How To Go Facebook Live In Landscape With Iphone
How To Go Facebook Live In Landscape With Iphone

would you like to know how to go
Facebook live but in landscape mode we’ll stay tuned I’ve got you covered hey it’s Philip here the Curly Marketer
you’re very welcome to today’s curly marketer tip and social bite size tip now
this is a strange video I yes I’m going to be talking about how to go landscape
in facebook but Covid 19 has really just kind of exploded across the globe
it’s affecting everybody and businesses you know and as a business owner myself
you know I have my own fears and thoughts but I am very much committed to
trying to stay positive and optimistic and most importantly I’m all about
trying to support my fellow entrepreneurs my clients business owners
who want to try and use social media during this very tough period to keep
their businesses communicating with their own audiences and I think Facebook
live in particular using Facebook live in landscape mode could be a fantastic
tool and tactic to use to bring even more authenticity to your brand but I
suppose there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to Facebook live because
generally you know when you go live on Facebook a lot of people will hold their
phone in their traditional portrait manner they’ll start our live video and
then just kind of might think that they can just turn their phone to landscape
and the video will automatically go to landscape and that is untrue
unfortunately once you start a Facebook live in portrait you are in portrait for
the whole video now that may be fine if you’re just for example say you might be
going for a piece of video where you just want to talk to the camera and
you’re not trying to teach anything or show anything in the background so that
sort of portrait mode is perfectly fine But in this period of maybe
Covid 19 and maybe your client base would benefit from maybe say you going
through some particular solutions and we want to show a whiteboard or a screen
or maybe a flip chart and give maybe a live training where you can show that
information on screen that’s where the Facebook live landscape could be very
powerful so if you’re an iPhone user this video is going to be very useful
for you if you’re an Android user I’m sorry I haven’t found a fix for this but
if you use Android I would love to know in the comments below if you have a
fixed for it but if you’re on iphone watch this video this is how you can go
landscape on Facebook life so stay tuned okay so you’ll want to be able to record
your facebook live in landscape on iphone here is how you do it
click your settings go to display and brightness and then go down to your
display zoom make sure you have this as standard most people have it as zoomed
but you want to go to standard so once you’ve got that set let’s go into
Facebook and there I am hello now currently obviously I’m holding my
phone in portrait if I went start live video now my facebook life would be
saved as portrait but because we changed our display settings
to standard if I now flip my phone to landscape I now have the ability to go
Facebook live landscape but the most important thing is make sure that you
put your phone in either landscape or portrait mode before you hit start live
because whatever orientation your phone is in when you go like you cannot change
it so I could not for example say start my live video in landscape and
then flip the phone around to portrait it won’t happen it will stay in landscape so once you go and start your live video whatever way
you have the phone positioned that’s the way your video is
going to end up so that’s the secret make sure that in display
settings use standard for the display and then turn the phone to landscape to
go landscape video so I hope you found this curlymarketer tip social
bite-size tip useful I think definitely test out Facebook
live and landscape if you have a very engaged Facebook community and
particularly you have a Facebook group where you’d like to present some very
specific sort of training to answer any specific questions that might be have
arisen from covid 19 and as I said my main goal is very much I want to share
my knowledge on my tips and try and help entrepreneurs and people who want to use
social media to continue to communicate with their audience by social media I
want to try and share my tips and my tactics on my knowledge as best as I can
obviously if you want to find out more about me my website is the and I will see you again soon what another curly marketer tip and
social bite size tip and in the meantime please stay healthy safe and I’ll talk
to you soon take care

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