gonna do something for Nike I’m
gonna do something that maybe in six months I could go and show Nike or your
local advertising agency or whatever so shoot more and and just shoot directly
for clients that you want to work for in the future.
Look I’m a firm believer in learning from others and I was photography
assistant for a good part of 10 years and I learned loads from photographers
and and this is not going to make you more money in in in 2019 but I believe
it’s really important to find yourself a mentor find another photographer that
maybe you can work with offer your services for free offered a cleaners car
or or cleaners camera gear and and follow them around and set up the lights
because not only you’re gonna learn from a pro you’re gonna they’re gonna expose
you to the contacts you’re gonna be in the world so you know it will lead to
more things. Sell your work go to your local bar or coffee shop and have a chat with
the manager or the owner see if you can hang a small exhibition if you live in
New York or or London or even one of you a small town go and speak to your local
bar and coffee shop and see if you can hang your work maybe you sell a few
prints or maybe that next client sees your work on the wall and ask hey who’s
the photographer it’s amazing work LinkedIn portraits okay this is not a
dream job by any stretch of the imagination but it’s bread and butter
you know and also it’s very local so you can find you can find headshots in any
city people need headshots worldwide so I mean this is something you’re gonna
need example so offer to shoot your friends offer to shoot your family get
some examples and then go hit up the local real-estate
agency or go hit the bank and see if they need fresh head shots because in
2019 if you’re a professional in any facet you need headshots professional
headshot just make you stand out above the rest okay another one family
portraiture I mean we all want to get that big commercial job or the
advertising job but you know family portrait portraiture is another very
localized market so you can you you also need a portfolio for this so you start
off with families and friends and and once you feel comfortable shooting a
family in an hour then set your prices find out what people are charging in an
area and go and make some money. Batch shooting this works for family
portraiture kids sporting events Linkedin portraits so set yourself a
weekend two days find a studio rent studio or do an event outside family
portrait so batch sessions are more like okay I’m gonna be here for eight hours
and I’m willing to do family portraitures for 45 minute sessions and
I can do ten in a day and maybe you give a forty percent discount to your clients
and run them once a year it’s great advertising for yourself and also you
can make a lot of money you you are dropping your prices but at the end of
the day you are putting all those jobs into one day so it’s quite
cost-effective for you. Word of mouth okay this seems really basic but we all
have friends and family if you’re running a family portrait weekend or a
LinkedIn weekend ask all your friends to share it with their friends
you’d be surprised I’m on the reach that you get you know if you have 200 friends
maybe you get it up to 2,000 people that know about this event it’s free
advertising and marketing and good friends and family don’t mind.
Look work experience I’m a big fan of work
experience I know I said about finding a mentor previously but work experience I
mean if you’re interested in in working as a extreme sport photographer maybe
going and try and find your redbull local advertising manager and offer to
work for them at events for free even not doing photography making contacts in
any industry that you want to work but offering your services for free is the
best way to get in the door Micro stock photography look I know a
lot about this because in the last five years I’ve made 80 percent of my income
from micro stock and it’s not for everyone I live in Spain I live in
Madrid Spain and and it’s a reasonably cheap market cheap to live in Spain so I
don’t need to make that much money the micro stock market is quite flooded it
is a very difficult market but it’s great
I get paid wire sleep and for anyone starting out in photography and I said
about practicing your your your skills you should shoot more you know I shoot
about four sessions a week at the moment video and stills and the last five years
my my skills as photographer might not have gone up but as using the camera
gear day-in day-out you know I can set the camera up faster I can set the
lights up faster I know where everything is and and for a student or someone
starting out in Photography you’re just gonna learn so much by submitting your
photos to Micro stock and and getting them rejected you know like you’re gonna
why are they been rejected okay so I’ve over sharpened them or the branding
needs to be taken out you know there’s loads of things but you
will learn so much and maybe you’ll love it and maybe you know you need a big
portfolio to work really hard but it is possible in 2019 to make a living in
stock photography. I plan on doing a eight part series from start to finish
from one from being a stop photographer so how you think about the ideas to
uploading the photos to shooting it the whole thing so subscribe and hopefully
in the next couple of weeks I’m gonna get there and get it done YouTube look
like I have started YouTube and and you know my first video got 23,000 views so
thanks guys look I haven’t started YouTube to make money it’s more to learn
how to shoot video and prove my skills but there’s a lot of people killing it
on YouTube so YouTube is a very good Avenue of making money the main way that
people make their money is by reviewing cameras and and having affiliated links
and Amazon you know this is it this is a great way and to be honest when I buy
products now online if I’ve watched a review and the guys really good and he
explains the camera or the woman explains the camera I go and buy that
camera through their affiliated link because it’s not costing me any more
money and why not this person’s worked hard and you know why don’t they get
they end up actually it’s quite a lot if you sell her an a7 mark 3 which I’m
shooting on at the moment and you’ll see my affiliated link below just joking
you get I think it’s 8% so you know what you’re getting like a hundred and sixty
dollars if you sell that camera through Amazon and it says it’s not costing any
more money for the buyer so why not Wedding photography oh it’s a tricky one
you know a lot of us don’t like it is it it’s actually a very difficult thing to
do but there’s a lot of money in it you know in it and it’s also a very
localized market so if you want to be a wedding photographer you’ve you first of
all need experience I think I’ve shot around 10 or 12 weddings I’m okay I’m
pretty good at it but I find it too stressful in the day and even though it
is good money there are very long days and there’s lot of editing but there is
good money to be made in it and there’s a lot of people that find it quite
difficult so if you’re good with people and you don’t
mind working 15 hours 14 hours a day and editing a lot of photos you know this
there is a lot of money to be made and I said it’s a localized market so I’m this
being this people getting married every weekend go to your local church sign up
with them maybe make do a Instagram search of local wedding photographers in
your area and once again work experience bring these guys up say hey look can I
be your second shooter can I hold your camera can I clean your camera can I
Drive you can I do anything and I wouldn’t go out and I wouldn’t go and
photograph a wedding for a friend and do it for free because one that’s you don’t
get a second chance you can’t go and it’ll shoot that again now that’s their
memories for life and also you’re taking money off offer fully trained wedding
photographer so learn how to do it from a professional and then finally find the
market prices and set yourself accordingly you know there is load to
money so give it a go real estate photography there are
thousands of houses sold each day and it’s once again a very localized market
so and it’s it’s paid quite well I mean a couple of my friends do it in Sydney
and there you get paid I think around five hundred six hundred dollars a house
and when they they’re quite good at it now they can do a few houses in a day
look it’s it’s hard work it’s a lot of driving around a fair bit of retouching
and editing and it’s all about the contacts so if you want to do this once
again don’t find your local real estate agents go and see them see if you can
shoot one or two houses for free for them show them what you can do and and
I’m sure it’s gonna lead to more work if you want to if you want to do that Wow
photographers that was a lot you know there are many ways to make money in
photography and 2019 look you know I don’t want to come
across as you know the the professor or the teacher of all this this is this is
a few of my ideas and this is things that I want to do this year it’s a lot
to take in and I’m more pushing towards the microstock end but you know I think
we all need to remember that 70% hard work hard bloody work and 30% talent you
know in this day and age this is what we have to do hard work gets us to stand
above the rest look thanks so much for watching my
video and please subscribe if you’d like to see the eight part series in the
microstock world and how to be a microscope photographer look like I plan
to do that in the next couple of weeks so hit that subscribe and notification
button and guys keep shooting shoot more remember it’s not the camera it’s the
photographer always thanks a lot see you later

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