49 thoughts on “How to Impress a Girl (Do THIS and Girls Will Approach YOU!)”

  1. argie tutopan says:


  2. Tom Ripley says:


  3. The Losser says:


  4. Pitbull Terrier says:

    Love your voice lady it's really energetic bcoz of which I listen to the tips with more concentration

  5. kimmy master Kits says:


  6. J NINJA says:

    U can’t impress a girl if they all want jackasses with no job or high school diploma

  7. Jaheem puranda says:

    Hey im Jaheem and im from Jamaica !!!! i just want to say anyone has a small channel and want us to support each other???

  8. Alpha Male Relationship and Business Coaching says:

    Women love music. I would highly suggest you learn to play the violin and play songs for her.

  9. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me says:

    Girls don't want to be bluntly impressed. They want to find your awesomeness on their own.
    Make yourself the best version and let the notice that.

  10. Pritam Dutta says:

    it is two video in a single video…..
    cool though..

  11. Joen Delfiero says:

    Women don't fk even a slight weighted man aka belly. They want to fk a thin no chubby tall tree man. Believe it is true.

  12. ECO473 says:

    Flashing that American Express card is a good start…

  13. MERP says:

    Oh yea I totally nailed it 😎 but there is something that did come up like my ex & a few other rude women, but other then that 👌

  14. Verum117 says:

    Don't focus on girls and they will come as simple as that…. no rocket science BS

  15. Practical Inspiration says:

    Sharing thoughts and ideas is a great way to show both a creative and practical side to yourself, if you can explain how you think you can achieve your idea. That was a great point

  16. Alex Charles says:

    Perfect hair cut

    I was thinking about Dwayne Johnson😂

  17. The Boser says:

    Tomorrow im asking out my crush that i know for 8 years wish me luck

  18. Nadeem Sanadi says:

    Boriiiing video😑😴😴😴

  19. J24777 says:

    I do everything that the Video says. I am still waiting for a Woman. I am a Handsome guy too. 49 years old. I am not getting any Younger. Women Love men who have Money. Apparently I don't have enough Money for these Women.

  20. Bentley Jones says:

    Don't impress.

  21. Steven Walker says:

    Pursue your own excellence and women will enter your frame ..
    Don't EVER make a woman your sole focus in life, she doesn't care about your struggles, she'll wait at the finish line & shtup the winner! Hypergamy is a cold hard fact! Wake up!

  22. Prakhar Dutt says:

    i thought about jose(TMF) my favorite youtuberr!! and you too!❤️

  23. Shawn Williams says:

    If you focus on your purpose and don't chase women they will come to you like a magnet.

  24. Coach Glen Byrne says:

    🔴Watch James Bond films men!!YOU WILL LEARN ALOT!!

  25. Reaction Bhai says:

    What's up gentlemen" that's who sponsored this video!

  26. John Wolf says:

    Gold bullion..

  27. Emanuela9 says:

    She looks too young for me 😋

  28. Herb Ellis says:

    shit transition 3:16 to selling crap

  29. Derek Fischer says:

    2 videos in 1!

  30. Chris Olly says:

    Get banned for repiting content

  31. Abaramotorai says:

    Durst date:

    Girl asks: What have you been thinking?
    Boy: What if nazis won the world war 2?
    Girl: zzzzzzz

  32. MantelligenceDating says:

    Want to give Tiege Hanley a try? Go to http://www.tiege.com/manimpress for an exclusive discount to get started!

  33. LakeshowAA24 says:

    You impress her with your genetics aka being a Chad everything else is cope

  34. Will Steer says:

    Alpha M – Teige Hanley lol

  35. Tau Noctua says:

    I find it odd that shallow boring hot women, can judge other men as boring. Should be a match, but men usually have a bit more depth which is why people seek out friendships with them.

  36. Krizsan Endre says:

    2 huge mistakes in the video:
    1. girls not gonna approach you

    2. they DO like jerks

  37. FotoKoffe says:

    I was thinking of alpha.m

  38. Netizen Berflower says:

    How to impress a girl? Show your lambo!

  39. moses Muhane says:

    I don't even look forward to impressing a girl naver

  40. Patrick Gragg says:

    I love the way she calls him beardie

  41. Patrick Gragg says:

    Can you do some advice for 60 year olds

  42. David Bolha says:

    @ 04:57
    They actually did. Operation Paperclip. 😒

  43. TeenGoKrazy ‘ says:

    Shit I failed the first tip 🤬

  44. ruben braunholtz says:

    Complexion in UK means be a white guy or die alone lol

  45. C V Ghost says:

    It doesn't work they patched it

  46. Life Of Jovial says:

    Aaron's product is a sponsor? Wow

  47. MrAndr144R says:

    Lmao these pupets are hilarious 😂

  48. ERNESERNES says:

    The easiest way to impress a girl is by not trying to impress her, not trying to make her think you are the smartest, or coolest, or funniest, or most loyal, or anything that you think would impress a girl. It’s better to do the complete oposite. Because you immediately stand out as a guy who is confident and sure of himself, who doesn’t have an ego to feed, and who accepts himself completely with all of his flaws. That speaks louder than anything else you might try to impress her with

  49. nobodysperfect06 says:

    It reminds me of this quote, statement I read from someone a few years ago, it pissed me off but at the same time, the guy is right, life and reality was meant to be an injustice:

    "C'mon…women will never, ever, ever, ever and ever approach a guy! Period! It's not her role to do that despite the progression women have made in society at large; i.e., salary, jobs, positions, women in military, etc…Gentlemen, regardless if a woman is a CEO of company, a government official, 5 star General, department head in a company, women are still women. You can't change that. It's your inner strength, your character, your personality. It's demonstrating you have high value, are self-amused, your value doesn't come from women but from your own life!"

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