How to insert a landscape page between 2 portrait pages in LibreOffice Writer

Hi. In today video we have 3 pages. This page 2 – we want to be landscape, so we need to remember
that all pages have gutter for printing. This left part is to put
together all files in a printed book, but in the landscape case we have that part in the top area.
In this example here we have a portrait on the left and in the
landscape we have at the top. Because if we rotate the page it will
be on the left. We want to know how to do this in LibreOffice. Let’s create a new style from default Let’s create from landscape a new
style: “MyLandscape” and in the page area let’s change to
landscape. Let’s enter one everywhere, but for landscape we need in the top to have
3 centimeters. Apply and OK. And now let’s create from default style
a new one named “MyPortrait” Let’s insert 1 everywhere, but
the gutter is on the left, so on the left we need 3 centimetres. Apply and OK. Now let’s apply these styles to all pages. Let’s apply “MyPortrait” to all.
Now let’s change a little bit here. Let’s move the table on the next page and
these a little bit down and let’s insert. Let’s move this text with the table on
the next page because they are together. Because it’s about the table. Now we
are on the first paragraph right click “paragraph”, again “paragraph” and on the
text flow tab check “insert with page style” “MyLandscape” because we want our landscape page here. Uncheck. OK. Let’s arrange a little bit this. Let’s build it
and here the text move too much. Let’s remove some space from here. And now here we want this page to be portrait so in the first paragraph right click
“paragraph” – “paragraph” again and the same text text flow – insert page with styled “MyPortrait” and here with page number 0 Let’s delete the spaces from here and
let’s see what we have. We have two pages portrait and one landscape like we want it before. You can see we have this area here on the
left: the gutter.It’s on the left and on the second page is on top because
it’s a landscape, like here. On portrait it’s on the left, on landscape
is on top. You can see here we have these margins where you can see we have small area on some margins, but for the gutter it’s very large. We insert with
page style we choose a style position before and everything is done. Thanks for
watching and please subscribe for more video. Thank you.

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