How to make money online like stock photography or more

Music Hello Friends, In this video, I will talk about how can you
earn with photography. I will recommend you don’t stop taking pictures
regardless these are perfect or not according to you or not. You can learn with every photo you shoot,
you are a real critics of your work. So, keep creating the loops of your actions
, so you will keep getting rewards as loop completed. Today, I tell, you how I am earning with my
actions . Let’s go Before watching this video , I will request
don’t forget to comment and give ideas , so I will create those videos those you want
to watch. Make website of your services . we should have a place where you can visually
display your work is key to your photography business. In today’s market, it goes far beyond having
a place to display your work. It has some resons I also created my site and added all contents
those client want to know or I want to educate them. I got 90% of my clients from my online site Having a website is a professional way to
build your brand, and gives you full control of how you represent
yourself and your work to your prospects and clients. You can also educate Your Potential Clients
by showing your showcase and portfolio. You can create your own gallery. Starting your own website couldn’t be easier
than it is today, and it’s certainly affordable. There are options available for every budget, client also expected they can know about services
online . No need fancy website , content should be strong . You can add clients list , portfolio , blogs
and booking dates. You can add any relevant information that
you want to client should know about your work. You can also sell your images in third party websites Today , you can find many sites where you
can sell your images and your artwork. I have good experience with Fineart America. where I am earning with my images Buyer can see your images in 3D View and buyers can also buy the lifestyle priducts
, printed artist images Where we get money by selling our pictures
there we can also get commisions on meterial that
also sell in the site If we are a premium subscriber. Here are many widgets and features that you
can use in control pannel and see your selling details. By clicking on sale button you can see your
all sold pictures. Here is a list of my all details of images
those sold and revenue I earned. Earn by Selling Images on stock photography
site Here are many sites like Shutterstock
Alamy Gettyimages
istock Bigstock and more I didn’t use too much but I got results with
shutter stock and Alamy This is a dashboard of Shutterstock and you
can see my unpaid eranings. and images I have uploaded. You can also see my shutterstock portfolio Now I am coming on my Alamy site . This is Alamy dashaboard Alamy is one of the biggest stock photography
websites, and in my opinion, one of the best. You get to keep 60% of the sales you make You can see my images sold for $95 and I earned
commission $29 These are the images I have sold on Alamy
and got maximum commission from Alamy . This is a short videos on earnings from photography,
I will keep updating with another ways of earnings and don’t forget to watch my Monday premier
, and if you like this video don’t forget to
subscribe and click on bell. I added all links of websites those I have
mentioned , So, don’t wait and to start your action. Thanks for watching

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